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List Of Top 10 Best Yoga School for Yoga Training Programs In The World

List Of Top 10 Best Yoga School for Yoga Training Programs In The World

List Of Top 10 Best Yoga School For Yoga Training Programs In The World

A tremendous benefit to humanity, yoga is the pursuit of inner and outer harmony that has spread across the globe. If you’re reading this, whether you identify as a yogi or yogini, you’re probably thinking about becoming a certified yoga instructor so you can spread the benefits of yoga to others.

These School for yoga training are located in spaces that, by their very nature, transport you to a place of true clarity, relaxation, and serenity, from the seashores of Big Island, Hawaii to the foothills of the Himalayas.

All of the programs we reviewed are both comprehensive and reasonably priced, and their instructors are all experts in their fields. Below are our top 10 recommendations for the best School for yoga training worldwide, whether you’re just getting started with yoga or are an experienced practitioner.

Yoga’s global spread as a method for achieving mental and physical equilibrium is a huge boon to society. If you’re here, whether you call yourself a “yogi” or a “yogini,” you’re probably considering getting your yoga teaching certification so you can help others reap Yoga’s many rewards.

These school for yoga training institutes can be found anywhere from the shores of Hawaii’s Big Island to the foothills of the Himalayas, both of which are known for being ideal settings for meditation and relaxation.

All of the courses we looked at were both extensive and affordable, and their teachers acknowledged authority in their fields. Here are our top 10 choices for the school for yoga training in the world, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned yogi.

List of top 10 best Yoga training programs in the world

1. Nepal Yoga Home, Nepal

The foundation of Nepal Yoga Home, the country’s premier yoga institution and one of the best School for yoga training. It is a 200, 300, and 500-Hour Yoga Alliance International (USA and India) certified school, so you can rest assured that your training will be led by knowledgeable, spiritual professionals.

yoga teacher training nepal

This School for yoga training welcome participants of all ages, faiths, and walks of life to this retreat. The Nagarjuna Jungle, where the Yoga retreat is situated, spans an expansive 7 acres and is brimming with natural splendour, gardens, and an organic farm.

Yoga, meditation, speech, relaxation, rejuvenation, diet, study, and positive thought all flourish in the supportive setting of a yoga retreat, allowing for rapid improvement in health, energy, and mental tranquilly.

Attendees of the yoga retreat return home with enhanced capacities in a number of key areas, including mind-body awareness, sensory perception, attitude, stress resistance, productivity at work, and concentration. Natural methods of disease avoidance and treatment for a variety of conditions are teachable.

Courses at this School for yoga training range in length from one day to six months and are aimed at people of all ages and experience levels. Additional courses are available upon request for groups of 10-20 people, but these classes must be planned in advance.

2. 21 Day 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Lake Atitlan

The majestic Lake Atitlan and the surrounding mountains provide a picturesque backdrop for the school for yoga training in Guatemala. It’s a great place to disconnect from modern life and reflect on the mystical traditions of the ancient Maya civilization.

With lessons full of devotion, years of experience, a no-nonsense attitude, and lots of support and laughter, their 200-hour TTC is an opportunity for growth and transformation that can change a person’s life.

Meditation, pranayama, asana, food and nutrition, Ayurveda, mind training, philosophy, energy work, and much more all come together in Danya and her team’s holistic approach to Yoga and, more generally, to life. You become a great teacher and a better person when you develop as an individual, learn more about yourself, go deeper in your practice, and set an example for others.

3. 28 Day Life-Changing 200-Hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga TTC in Bali

Come practice Yoga with Loka School for yoga training at their stunning new location right on the sand. Canggu is a great place to take in the sights and sounds of nature, learn about Balinese culture and history, and indulge in some of Bali’s best cuisine.

loka yoga school

School for yoga training made a beautiful oasis by the sea, surrounded by the breathtaking Balinese rice fields, where you can find inspiration and reconnect with your true self. Experience the true transformation as you awaken your mind, body, and spirit with the help of their internationally accredited 200-hour training, which is certified by Yoga Alliance.

Loga Yoga School focuses intently on imparting knowledge to its students in classes of 16 or fewer, allowing each individual to develop in all ways necessary for becoming an effective yoga instructor.

This course is a sacred space, “Where Science Meets Spirituality,” because it brings together ancient principles, teachings, and philosophies from the East with contemporary understanding, research, and science from the West.

4. 21 Day 200hr YogiBeYoga & Ayurveda Yoga TTC in Costa Rica

This intensive school for yoga training is meant to be a transformative experience of personal growth, professional development, and physical challenge. This stunning location is perfect for switching off your electronic devices and getting back in sync with nature.

In this setting, you can focus on your inner voice, hear what your heart has to say, and discover what matters most to you. If you’re looking for a school for yoga training that goes above and beyond what the Yoga Alliance requires, look no further than Pura Veda Gurukul. Here, you’ll gain the personal practice and teaching skills to lead your students on their own transformative yoga journey.

Of course, we’ll also be delving deeply into the philosophy, physiology, and anatomy of yoga asanas. You will gain the skills necessary to design a life that truly fulfills you. that makes you happy on the inside. You will find your own unique voice and learn to incorporate all of who you are into your life, and you’re teaching.

