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There are many paths to get enlightened in Hindu philosophy. We can find mainly four types of yoga in Hindu scriptures; Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, and Gyana Yoga. Among them, Karma Yoga is the action-oriented way of yoga. In this yoga, we try to get perfection in the action. In Shrimad Bhagvat Geeta, a holy book of Hinduism, it is written that we should work without any attachment and expectation of the fruit of the action. When we can work without any desire for anything then we become the Karma Yogi.

Karma yoga is the simple yoga to be aware of the action what we are doing. It focuses on involving in all activities of our life in the society but we have to leave any attachment of the result. We have to take our life as a drama and ourselves as an actor. Just like we act in the drama and we forget, we have to play our role of our part in this world. Most of the spiritual scriptures focus on the principle that we are in this world but we are not from here.

There are a lot of yoga styles but everyone has their capacity to adopt one of them. According to their special quality, they can choose one of them as their best yoga technique. In the context of this time, most of the people may want to practice Karma Yoga because this era is a busy era with day to day lifestyle. Everyone is busy with their work and can’t manage the time to do yoga. In this situation, we can apply Karma Yoga in our life because for Karma Yoga we don’t have to give extra time to practice. We can practice this yoga in our work what we are doing.

Karma yogis should think this world as a drama and play their role with a lot of happiness. They don’t have to analyze or evaluate the action. They do unselfish actions and help who are in need. They work for their livelihood and for helping others. It is the practice of yoga for the betterment of others rather than to the self. Their prime aim becomes to do something to be enlightened according to their Dharma. We always focus on being selfless in this yoga.

Karma Yogis don’t separate the action from their life but they work according with their previous collection of karma. Our main fault is that we concern very much in the result of the action but that types of action are not Karma yoga. Karma yoga is the yoga in which we don’t have any expectation about the result of the action.

We don’t have to work with our ego in this world to be karma yogi. We dedicate our actions to the God every time. In our every action, we see the God. Karma yoga is the way of salvation through our karma or our deeds. Salvation is the main goal of every yoga types but their path can be different. Karma yoga is the easier path to get enlightened in this world to the people who knows every detail about karma yoga.

Karma yoga is very helpful for our mental health. We do every deed for getting the positive result but if we get negative result, we become sad. If we do our deeds without concerning the result, we can be happy. The result oriented deed always invites sadness, frustration, and confusion. The deed without any expectation always leads us to the perfection in our action. Geeta says that getting perfection in action is yoga.

Karma yoga focuses on only the factor how we do the action but it doesn’t attach with the result. We regret after doing something. If we can be aware before doing the action or when we are doing the action, we don’t have to regret. Karma yoga always tells to find the happiness while doing something in our life.

Karma yoga is the best way to the people who are over active in their life because they can’t stay without doing anything. If they know the art of action then they can be happy by doing the action what they are doing.

 Karma yoga believes that it is not our right to aspect anything by our deed but our right is to work perfectly. And the amazing fact is that if we don’t aspect the result, we can get more positive result than when we aspect from our action. It is a contradiction in our life, not only a contradiction but also the ridiculous. If we want something, that becomes very hard to find. If we don’t want something, that starts to come near to us.

Karma yoga wants to teach us how to be egoless. Ego is the main barrier in the path of enlightenment. To decrease the ego, we have to practice slowly this karma yoga and finally we can be egoless which can be the state of salvation. Expecting something by our action is the ego and egoless action don’t demand anything for the action. Egoless person becomes happy either they get something or they don’t get something from their action.

Karma yoga is the part of positive psychology in this scientific era. Researchers have proved that who is less attached with the result, he or she can be happy than who is attached with the result of the work. To be free from stress and mental discomfort, we have to apply karma yoga in our daily life. We have to be happy in the process of doing something not in the outcome of the action what we do.

In many cases of the famous people of the world, we find that they do anything in their life, they do for happiness. They enjoy their work and don’t wait the result to be happy. The action without any expectation leads towards the great happiness. But the result follows us at any cost because it is the law of action. The law is that what we sow, so we reap.

Lord Krishna in Geeta says, “Who don’t attach with the result of the action and who fulfill his or her responsibility in the life, he is a good yogi.” In this world, we should work and we should not attach with the result of our deeds. In this way, we can be a karma Yogi in this world. We are very lucky to be Karma Yogi because we can experience every part of our life but we become free from our Karma by our knowledge.

Karma yogi doesn’t take anything as a serious matter because he or she knows that this world is like a stage to act their role. If we play our part of the role with the knowledge that we are performing our role in this world, then the life becomes easier than before. We have to know the fact of this world before applying this yoga. If we get the right knowledge then only we can start the path of this yoga. Karma yoga can be very useful for the stress management because stress comes from the expectation. Karma yoga teaches us to be far from any expectation and desire from the work.