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Krishna Charitra- Introduction

Lord Krishna is the eight Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Hinduism says that he existed in this earth thousands of years ago. Lord Vishnu is said to have ten incarnations, all of them known for their peculiar characters. Parshuram for his rage, Ram for his virtue and bravery and so on. Among all these only Krishna Charitra was identical to that of Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is known for his trickery and maya, same for Lord Krishna. Also, Lord Krishna is the only incarnation of Lord Vishnu who uses Sudarshan chakra as his weapon.

Krishna Charitra is very multidimensional. Lord Ram believed in virtue of his character and there were certain limits he never crossed, even if there was no way. However, Krishna Charitra differs very much from that. There is absolutely nothing Lord Krishna did not do to preserve Dharma. In all the history there is no one that resembled Krishna Charitra.

Birth of Lord Krishna

Krishna Charitra started with the birth of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna was born to Vasudev and Devaki.
Princess Devaki was the sister of Kansa. Kansa of the prince of Mathura. He was the strongest around, even the demons were scared at the might of Kansa. Despite having the legendary strength, Kansa was known for his vile behaviors and evilness. Kansa was very evil human, but he loved his sister very deeply.

Devaki was wed to Vasudev, and Kansa was incredibly happy for that. However, when the marriage was about to over the sky spoke up and predicted that the 8th son of Devaki and Vasudev will be the one to kill Kansa. Kansa upon hearing this imprisoned Vasudev and Devaki. He did not kill his sister and promised only to kill the sons born out of her one by one to the 8th one.

As, promised Kansa killed six of the newly born sons of Devaki. The seventh son by the Maya of Lord Vishnu was transported to the womb of mother Rohini. Kansa believed that the 7th child died in the womb. Then as the 8th child Lord Krishna was born. When he was born by the maya of Lord Vishnu all the guards fell asleep, and the gates of the doors started to open. Lord Vishnu ordered Vasudev to take the child to Gokul to the house of Nanda and Yasoda. Then he ordered to place Krishna there and return with the newborn daughter of Yasoda with him.

Vasudev did what was ordered by the Lord. Kansa after finding out Devaki gave birth to girl was shocked. Even then he tried to kill her however the girl vanished saying that the one who is going to kill him was already born and was in Gokul.

Krishna Charitra in early years

Krishna Charitra in his childhood is described as very naughty and playful. Lord Krishna was the most beautiful child the people had ever seen. Krishna always acted fun and enchanted people with his maya. There was no one who did not loved him in Gokul.

Lord’s childhood was not only fun and love. Kansa knew his killer is alive in Gokul, so to do his bidding he sent his demons. Lord Krishna ever since he was some days old was targeted by vicious demons. They arrived at Gokul searching for Lord with the order of Kansa. Lord Krishna killed every demon sent by Kansa.

Lord Krishna started to grow. Now, he used to hear the cattle with his friends. Kirshna Charitra at this age was like that of his childhood period. He used to enchant the peoples with his flute and Lila. However, Kansa kept sending his demons, and Krishna killed them all. Other creatures and peoples who were hampering the daily life of the good peoples were also dealt by Lord Krishna.

Radha the Beloved of Krishna

Radha is an important figure in describing Krishna Charitra. She was the love of the life of Lord Krishna. In the teenage years, Lord Krishna was Un separatable with Raha. Whenever Krishna Charitra is described, Radha is the Love fragment of Krishna Charitra.
Lord Krishna never got together, however due to the immense love they had for each other they are still considered as the prime example of true love. Some say Radha was married to someone else, some say when Krishna left to save the world Radha disappeared. She was the manifestation of the maya of Lord Krishna and appeared when he wanted somebody to love romantically.

When the warriors sent by Kansa did not kill him. He decided to himself do the task as there was no one to do so. He organized a big stadium and organized an event. The event was a façade and was planning to kill Lord Krishna. He sent some men to the village, to tell the birth truth of Krishna and invite him to Mathura.

