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Awareness techniques- The Techniques To Go Deeper Inside

There are many aspects of life, they all come together to make the life of an individual. Let us see the life of a human being up close. Aside from his only physical body, there are more complex things to him. When you take a human being and put him in society, ignoring his physical self, there is his social self, psychological self, spiritual self all collectively make the life of the human being. A human may have a highly fluctuating level of proficiency in either of these fields.

A man with a good social life may not have the adequate amount of spiritual self that he hopes for, or he may not be aware of it. There are two cases either the human is not aware of what he is lacking or what he wants to achieve, or he knows what he wants but does not know how to get off fails to put the required effort on front. Awareness techniques make people aware of such things and set them on the path to achieving what they are seeking in their lives.

What is awareness?

Google dictionary tells awareness is knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. This is the surface definition of awareness. Awareness is much more complicated than just this as it is a matter that changes according to the subject. Saying just awareness is not enough, as awareness, just the term can touch many fields and subjects. One who is aware of the field of engineering may not be aware of the field of medicine.

Now, comparing the awareness of that man. If he is judged on the matter of engineering then he is an aware person, however, if he is judged on the field of medicine then he will be an unaware person. Now the question arises how someone can be an aware person and an unaware person at the same time

Now, let us examine the issue in depth. Did the person change? Did his knowledge change? The only thing that changed was the field. But this changed the overall level of awareness. How did this happen? The Anwer is simply only the omnipotent being that is completely aware or can be pointed to as a completely aware being. However, humans can never reach the point of complete awareness. Yes, with gradual time one can raise the level of awareness, but they will also never reach the point of complete awareness where they know everything about a certain field, situation, or topic.

The ability to attain awareness is a gradual process and it never ends. It is the ability to change one’s thoughts and perceptions according to the latest information provided. If one is unable to change their practices, perception, and way of thinking itself, with the latest information and facts available. Then, can they be called aware people?

The plain answer is no, awareness is to adapt to change and development of the latest information and fact. The aware person must even be able to change their entire belief system when a new fact becomes known or new scientific knowledge gets discovered.

People need to constantly be updated to be aware or have awareness in the relative field. What was a reality ten years ago may not be the reality, now we must be updated to have awareness.

There are various awareness techniques, which can drastically improve the life of the people who try to master them and the way they work. Being aware by using these awareness techniques one can be more conscious and knowledgeable about their actions and behavior. Then they can change or keep them with sincere and careful thoughts. Some awareness techniques are as follows:

Breathing awareness

Breathing is the activity that every human performs. It is so that we even do not have to voluntarily do it, it happens without continuously happening to do so. We are aware that we have various breathing patterns and techniques. This also our body and mind do involuntarily without having us to consciously involved. The body does a wonderful job. However, there are some instances that the involuntary breathing pattern which our body adopts considering the situation may be wrong. Now, here enters breathing as the awareness technique.

In the breathing awareness of awareness technique, we become aware of the types of breathing patterns and the best according to the situations. Like taking a long deep breath from the nose and exhaling from the mouth. This is done before a nervous or uncomfortable situation.

At first one must voluntarily do it from time to time but at some point, the body adapts to it and one can even do it unconsciously. There are also many other techniques and methods of breathing that are beneficial and good for various circumstances. Breathing awareness of awareness techniques teaches us to understand the power of breath and use it for many beneficial purposes and overcoming various shortcomings and circumstances.

Body movement awareness

Body movement is a crucial part of the awareness technique. Our body is a combination of many muscles, organs, parts, and systems. The Collaboratory movements of these systems and parts are what keep us alive. Our movement is the thing that makes our life meaningful. If humans were stuck in one place like the plants what would the world be? And where would humans be? We are gifted the ability of movement by the creator and yes there is an awareness technique for movement also.

Body movement awareness of awareness technique teaches us the use of movement for maximum efficiency and making many things possible in life. Body awareness is the process of first being aware of the types of movements your body can perform and find its place in the world and move through the world we live in. The knowledge about walking, running, jumping, turning, twisting, and bending along with other body movements and the consequences of those movements comes under body movement awareness.

