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In-depth details of Laya Yoga

The universal definition of yoga is to connect with the supreme power. Likewise, the literal meaning of yoga is union. Yoga can have a varied definition and sometimes be contradictory also. Many literatures has clearly illustrated that yoga is of four types. The first one is Mantra yoga, followed by Hatha yoga, Laya yoga, and Rajayoga.

The literal meaning of Laya is suspension from the materialistic world. Laya yoga helps you to put your attention and energy to the higher consciousness. By practicing Laya yoga you become connected with the supreme energy through which you thoroughly enjoy the bliss of nature. Likewise, the creativity and the consciousness come into action without being distracted from any sort of attachment and consciously bringing the awareness to the self.

What is Laya Yoga?

The form of yoga where we put our concentration in the center of the chakras. Altogether, there are seven energy centers, which are also called chakras. Laya yoga helps in channelizing the energy centers with the help of the power of meditation, which is located in the spin and the head and keeping you healthy and hearty.

With the practice of Laya yoga, you obliterate all the bad karmas you have accumulated in your life. Likewise, those who practice Laya yoga dissolve all the egos attached to them, and slowly shift towards the higher consciousness daily.

The nature of Laya Yoga

Laya yoga helps you to internalize and accumulate the dispersed energy inside your body by practicing laya yoga meditation. Energy, which is also, called Prana moves in a certain way and your 7 chakras get activated in your body. While in other forms of meditation or yoga you channelize the mind, or the twist and bend your body, not both. However, in Laya yoga, you channelize the Kundalini in your body and attain the peace and harmony in your life.

Kundalini must be opened through the practice of meditation or dhyana. Furthermore, the prana gets activated through the Pranayama or yoga allowing the positive energy dispersed in the whole body.

The goal 

Just like any other form of yoga, Laya yoga also focuses on attaining a higher consciousness with Pranayama and meditation. Thereby preventing any sort of fluctuation of the mind.

How to practice 

Be in a comfortable position. Upright your spine. Gently pull the root lock and neck lock of the body. Keep you both eyes closed and see your third eye point. Keep your left hand in the Gyan Mudra and rest them on the left knee. Now practice Anolom bilom, by first closing the right nostril with the thumb and repeating the same with the others. Keep breathing for a longer period. Continue the process for the next couple of minutes.

While practicing Laya yoga you need to do some visualization of the areas of the body. Scan the body starting from the head and ending to the tip of the toe. Feel the movement of the prana from one position to another just like the circulation happens in your body.

Change your hands if you feel exhausted. It takes time to be inured to practice. Practice with the alternate nostrils for the next couple of minutes. Inhale peace along with the air. And relax in the intermittent.


– Awakens your internal energy

– Cleanse the mind, body, and soul.

– Helps to uplift the consciousness of the human being

– Opens up a higher level of consciousness.

– Locate and revitalize the different energy centers of the body.

– Keep you healthy and hearty.