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Isha Yoga & Its Benefits

Yoga is the ultimate truth, which ushers the practitioners to self-realization through long-term practice. Among many yoga organizations offering various forms of yoga techniques, which are present in today’s world, an organization named Isha Yoga foundation was established in 1992 by Jaggi Basudev in Coimbatore, India he is also popularly known as Sadhguru among his 9 million followers.

The tradition of yoga is not an inchoate path but a complete way that leads to a peaceful and calm state. The isha foundation is defined as the comprehensive system that incorporates the ancient and modern science behind the yogic philosophy and present with valid reasoning and proper analytics among the ardent disciples as well as followers who are connected to the Isha foundation through the social media platform.

Inner engineering program

The profound knowledge of yoga and meditation is morphed into tangible steps towards the inner growth of the individuals. Sadhguru himself through the information and experience he had gleaned through developed the inner engineering program that springs the inner growth of the individual and helps in inner growth. Many people, mostly those who have experienced the bliss and peace through the practice of Isha yoga claim that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to know own self through the practice of Isha yoga under the guidance of the living realized master of this time.

What is taught in Isha Foundation? 

Just like any other yoga center yoga is the main component, similarly, at Isha Yoga Foundation the core of doing yoga is learning yoga through experience is the main component. The course offered by the Isha Foundation aids in knowing thyself in such a way that life’s vitality increases by leaps and bounds, practitioners claims. Unlike, other forms of yoga, you do not need to leave your family and house to join the movement of the Isha Foundation, however your spiritual life runs smoothly by remaining and enjoying your family and social responsibilities. Likewise, you will be able to gain personal growth and become highly conscious of time, energy, and space through the self-realization process in Isha yoga.

Isha Foundation runs many yoga programs that do not only include the arduous poses but also incorporate simple ideas like maintaining good postures, affirming that you are not body and mind, but energy, meditation, and other powerful ways of transforming the inner energy through the inner engineering program. In a bid to practice the small yet life-transforming work you do not need to have years of experience or knowledge about Isha yoga, a novice with can-do ability can easily practice this yoga form.

Keeping in mind to help every individual to keep up with the yoga, Isha Foundation has developed powerful yet simple techniques to help inner exploration and build inner strength. Therefore, Isha Yoga programs have touched every one life starting from tribal villagers to the highest earners executives, in which most of them are youths.

Benefits of Isha Yoga

We have compiled the benefits from the input of the Isha yoga practitioners and doing some literature reviews published in the websites and journals:

1.) Helps to relieve anxiety and stress by practicing AUM meditation.

2.) Aids in the stabilization of mind, body, and soul thereby keeping physical and mental health hearty.

3.) Stabilizes the whole system of the body.

4.) Energizes the body and the soul through the practice.

5.) Deceleration of the aging of the human body.

6.) Isha yoga Helps to reduce hypertension and keeps the blood pressure of the human in a normal level.

7.) Opening of the third eye of the human and seeing the next dimension of life.