People who lack the right body movement awareness tend to be slow and have lethargic movements. They tend to get into accidents while running or falling while walking. Also, body movement awareness is more practical rather than theoretical knowledge. One can be good at body movement without having much more knowledge about body movement awareness. Also, there may be some with massive theoretical knowledge with minimum practical body movement knowledge. The solution is one needs to find the right balance between the theory and practice of body movement awareness of awareness techniques.

Work awareness or action awareness

Work now generally is associated with the job and career one has in their life. However, that is a very narrow generalization of work. If it is not your career or it does not ensure payment to you then no matter the effort, should it or not be considered the work. Work is a broad sense is the action and, in that sense, everybody in the world works. Even someone who is just lying on the floor is working. He is working in getting rest, his body is biologically working, he is taking oxygen and giving carbon dioxide, other biological functions involuntarily done by the body. These are the actions performed by him.

The actions of everyone runs the world. We are not only affected by our actions, but the actions of other people also affect us, and our actions not only affect us but other people of the world also. Action awareness is the awareness technique that makes us aware enough to minimize the negative impact of our actions on other people. This awareness technique but helps to increase the positive impact of our actions in the life of others.

The world is of extraordinarily complex structure billions of peoples, trillions of circumstances created by the actions of those peoples. We as humans will never have enough work awareness of the circumstances of every action created by those vast numbers of people no matter how much we try. Sometimes even the minimum action which one performs subconsciously or unconsciously has a massive impact on the life of others. Especially people with influence and position have that kind of power.

Action awareness of awareness technique makes one enough aware of their actions and who or whom may be impacted by their actions. Then they try their hardest to minimize the negative impact on others.

Time awareness

Time is one of the most precious gifts in human life. It cannot be borrowed, stolen, or given even to the dearest and nearest. The beautiful and ugly part of the time is that it is limited. Why time is beautiful because it is limited, and it is also an answer to why time is ugly also. Time is one of the most valuable things in our life, Time awareness is a very crucial awareness technique.

Our time is especially important to us, however in this busy life we sometimes fail to realize that the time of other people is also important to them, and we must respect that. Time awareness of awareness technique at first makes people realize how valuable their time is and others in this world. It often happens that in youth people misjudge that they will forever have their youth and their time.

The truth is Infront of them, but they do not see that it will someday end. When their time is about to come to an end, they regret the decisions that they have made in their lives. If they had time awareness, they would not have to regret their decisions of the past when it was too late to return.

Time awareness of awareness technique not only makes one realize the value of the time of everyone, but it also gives courage and strength to make the right decisions. Knowing the value of time is not enough one also needs to be able to make the right decisions at the right time. The decision that needed to be made at the critical time some time ago may not have been as efficient if made late. Time awareness gives the consciousness of all those elements and gives the proper vision to make the right decision at the right time.

Spiritual awareness

Humans have physical and spiritual bodies. Many people are not aware of their spiritual body and those who realize the existence of the spiritual body also do not have enough knowledge to be aware of it. Spiritual awareness of awareness technique is the path of peace and the path to healing.

There is a misunderstanding about this awareness technique. Some people have spread the misinterpretation about this awareness technique that it is only for sages and saints. Yes, it is hard to attain the level of the spirituality of the sages as it needs an amazing amount of time and dedication. This may not be possible for ordinary people as they must do many things to run their lives.

However, spirituality is not something that only sages and hermits have to attain. If normal people have attained spirituality of some level, it does not do any harm to them. It will elevate their health, mental state, and all aspects of life, however, it is a topic of wonder why spirituality seems forbidden to ordinary people.

Spiritual awareness of the awareness technique is of the most advanced level. It is not something that can be achieved live that. Spiritual awareness is the big river which you cannot bend according to your will, you must give up the power of the current of the river and flow according to the natural path of the river. Spirituality is a unique case; it is the only field where you gain total control by giving up the need to control.

As we are now, we are extremely attached to the earthly belongings that fulfil the desire of the body. However, our true self is our soul, and it also has nature and characteristics like the body. We never think about it as we are too busy for the needs of our bodies. This is where spiritual awareness comes into play, it aids to show the true nature of the soul beyond the needs and desires of the body.