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Pancha-Tattwa Dharana in Kundalini Yoga (contemplation on the five elements)

This method is discussed in the Darśana Upanisad, one of the Eastern scriptures related to Yoga.  It teaches you to concentrate on five different elements. This can be told as Dharana (holding steady without wavering- beginning stage of meditation) on five tattvas.

1. Prithvi/Earth

One of the five tattwa- earth element- in the earthy aspects of the body, Dharana of the earth outside should be practiced.

Correspondence for this element: its yantra is the square-shaped figure, its seat is between the knees and the toes, the sense (tanmatra) is the smell and the color of the earth is yellow.

Conscious:  Feel the area that encompasses the whole body -the top of the head to the toes-tips. Feel the sthulakasha- the location throughout the body. Progress total awareness of the distance which permeates your entire body. Within this area become mindful of the earth element, which is associated with the sense of smell. Bring your complete focus to the sense of smell.  Witness all the smells that are in your surrounding currently.

Subconscious: Feel your body turn out to be heavy as the earth.  Establish the feeling of your body being inside- the center of the earth.  Become unified with the earth.

Unconscious: Visualize the corresponding deity, yantra, etc. (In Kundalini Yoga course, you will find details)

2. Apas/Water

Another tattwa- water element- in the fluid aspects of the body, Dharana of the water outside should be practiced. Also, chant the mantra Vam.

Correlation for this element: the shape is the Moon, the space is between the knees and the navel, the sense is taste, and its color is silver.

Conscious: Sense the space permeating the entire body. Now focus your attention on the water element (apas tattva). Its tanmatra is “the Taste”. Focus on the taste which is currently in your mouth. Be the observer of this taste.  Abide on innumerable tastes.

Subconscious: Visualize yourself relaxing on a stream in a mountain range beneath a waterfall. Above you is water, below you is water.  Imagine the water and become liquid like the water.

Unconscious: Visualize the resembling deity.

3. Agni/Fire

Another tattwa- fire element which is in the stomach, Dharana of the fire outside should be performed. Also, chant the mantra Ram.

Association for fire element: the diagram is a triangle, the location is between the navel and the heart, the sense (tanmatra) is sight or vision, and the color of the fire element is red.

Conscious: Form/Sight is the sense (tanmatra) corresponding with the fire element.  Here, operate massive visualizations of diverse sceneries.  Watch each form or scene as lucidly as you can, getting as much expound into it as possible.

Subconscious: Envision being seated within a fire.  Feel the intense heat.  Become the heat.

Unconscious: Visualize the related deity.

4. Vayu/Air

Another tattwa- air element i.e. in the breath, Dharana of air outside should be performed. Also, chant the mantra, Yam.

Conformity for air element: the stature is a hexagon, the location is the heart region, the sense (tanmatra) is touch, and its color is grey-blue.

Conscious: Since its sense is touch, be mindful to touch sensation. Experience your skin in contact with your clothing as your hands rest on your knees. Consider you are stroking a sheep. Notice how soft, silky, and smooth its fur is then switch to another animal you like.

Subconscious: Feel yourself within space and feel a quiet breeze blowing. Experience the touch of wind on your skin. The wind is becoming more powerful. Experience the wind covering the entire area as it blows all around. Feel the wind hitting the front of your body and against your back. Observe the sensation blowing both above and below you. Nothing except wind surrounds you, making you increasingly lighter. Your body is losing weight due to the wind. Your weight is dissolving.

 Unconscious: Envisage the related deity.

5. Akasha/Ether

One of the five tattvas- sky, which is in the center of the body, Dharana of the sky outside should be performed. Also, chant the mantra, Ham.

Correlation for ether element: the outline is the circle, the area is between the eyebrows and the Sahasrara Chakra, the sense (tanmatra) is sound/hearing, and its color is black or colorless.

Conscious: Since sound is its sense, be aware of various sounds all around you. Focus your undivided consciousness on sound.

Subconscious: Experience afloat through the cosmos. You are feeling light, weightless, and floating through the infinite, inky colorless galaxy. Be aware of passing asteroids as you float across the black void. Observe the dazzling, glittering points of light that make up the stars that are dispersed across the night. See the moon and sun as you continue to soar across space. Feel yourself becoming one with the environment in which you are floating. You are Akash tattva; experience this.

Unconscious: Visualize the linking deity.

The Upanisad mentions that the very great Dharana annihilates all sins.

In summary, we consider the following during Pancha- tattva Dharana

a Tanmatra (subtle principle of that element) and the related sense (smell, sight, taste, sound, touch).

an area of the body (Chakra)

a color

a geometric outline and

a celestial or fundamental energy.

During Dharana, these connections are engaged as visual assistances to softly monitor the mind into more profound levels of concentration. Thanks for reading Pancha-Tattwa Dharana in Kundalini Yoga blog!

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