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The practice of Silence in yoga

Most of us know what yoga is or heard the term yoga in our lifetime. When we think about yoga we imagine like some posture, some stretching or someone standing in weird position. However, it is also true that yoga consists of thousands of body posture and position technique and most part of it is what we think. But just body posture and physical movement is not there all to yoga. Rather, there is great role of practice of silence in yoga. From breathing techniques to silence, from fasting to mind calming there are various aspects to yoga which an average individual does not indulge in yoga might not understand.

Silence in yoga

The practice of silence in yoga is called mouna in yogic language. The lives of people are filled with lot of activities. People nowadays are indulged in increased activities which not only put physical but also put mental pressure in individuals. Sometimes it is ok to get away from all the noise and settle for a silence.

Yogic silence or silence in yoga or “mouna” not only means keeping your mouth closed, a closed mouth with a disturbed mind is not silence but a prison. To be in silence as the yoga tells one must at first be mentally calm and silent. When a person is mentally calm then its beneficially to be physically quiet.

In mouna one just simply watch the world without pressuring and without being involved. Sometimes it may be hard to watch and let go of the world even momentarily, but practice gets you there. We average people cannot let go of the worldly activities forever like yogis and sadhus, but we certainly can take a break for certain time, enough to heal us.

To attain silence in yoga, we need not to go in forest or far from the world like the sadhus. All we need is a little bit space and silent place. One can give little bit time of their days to meditation. Meditation in yogic term is called dhyan or samadhi. Meditation has scientifically proved to reduce stress, boost mental capacity and make the individual healthy.

Silence in yoga or “Mouna” practice in yoga has wonderful results in yourself and your surrounding some of them are:

1) Know yourself better

When you practice mouna or silence in yoga and shut the outside noises, only then you can hear you inside voice. Talking to the inner you once in a while gives the tremendous positive effect on your psycology. It also helps to see and focus your goal better.

2) Improves your confidence

Practicing silence in yoga or mouna with dhyana can improve your confidence and well as boost your self-esteem greatly. If you are feeling down in your life, everyone and everything is letting you down then you can improve yourself by practicing mouna and dhyana.

3) Teach you to be clam

When you are silent physically, mentally and psychologically during your yoga session. You are actually training your body and mind to be calm under every situation. Every silence yoga session you can feel the calmness building from deep inside you.

4) Reduce stress

Every human being has their stress in life, if someone is stressed over money then someone may be stressed about their health. It’s not about what problem the person has but how the person handles that problem. As mentioned above silence yoga teaches you to be calm under pressuring situation which leads to reduced stress in life.

5) Fights addiction

Practice of silence yoga and meditation also helps the individual to battle their substance addiction. Many addicts have claimed the key role silence yoga played in their battle against addiction. Silence in yoga practice enhances your brain activity and strengthen it in such a manner that you can fight. If you keep fighting and strengthen yourself little by little everyday one day you can completely win your addiction.