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Unconditional Love -Way to be happy

Unconditional Love is the term most of us may have in our life, but what does it mean? People may have their own definitions according to their situations. The most prominent meaning of loving unconditionally is to care for someone’s well-being without expecting anything in return. Some say that unconditional love is unlimited love or love without limited or bounds. However, saying that is not completely wrong also but is in a sense incomplete definition.

To have an unconditional love one must care for someone without a hidden motive with a free will. Whenever we say love mostly, we imagine a sense of affection between partners of two genders. However, loving unconditionally stretches far beyond that it can be between parents and children, friends or even people of same gender. Unconditional love is not some criteria or form which you can say I have this and that so its unconditional love. It is a type of affection and a wonderful feeling.

let’s talk about time period also of loving unconditionally. If you have a very warm feeling for an individual for a certain period of time, then also it is not unconditional love. It should be forever, as long as one lives that’s why it is called unconditional love. This affection towards someone does not make you weak or unhappy but frees you and gives you happiness.

Unlike string attached relations, hidden intentions, materialistic affection unconditional love is your way towards your happiness.

1) It embraces acceptance

Let’s see everyone, everyone is trying to be their best selves everyday but nobody is perfect and can never be. Sometimes people even their good intentions become the victim of bad circumstances. When such situation appears, acceptances through unconditional loves glue the individual more tightly instead of breaking them apart. Accepting what they are and how they are is the core of unconditional care/love and key to your happiness.

2) Beyond Materialism

Getting lost in the materialism and never seeing the individual behind it is one of the major flaws of today’s world. Let’s be honest materialism can be overwhelming sometimes. However, if you have unconditional love to an individual, you can see them beyond materialism, even beyond their body. When that happens, you can see them in their real essence the nature of their soul.

3) It feels warm and secure

Relation between couples or even friends should be a safe and secure place, where one should not compete for affection. If there is unconditional love one does not need to feel insecure, fear the rejection or even compete for affection. It has place for your affection, warmth, sense of belonging and no place for your insecurities, loneliness, and rejection. Unconditional love provide happiness, warm and secure place for you.

4) Healer

Materialistic love and unhealthy relations only take from. The more this relationship extends the more you lose. Let use honest there is no such thing that costs you your mental, physical, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing. While string attaches relations only take and take, loving unconditionally only gives and gives. It is not necessary that you have every luxury in the world, however unconditional Love gives the feeling that you have. It has the power to heal your mind and spirit.

When we discuss loving unconditionally, we think that it is between two or more individuals and it is true also. However, there is one and most important thing about unconditional love and happiness, that does not stretch to more than one individual. The core and the most important thing about self-love and happiness begin through you. To extend your love to others first you must have the habit to love others unconditionally. Love yourself despite everything, feel yourself worthy, be happy, accept yourself as you are, know the real you. At first have unconditional love and faith towards yourself and extend it to others.