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Fifteen minutes everyday meditation can change your life and moves you towards the divine power

Everyday Meditation is the practice of being aware of the present moment. There is no past and future during meditation. The past and the future both will disappear in meditation. It is the practice of being conscious of the present reality. For this mindfulness is a necessary moment to moment. To reach this stage, concentration plays a vital role. Concentration means a focus of mind in a particular object, thought or activity. Everyday meditation helps meditator to achieve mentally clear and emotionally tranquil stage.  In the past, Demigods, Demons, Sage and normal people etc used to practice everyday meditation for years to achieve power, siddhi or perfection. Nowadays, in this scientific age, there have been done different research on Meditation. Different secrets on meditation, including health benefit and emotional and mental well-being etc, have been revealed.

The time duration for meditation is normally one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. However, due to busy life people cannot spare long time duration for the everyday meditation. In such case, people can do everyday meditation for fifteen minutes. Anyone can spare fifteen minutes in 24 hours. Practice meditation for fifteen minutes which can be helpful to experience the inner change. It gives you awesome feelings. Whatever exercise you practice like running, playing, gym, martial arts, or yoga etc., keep its continuity. But a suggestion is – practice meditation at least 15 minutes a day. The regularity of everyday meditation bestows a great change bringing health, peace, harmony etc. in life.

People are suffering from different problems. Some of them mislead their path due to stress and sufferings. They try to run away from the problems, so, sometimes take drugs. Some of them have been searching the positive path to get rid of the problems. They have been trying different methods to find peace and tackle the daily problems.  They try to cultivate good habits, morality in their life. This is good but not enough. Without internal change, the external change is difficult. For the internal change, meditation is the powerful technique.  Just a regular practice meditation for 15 minutes can give miraculous benefits. It brings inner change, makes the mind positive and helps in spiritual development as well.

The study has found following benefits by the everyday meditation of 15 minutes:

Pain Relief

Meditation is the best painkiller which also develops pain tolerance and decreases anxiety level. It can also be said as divine painkiller which eliminates both physical and mental pain.

Better Sleep

Due to lack of sound sleep, people suffer from different other problems. Some even take sleeping pills to sleep. For the meditator, no medicine is required. Meditator achieves sound sleep. Sometimes it may happen that meditator also gets the problem in sleep. But the meditator perceives it as an opportunity to practice meditation for a long duration. In such case, meditation can be practiced in lying posture as well. And meditation can be continued until you fall asleep. The next day, the same freshness that could be achieved from a sound sleep, can be felt. If a person has a habit of sleeping 8 hours a day; and if he starts practice meditation, then he can get full relaxation with the sleep of 7 hours. This is because meditation also reduces tiredness and it is a medium to make the meditator fresh.

Active in Work

Tiredness, exhaustion, laziness etc. decrease if someone practice meditation regularly in a daily basis. Everyday meditation for 15 minutes increase alertness and awareness of daily work. Thus work performance at home, office, business outdoor etc will enhance. The work can be performed in better and more effective way.

Healthy Heart

The Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield found that risk of sudden death, heart attack, heart-related problems, stroke etc have been decreasing after the practice of meditation. Such risk was cut off near to 50 percent.

Better Psychology

Meditation makes the mind positive. It decreases negative thoughts. People, who practice meditation, are seen to be more calm, peace and happier. Research has found that regular meditation reduces Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) like cramping and diarrhea etc. Meditation also diminishes anxiety and stress. It provides inner calm. The production of stress hormones minimize. Hormones that provide happiness and peace like serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine etc secrete in abundant quantity.

Controls Additions

Due to wrong company and friend circle, stress etc. people may get addicted. To reduce stress people often triggers addiction to any substance like cigarettes, alcohol, food, drugs etc. As meditation soothes in a natural manner, one need not have to take refuge of addiction.

Improves Memory and concentration

As the mind becomes healthy and peace, concentration power also increases. For the students, meditation is found to be highly effective as it improves their study and learning capacity. It widens the understanding.

Better Creativity

The hidden creativity is explored with the help of meditation. The meditator will have the ability to perform the task and solve the different problems in a creative way. The creativity also helps them in learning as well.

Better Health

It is found that more than 90% of the diseases are psychosomatic. When the mentality is negative immune power decreases. So, diseases attack easily. But the meditation clears negativity and enhances immunity power. Thus, it helps to lead a healthier life.

As you eat regularly, as you brush your teeth daily so the meditation should be. It should be implemented as a daily routine. Eating one day is not enough for every day. One should take food each day in order to maintain the life. So, fifteen minutes meditation should also be practiced regularly to attain the better and happier life. At the beginning phase, you may feel lazy to practice meditation. If you could get victory over laziness and unwillingness at the beginning phase; you gradually start experiencing.