5. 29 Day Transformational Yoga Teacher Training in Canggu, Bali

Put on some island time and feel the sand between your toes as you relax on a Bali beach. Spend the next 28 nights attuning your mind and body to the interconnectedness of all things illuminated.

There is a yoga shala, pool, meditation garden, and, most importantly, a kitchenette in each room at this brand-new, state-of-the-art retreat center. In addition to taking you on a journey of self-discovery, this comprehensive teacher training program equips you with the skills you’ll need to help others do the same.

6. 15 Day 200 Hour YTT Ocean View Studio, Cape Cod, USA

A five-star Yoga Alliance certified school for yoga training programs, Harmony Yoga School is located on Cape Cod’s beautiful National Seashore and offers all-inclusive yoga teacher retreats. Recent polls have found it to be one of the “8 Best Life-Changing Yoga Teacher Training” and the “Most Popular Training in the USA.”

Everyone who practices Yoga and is interested in going deeper into their practice and their relationships with themselves, others, and the world around them can benefit from this teacher training.

In this course in school for yoga training, you will learn classical techniques that will help you gain control of your body, energy, and mind, as well as gain inspiration and guidance for developing an in-depth understanding of your physical and subtle body. Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, General Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and Ashtanga Yoga are all included in this yoga teacher training.

7. 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Eston, South Africa

This course in school for yoga training takes a Hatha yoga approach to show students how to incorporate timeless wisdom about finding happiness and contentment into their everyday lives. And because guests can pick their own dates, you can go on this transformational trip whenever you’re ready.

The school for yoga training it’s on the continent of Africa! In addition to its stunning scenery, the location also provides nature trails, peaceful gardens, and a plethora of birds. Game Reserves, skydiving, wellness spas, hot air ballooning, mountain biking, beach yoga, and more can all be found in the area. A fantastic vacation that was also a profound YTTC and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

8. 28 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Honestly, saying, “This is the best choice I’ve ever made!” The trainers and organizers are superb. “Words fail me when I try to describe how incredibly kind and generous they are with their time, expertise, and affection.

Of course, the TTC’s convenient location also contributes to its positive reputation. One of the best on the planet, in this case. The beautiful island of Koh Phangan, and the Srithanu region, in particular, serve as Southeast Asia’s central location for Yoga.

You have arrived at a magnificent and super fun island paradise populated by people just like you. One school for yoga training provides an affordable yoga education led by knowledgeable staff who are well-versed in both the theory and practice of Yoga. That’s how we decide which 200-hour YTTCs around the world are the best.

9. 22 Day 200-Hour Awakenings Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica

Vida Asana, located on a small hilltop overlooking Playa Hermosa, is hosting a 200-hour school for yoga training retreat not far from San Jose Airport (about 90 minutes).

Welcoming you to our tropical eco-resort, where you may see rare animals such as the black howler monkey, white-headed capuchin, tropical deer, macaws, eagles, and sea turtles, all of which are critically endangered in their native Costa Rica.

There are many highlights to this 22-day YTTC in paradise, including:

  • Visits to interesting landmarks on the house accompanied by a free Wi-Fi connection
  • Signing up for Yoga Alliance, Yoga Professionals International, etc.
  • Expeditions and other activities for a large group
  • Certificate programs and training for educators
  • Your daily quota of three satisfying and healthful meals
  • All day long, we’ll have water, tea, and coffee for you.
  • Outdoor excursions led by an experienced naturalist
  • We provide pre- and post-retreat assistance.
  • Daily supply of fruit and snacks
  • After completing the program, you will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT-200.

10. 22 Day 200-hour Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training in Costa Rica

Give a quick thank you to Kadri and Anabel, your YTT instructors. It’s not just us who adore them; their students do, too. The Professors of the school for yoga training have the biggest hearts, and I was constantly blown away by how much they knew and how well they were able to incorporate fun and creativity into the classroom experience.

Each aspect of this 22-day school for yoga training, which is registered with the Yoga Alliance, has been carefully crafted to give you the best possible learning environment and personal experience.

Yoga asana (postures), meditation (breathing techniques), philosophy (why Yoga works), and pedagogy (how to teach) are just some of the topics that will be covered each day. Throughout your own personal journey, you feel completely held within a community of fellow practitioners and supported by us.

Unfortunately, we from school for yoga training must part ways without first sharing some of the many highlights of the retreat with you:

  • Methods of instruction, such as lesson plans, classroom management, and guided meditation techniques
  • a hands-on study of human structure and function
  • In-depth, hands-on adjustments and partner yoga exercises
  • In-depth and imaginative investigation of Yoga Theories, practices, and principles of a moral lifestyle
  • Ayurveda, Hinduism’s gods and goddesses, Sanskrit, chanting sacred texts, and esoteric iconography
  • Integrating knowledge of group dynamics, interpersonal processes, and cleansing
  • How to establish a sacred space and have meaningful conversations with compassion.

Final Words:

We are here to assist you in narrowing down the vast number of yoga teacher training programs available worldwide.

