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To draw in water through the anus and wash the large intestines with nauli or simple movement of abdomen and then take out all the unnecessary things from large intestine is known as basti karma.  In short cut the act of cleansing the bowels with the water is basti. Traditionally the ancient people use to drawl the water from their anus from the pond while having bathing in the pond thus cleansing their bowel, but due to increasing population this technique have been diverted. The water about 1-1.5 liter of mild hot slightly salted water is place at a pot (enema can) with some feet high from the bed level head level slightly lower than leg, with the pipe connected with the tap and the catheter, the nozzle is slowly placed in the anus with putting some lubrication if required, then open the pipe so that the water enters into our large intestine. Wait for while remove before the water is finished. Be in the toilet wait until there is a pressure to defecate, you will find the dark colored stool that may be the remaining of last food that have been stored from past.


It balances the three doshas (humor) of the body.  The large intestines can have impurities stuck to its walls, which don’t get expelled for days so the basti helps to remove these. It helps relieving the gas formation in large intestine. It wakes the digestive power. This process is very powerful to relives and cures the constipation.