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Face Reflexology- Meridian Points Of Face

The premise of face reflexology is that meridian points on the face connect with different organs in the body. You may practice it by rubbing various spots on your face, using your fingers and hands. Common pressure sites include the forehead, ear, and chin for sleeplessness; and the middle of the forehead for the immune system.

Benefits of Face Reflexology

Sufficient research and case studies indicate that face reflexology is beneficial. The degree of the consequence may vary with people. However, it does give relief and advantages. It decongests the energy route or energy meridians. The unrestricted energy flow in the body maintains it healthy.

  • It is beneficial in pain treatment.
  • Face Reflexology aids internal organ healing.
  • It controls hormonal imbalance.
  • It decreases mental tension.
  • The digestive system perks up.
  • It improves blood flow to the organs in question.
  • Face Reflexology boosts the body’s ability to fight infection.
  • You may aid in Detoxification.
  • Moreover, you may make Recovering from skeletal and muscular injuries easier with Face Reflexology.
  • You may correct Face paralysis using Face Reflexology.
  • In addition, it aids in the recovery of those who have had a stroke.
  • It aids in face muscle relaxation.
  • It removes wrinkles by stimulating the reflex points on the face.
  • It boosts face blood flow. Consequently, the skin on the face tightens and glows.
  • Face Reflexology boosts the production of collagen and elasticity in the face and neck. Benefits include anti-aging properties.
  • You may accelerate Toxin elimination from the skin of the face. There is a healthy radiance to the skin.

What are some tools used in face reflexology?

You may practice Face reflexology at home using a variety of different instruments. This Reflexology uses a wide variety of equipment, including jade rollers, rakes, and pointed rolling tools. In addition, the hands are employed. According to the study, it’s possible to stimulate specific areas of the face that correspond to different organs with little wands called gua sha instruments.

Is face reflexology safe to try?

It is generally safe for persons with significant health concerns to undergo face reflexology. The procedure is non-invasive and straightforward, so it may be worth giving it a go if you are curious about it.

Significant face reflexology points

It is almost impossible to miss a reflexology point on the face. There are also essential locations of stimulation in the joints and bone connections. The brain receives messages from the areas of inspiration. Afterward, the brain analyzes the news and releases a healing wave to the body. It points include the following:

  • A key point is located directly above the spot where the brows meet in the middle of the forehead.
  • There are two reflexology sites on the upper and lower brows.
  • You may realize the reflexological advantages of stimulating the temples.
  • Face reflexology relies heavily on the upper and lower lip.
  • Reflexology uses both corners of the lip.
  • There is a lot of utility in the two spots where the nose flares meet the face.
  • When the chin and jawline are stimulated, it provides reflexological advantages.
  • A sensitive area is hollow under the lower lip and above the chin.
  • You may feel two muscular lumps while pressing the jaws together. You may find Reflexological points in these locations.

What are the risks of face reflexology?

Since it is not intrusive, Reflexology looks to be relatively safe. According to a study, the treatment is safe for people with medical issues (such as blood clot disorders, cancer, and heart failure). It was also determined to be safe for even the most vulnerable cancer patients in a separate study.

Tenderness or sensitivities in the treatment region and faintness may occur in the immediate aftermath of therapy.

Can I do my Reflexology on face myself?

You may practice this reflexology by rubbing various areas on the face with your fingers and palms. The forehead, ear, and chin are common pressure sites; the middle of the forehead is for the immune system and the mind.

Does Face Reflexology Work?

You may say that reflexology points on face may cure numerous aspects of the body, including the face. To determine whether it is worth it, we looked into the research.