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Advanced 500 Hours YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course) at Nepal Yoga Home

Advanced 500 hours YTTC in Nepal is one of the most wonderful learning courses Provided by Nepal Yoga home and is one of the best places to provide this training. Nepal yoga home as the Name itself suggests is the home for yoga and various yogic courses. It is the perfect blend of Yogic learning and a relaxing place. Time spent at Nepal Yoga Home learning YTTC is going to be a lifetime experience.

There will be a question about why advanced 500 hours YTTC in Nepal and why in Nepal yoga home and there are some answers but before that let us learn what is Advanced 500 hours YTTC?

The 500 hours is the time frame and is the learning hours of the Yogic course. It is a timeframe designed with lots of elements and variables in consideration. It is a viable time that is enough to learn yoga for YTTC in Nepal. During this period, the individuals will learn various aspects of the principle of yoga and similar practices. It is a time to learn we, get ready to teach others as well as give the body a relaxing time and a wonderful holiday at Nepal yoga home.

What is the eligibility for advanced 500 hours YTTC in Nepal yoga home?

The most amazing thing about advanced 500 hours YTTC in Nepal is that anyone can get inside this learning course. There is no demand like one must have some prior courses like 100 hours YTTC in Nepal or 200 hours YTTC in Nepal. If one has taken such courses and is very familiar with the world of yoga, then it will be the most amazing thing. However, if this is not the case then there is no need to worry as the courses are designed with taking everything and everybody into consideration so it will not be a major deal. Anyone interested can take part here and will be helped to complete it from all sides.

The certification of Nepal Yoga Home

This is another wonderful achievement that has been achieved by Nepal yoga home and would like to share it with its students. Nepal yoga home is a registered yoga school of the yoga alliance. Many people may not know that, but the Yoga Alliance is an organization established to provide standardizing and providing authenticity to the field of yoga. When one completes their study, they can register their certificate with the yoga alliance to become a certified yoga teacher. However, this registration is voluntary.

Valuable certification is a very important factor when choosing the school of learning yoga. Skills are one thing, but certification is also an important factor as it will aid much in boosting the career.

The learning and course

Advanced 500 hours YTTC in Nepal is designed uniquely so that it will contain various elements from all sides. The course is like a balanced diet designed to elevate the health and lifestyle of individuals who take part in it. Ashtanga yoga, Kundalini yoga, Hatha yoga, and Vinyasa yoga, are some of the major styles of yoga there will be taught during these advanced 500 hours YTTC in Nepal Yoga Home.

Aside from these various postures, Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra Chanting, and other activities that will rejuvenate the entire body will be also done. Aside from this during the introductory phase, the students will also be taught about the various principles and theories of yoga which will help them to understand the procedure during the practical. Also, life as well as the achievement of various Yoga gurus in the Yoga fields will be discussed.

The teachers

Teachers are very important for efficient learning and Nepal yoga home understands its role in the learning process and also is profoundly serious about it. The teachers that will teach students at advanced 500 hours YTTC in Nepal Yoga Home are the best teachers there are. They have dedicated many years of their lives to learning and mastering the arts of yoga and yogic principles.

Also, they have gained lots of experience working at various yoga-related places. Their profound knowledge is not limited to the yoga and yogic arts but also in the field of communication with their students. With experience, they have developed the best way to communicate with the students which will close the distance between the students and the teacher and make the learning process more efficient and stronger.

Duration of the course and stay

In the name, the time is defined in the hours which is 500 but when talking about days it will be 29 days. At this time, the students will stay at the Nepal yoga home. Advanced 500 hours YTTC in Nepal yoga home is unlike anything, more than yoga learning it will teach us to integrate yoga into our very lives that is why during stay one needs to reform their habits and ways and take it to the yogic and spiritual way.