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Naturopathy is one of the systems of alternative medicine developed in Germany in the 17th century. It also has been regarded as the pseudoscientific practice because of their emphasis on traditional and folk medicine instead of evidence-based medicine. The practice of naturopathy doesn’t favor the practice of modern medical science rather it has its own principle of following the practices which have given the names likes ‘natural’, and ‘self-healing’. The idea of naturopathy doesn’t accept the drugs, vaccination, medical testing and surgery.

Naturopathy believes in the stamina and immune of the body that the practice focuses on strengthening the vital energy and immune system of the body through the natural process of the body. The practice of naturopathy also emphasizes to release and decrease the stress and anxiety which are supposed to have the greater impact on the health of a person.

Naturopath practice is also based on the idea of maintaining diet and daily habits to safeguard one from different illnesses. Naturopathic practitioners work on the holistic approach which is conceived as the prime process of eliminating disease and deformities of our physical body. Because of its reluctance and rejection of the modern medical system of allopath, surgery, and drugs, it has been considered as the pseudoscientific practice.

Nevertheless, some naturopathic physicians have used a mild amount of drug and performed minor surgery. The major focus of treatment for the traditional naturopath is the lifestyle of a person. They don’t deal with the disease rather they focus on the lifestyle changes so that they make some treatment for the disease. The belief behind this is that the naturopathy system asserts the idea of the holistic approach.

In spite of its development and introduction as the natural practice of healing one’s body, it has equally been blamed as the con practice which has no scientific evidence to prove the medicinal practice. The term ‘naturopathy’ was coined in 1985 by John Scheel. Naturopathy was built as a particular method in the beginning.

Later it was approved and adopted as a broad discipline. The broad area of naturopathy includes the hydrotherapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine.  Benedict Lust also considered as one of the most prominent personalities and also known as the ‘Father of U.S. Naturopathy’ considers the body as the spiritual entity.

Modalities of Naturopathy




Applied Kinesiology

Nature Cure

Color Therapy



Massage Therapy

The spectrum of naturopathy doesn’t only confine the general practice of fasting, nutrition, water, and exercise. It also incorporates those approved natural healing practices like Homeopathy, Acupuncture, and Herbal medicine. It also has placed its practice in the modern methods such as Ozone Therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, and Bio-Resonance. In the modern world, the impact of urban lifestyle, stress, anxiety, tension and toxins of the body and poor diet has created more problems than ever. In such prevalent condition, the role of naturopathy is vital.

The practice of Naturopathy has been adopted as a freelance practice as it has been found in many places such as a hospital, health center, spas, and beauty clinic, even in the media, administration and management workplaces.

Origin of Naturopathy

When the principle of naturopathy comes in a discussion, the Hippocrates School of Medicine comes at the first place as an initiator of the practice. In 400 BC, Hippocrates developed the principles of observing a person in relation to finding the cause of disease. The laws of nature are regarded as the best way to cure the cause of disease. Naturopathy has following principles originally based on the Hippocrates School of Medicine:

The healing power of nature

Identify and treat the cause

Do no harm

Treat the whole person

Naturopath as a teacher

Prevention is better than cure

In the ancient time, people used to be in nature and in harmony of nature. The connection with nature was regarded as prominent practice and way of life. People used to work without harming the nature. The vibes of congruity were everywhere. Human used to follow the natural treatment, fresh water, sunshine, fasting in agreement with nature. The understanding of human more comprehensive and profound as emotional, physical, mental and spiritual being. Furthermore, the relation among medicine, religion, and science was highly connected in a pleasant manner.

Actually, the same vital force which created the nature and the universe has been considered and believed to have flowed through the human being. By the disharmony and disturbance of that life force energy, various problems have arisen. The restoration of the vital force helps to heal the body.

With the development of the world in its infrastructure, factories, production companies, the environment and its originality is getting lowered and faded with unwanted toxins, gases, and pollution. It has been a more challenging issue in the practice of naturopathy in the whirlwind of a polluted environment. The necessity or the demand of time seems to be following various methods which can bring the health again in vibrant condition.

The situation seems to be asking the practitioners of the naturopath for not sticking to few practices rather be open with all the practices necessary still being in the line of fundamentals. In other words, the use of homeopathy, flower therapy, acupuncture, acupressure etc. can be applied in the process of applying the naturopathic system of medicine.

Process of Treatment in naturopathy

In the treatment through naturopathy, one is asked about the condition, medical history, lifestyle and diet, any medical treatment undergoing which takes about an hour. The process of consultation would further involve the tongue, nail diagnosis, even pathology testing of hair, stool, and blood analysis may be advised. After getting all the information, the treatment through naturopathy is conducted to heal the body in a holistic manner. The person may be advised on the topics like exercise, herbal medicine, homeopathic treatments, and diet.