Everybody was devasted to know the truth of Lord Krishna’s parents. Even more so because he was invited by the ruthless Kansa. Despite everyone’s fear Lord Krishna with his elder brother Balram went to the ceremony.

Lord Krishna reached Mathura, but instead of going to Kansa’s event he walked Mathura performing miracles. Then he reached the stadium where he was also invited to take part in the event. Kansa in the name of event tried to kill Lord Krishna, by sending his warriors. The brothers defeated them all and, in the end, killed Kansa. Then the Lord freed his parents from the imprisonment of Kansa.

Kansa is an important figure in describing Krishna Charitra. The events of Kansa describe Krishna Charitra as Saviour and justice.

After the events of Kansa, Krishna established the city of Dwarika. Lord Krishna then with his brother Balram went on a mission to save Aryavart from evil kings and rulers. He defeated many, many loved him, many hated him but mostly everybody knew for what he was.

Lord Krishna’s way was different, Krishna Charitra varied from everyone. He did what was necessary and what was to be done. Sometimes he used sheer power to defeat, sometime trick, sometimes he even ran away from the ability. Krishna Charitra is very multi-dimensional compared to other incarnations of Krishna. For him Dharma was above everything, friends and families, his reputation. He never cares what everyone told about him, He always did what was necessary.

Some Adhar mi used to make fun of his saying things like Gwala (Cowherder), Womanizer, Ranchod (Runner), but he never cared for those words. Krishna Charitra defines the Lord who was inside the surface, who was true only and only to Dharma.

Mahabharata- dispute between Pandava and Kauravas

Mahabharata is the focal event that defines Krishna Charitra.

Mahabharata is famous for the war that happened between the cousin brothers.
Mahabharat is believed to be one of the most devasting wars ever to occurs in Hindu mythology. 1.66 billion people did in the war of Mahabharat as per Hindu scriptures.

Mahabharat was the result of dispute between Pandava and Kauravas. Pandav were the sons of king Paandu and were five. Where Kauravas were the sons of kind Dhritarashtra. They were brothers by the relation of blood, but struggle for throne made them enemies.

Mahabharat has many characters, and due to their active role, the war happened. Pandav, Kauravas, Sakuni, Dhritarashtra, Bhisma, Drona, Draupadi all had their active role for leading to the massive war. However, the biggest and most significant role was of Lord Krishna himself. Without him neither the war would have happened, nor the Pandavs would have appeared victorious.

Relation of Krishna and Draupadi

The character Draupadi defines the Krishna Charitra as a loyal and faithful friend.
Draupadi was the daughter of king Drupad and was the princess of Panchal. Drupad got twins Draupadi and Dhrishtadyumna as a gift from gods, as they were pleased by his Yagya.

Draupadi was the wife of five Pandavas. Yudhisthir, Bheem, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev all were her husbands. All five of the Pandavs may be her husbands but it was arjuna who won her heart in shoyambar.

Sakuni and Duryodhan in the game of dice with their tampered dice won everything from the Pandavs. Their kingdom, wealth, palaces all were taken from them even their freedom. Duryodhan and Dushasan tried to insult Draupadi by disrobing her in front of whole court. It was Lord Krishna who saved her from her insult with his maya. Then for that attempt of misbehavior the war happened between them.

Lord Krishna promised Draupadi that he will help her always from the core of his heart. Also, he repeatedly proved that me meant what he had promised. Draupadi desired war as she was the one whose dignity was at question during the game of dice. All were there, Bhisma, Drona, Dhritarashtra and the five Pandavs. However, none of them could break what they believed to be their Dharma and help the woman in need.

Lord Krishna who was not even present physically there was the one to save her from that humiliation. Krishna Charitra was that he needed what needed to be done and always be there for the one who are in need, true to their Dharma and close to his heart.

