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Where to learn Advanced YTT in Nepal?

The Advanced yoga teacher training in nepal is an effective yoga curriculum if you are currently a yoga instructor or have been practising yoga for at least a year. The purpose of this course is to hone your yoga expertise. This course aims to help yoga students and instructors become more proficient in their craft. This yoga curriculum is ideal if you have been practising or teaching yoga for at least a year. The purpose of this course is to hone yoga expertise. This course is designed to help yoga students and instructors improve their abilities.

Our 500 hours advancedd yoga teacher training might be the best option for you if you want to be a high level advancedd instructor in all levels like Asana, meditation, breathing all aspects.

Learn our certified Advanced yoga training amid the tropical beauty of Nepal and feel the bliss that comes from it. This intensive course, designed specifically for certified yoga instructors, will lead you to a new and deep level of spiritual understanding. It’s a great way to learn the skills you’ll need to develop your spiritual practice and progress along your path.

Basis of Yoga

Yoga is a set of techniques for developing one’s body, mind, and soul that have been handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years. Some examples of yogic activities include deep breathing exercises, postures designed to promote relaxation and chanting as a kind of meditation. Several diverse schools of yoga exist, each with its own emphasis and method for reaching a unified consciousness. Understanding this is integral to understanding how to teach yoga to your students.

Why should you partake in our advanced yoga teacher training in nepal?

Expanding your pedagogical horizons is a logical next step with this Advanced TTC if you are a practising educator. You might feel more at ease and secure in yourself after dedicating yourself to regular yoga practice and learning about various forms of yoga, such as raja yoga and Vedanta. The Course strongly emphasises individual instruction and the practice of yogic self-discipline.

Ancient philosophy from the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, and other yoga books form the basis of our curriculum, together with the more modern practices of Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Karma yoga, and Bhakti yoga. Learn and use more complex forms of cleaning, such as dhouti, neti, and master cleansing. The Advanced yoga training curriculum also includes meditation and the use of mantras.

What do you need to participate in our Advanced YTTC?

Participants in this Advanced teacher training program in Nepal, will have previously completed Intermediate Yoga Teacher Training with an approved institution. To further one’s knowledge of advancedd asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, yoga nidras, etc., our ashram offers intermediate as well as beginners yoga teacher training. Your personal practice and ability to teach more advancedd yoga postures and sequences will benefit from these trainings that go beyond the scope of the standard yoga teacher certification programme.

If you have already completed yoga teacher training but with a different school or style, please email us your yoga teacher training certificate and syllabus to ensure that you are ready for the rigorous demands of our Advanced practice of yoga in your professional teaching.

Suppose you haven’t had the physical and spiritual groundwork we provide in our  Advanced yoga teacher training in nepal. In that case, we may need you to attend a short intensive yoga course before enrolling in our Advanced yoga in Nepal.

Why should you learn with us?

Yoga’s purpose is a disciplined approach to inside reflection and outer freedom. It’s an eclectic set of techniques for mastering one’s thoughts, developing the ability to observe objectively, and breaking free of reincarnation. It teaches us to take a good, hard look at ourselves, to recognise the things that are true about ourselves, and to let go of the things that aren’t helpful. It aids in the process of self-awareness, which in turn facilitates the modification of patterns of thought, emotion, and belief that no longer benefit us.

As Advanced yoga teacher training in nepal proponents, we believe in this mindset and teach the same.  Yoga is a discipline that facilitates inner and outer renewal via physical, mental, and spiritual discipline. Traditional yoga may be broken down into six distinct practices. In all of them, oneness is the ultimate objective, and various yoga techniques are used to get there.

Such examples might be:
-Raja, often known as “the royal way,” is preoccupied with meditative techniques.
-Karma (the path of action) emphasises doing good and helping others in practical ways.
Jnana (the path of knowledge) emphasises analytical discernment and introspection.
-Bhakti, or “the path of devotion,” emphasises a devoted relationship with God.
-Tantra, sometimes known as “the path of ecstasy,” is heavily ritualised and indoctrinated.
-Hatha yoga, sometimes known as “the vigorous way,” emphasises physical movement and the application of internal energy.

Our Advanced yoga teacher training in nepal aligns with our highest truth: to live consciously and make decisions that align with our greatest good; this provides a complete framework. Through practising yoga, we are able to shed layers of habit and conditioning and again rediscover our authentic selves. Every time we roll out our yoga mat or settle onto our meditation cushion, we have a chance to learn more about ourselves and the cosmos.

Join us today!

Participating in yoga classes with our Advanced YTT and meditating with other yogis is a great way to deepen your practice and make new friends. The mind is cleared of uncertainty and renewed with inspiration; a solid foundation is laid for one’s practice, and one’s ability to impart knowledge is honed.

The Advanced yoga teacher training in nepal is among the best courses currently accessible anywhere. Daily routines that are counterproductive to a yogic way of life may be reset with the aid of discipline, and a renewed sense of purpose can be found in reestablishing a connection to the pure lineage of our Gurus.

The Ashrams, located amid the breathtaking scenery of Nepal, provide a loving environment in which students are encouraged to push themselves to their utmost under the watchful eye of experienced professors.

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