Lord Krishna and Arjun

The relation with Arjun defines Krishna Charitra as a mentor and that of a friend.
Arjun and Draupadi were the peoples who Lord Krishna choose to restore Dharma. The actions of Arjuna and Draupadi, with the mentorship of Lord Krishna was that restored the Dharma in the world.

Arjun met Lord Krishna when he was already an adult. From the moment Arjun met the lord he was enchanted by his knowledge, strength, righteousness, and his divine charm. After, being acquainted with Lord Krishna, in time Arjun became his dearest friend. Whenever Arjun faced problem in life, he went to lord for showing the right path and he always did. They were the closest, Arjuna was devoted to the lord and Lord Krishna also loved Arjuna deeply.

Krishna chooses to become the Charioteer of Arjun in the war. He was the king, he was stronger than everyone else taking part in the war, everybody knew it, everyone thought highly of him and respected him. However, the did what had to be done and become the charioteer. He was beyond respect and disrespect who other gave him. This tells lot about Krishna Charitra.

Lord Krishna gave the eternal knowledge to prince Arjun. He showed his Birat and eternal form, and told he is all there is, and he is the supreme being there is nothing and no one superior to him. He told Arjun the mysteries of universe, mysteries to him. This encouraged Arjun to take up the arms and fulfill his duties to the world. The knowledge and revealing that Lord Krishna gave Arjun in called as Geeta. It is the holiest book in the Hindu religion now.

The war between Pandav and Kaurav

Kurukshetra was the place where the war was fought. The destructive war was fought for 11 days. The destruction of life that took place in that war was incomparable, it was too much death and sorrow. Countless divine weapons, mystic arts were used by the warriors who were involved in the war.

Lord Krishna did not directly take the weapons in his hand during the battles. However, due to his planning, illusion, and suggestions the war ended in the favor of dharma. Bhisma who could die only by his free will, Drona the supreme warrior and guru of Pandavs and Karna who had impenetrable armor, all became useless due to the lords planning. Arjun defeated them all but without the lords manipulation of the situation, it would have been impossible.

Lord Krishna open the eyes of Arjuna during the war. The Bhagavad Gita was originated from the same conversation of Krishna and Arjuna. Krishna gave 18 different kinds of yoga to Arjun at the same time. The name of all 18 yoga styles are: Vishada Yoga,Sankhya Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Atma Samyama Yoga, Vijnana Yoga, Aksara ParaBrahma Yoga, Raja Vidya Raja Guhya Yoga, Vibhuti Vistara Yoga, Viswarupa Darsana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Ksetra Ksetrajna Vibhaga Yoga, Gunatraya Vibhaga Yoga, Purushottama Prapti Yoga, Daivasura Sampad-Vibhaga Yoga, Shraddhatraya Vibhaga Yoga, Moksha-Sanyasa Yoga

After, 11 days of war, countless deaths, and destruction only the handful number of peoples survived the war. The five Pandav brothers, Lord Krishna, Ashwathama, Kripacharya, Satyaki, Yuyutsu, Kritavarma and Vrishyaketu are the 12 survivors of Mahabharat. While some sources also say there were only twelve survivors.

Departure from earth

Lord Kirshna’s kingdom Dwarika got destroyed in the civil war. They were the only kingdom that did not suffer from the war of Kurukshetra. However, later got destroyed in civil war. Lord Krishna also fought in the civil war. After, the war Lord Krishna rested at a tree in the forest. A hunter was hunting in the forest at that time. He mistook the lord as a deer and launched an arrow. The arrow pierced the feet of Lord and due to that the Lord left earth.

In the earlier birth the hunter Jara was monkey king Bali and lord Krishna was lord Rama. He killed monkey king Bali, by hiding in the trees. Then, when by hiding in the trees. As the compensation for the earlier birth Jara killed Lord Krishna in the same way. This was all planned by the lord himself, the way he will leave the earth and return to Baikuntha.