Even if you don’t plan on using your 200-hour yoga teacher certification for anything other than personal growth, the experience of completing a yoga teacher training program at a retreat will be transformative.

Just go with the flow; any yoga studio worth its salt will have classes on a regular basis, as well as homework, guest teachers, and readings from sacred texts like the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Role Of Lead Trainer In Yoga Teaching During Yoga Teacher Training 

Role Of Lead Trainer In Yoga Teaching During Yoga Teacher Training 

Role Of Lead Trainer In Yoga Teaching

Ask how long you can anticipate meditating if you want to learn more about the practice. Alternatively, please inquire about the underlying philosophy of their meditation practice. When it comes to meditation, how long do you often spend there? I’d be skeptical of software that can’t identify its own biases yet promises to be able to accomplish anything. Ideally, this will not be their first experience as Lead Trainer in yoga teaching during Yoga teacher training program.

At least five years of teaching experience is required for a Lead Trainer in yoga Teaching trainer to give a Lead Trainer in yoga Teaching course (YTT). The process of honing a training’s content might take years. In addition, the program will likely include 3-4 extra instructors—a teacher who utilizes anatomy as a detailed case study. A philosopher, for example, might be an excellent choice. More than one yoga instructor serves as the program’s primary facilitator, while others provide extra color and flavor.

Preparing Students for Practice by Teaching them to Be Present

A Lead Trainer in yoga Teaching’s first job is to bring the class back to the present moment and get everyone in the right frame of mind. As a matter of course, the studio should be welcoming and comfortable. If the instructor has time, they may also light a candle and set it on an altar as the lesson starts. Even if you do this one thing, the vibe in the room will alter, and a feeling of reverence will pervade.

Additionally, a Lead Trainer in yoga Teaching must ensure that the training session they plan for each class is suitable for the students to present. On any given day, the instructor must be able to clearly explain, adapt, and show the asanas to all of the students in the class.

Unity in Yoga Classes

It’s time for us to look within first. We know it’s important, yet it’s easy to overlook our prejudices and preconceptions regarding our Lead Trainer In yoga Teaching practice. Think about how you feel when you meet a person of a different race, encounter a homeless person, or encounter someone who speaks another language.

You may have been blind to your prejudices all along. We developed to defend our groups, people like us, so it’s not anything to put yourself down for. That’s still a part of us on a primitive level, however. Importantly, our more developed selves see that such defensiveness is seldom required, and as a result, we can be open and loving with everyone we come into contact with.

Create a Warm and Friendly Space

You may be surprised to see a bigger student join your class, especially when surrounded by your usual slender and muscular students (yes, in working with the body as we do, this issue crosses into body-image considerations). There is a part of us that You may oppose guiding the bigger student, and hence we may not be as attentive as we are to other students. We might also provide this pupil more one-on-one attention than the other students in our classroom.

Preconceptions about various individuals may be damaging to our teaching if we restrict students’ freedom in their practice, for example, by forcing them to execute a specific modification rather than giving them the freedom to pick what’s best for themselves. At the time, a little part of us could presume this just because a pupil is age or physical condition.

Efficacious Teaching Strategies

A Lead Trainer in yoga Teaching’s job is to find out how their pupils learn best so that they can tailor their lessons to their individual needs. In one of your classes, for example, you observe that most of the pupils’ facial expressions seem to be blank or somewhat bewildered when they hear your carefully-crafted verbal cues.

Students in the first class would benefit most from demonstration training, while those in the second class would benefit most from instruction emphasizing physical cueing and prop use. This strategy works well in classrooms with fewer students, especially if those students attend your class regularly.

Diverse Approaches to Education

At other times, we find ourselves teaching sessions where most students don’t appear to learn best via any of those three methods – or it’s impossible to tell whether there are any at all. With great courses, both possibilities are possible. It’s also possible that the majority of the pupils in your classes are the same each time you teach them. For example, you may be conducting a one-time workshop or other educational activity.

We may provide our kids with various sensory inputs by using a combination of aural, visual, and kinesthetic cues. That allows everyone to get the training they need, regardless of what form of information works best for them. In other words, you may use a combination of verbal cues and images, demonstrations and peer demonstrations, and physical assistance and direction on how to use props.

Advanced 500 Hours YTTC / Yoga Teacher Training Course at Nepal Yoga Home

Advanced 500 Hours YTTC / Yoga Teacher Training Course at Nepal Yoga Home

Advanced 500 Hours YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course) at Nepal Yoga Home

Advanced 500 hours YTTC in Nepal is one of the most wonderful learning courses Provided by Nepal Yoga home and is one of the best places to provide this training. Nepal yoga home as the Name itself suggests is the home for yoga and various yogic courses. It is the perfect blend of Yogic learning and a relaxing place. Time spent at Nepal Yoga Home learning YTTC is going to be a lifetime experience.

There will be a question about why advanced 500 hours YTTC in Nepal and why in Nepal yoga home and there are some answers but before that let us learn what is Advanced 500 hours YTTC?

The 500 hours is the time frame and is the learning hours of the Yogic course. It is a timeframe designed with lots of elements and variables in consideration. It is a viable time that is enough to learn yoga for YTTC in Nepal. During this period, the individuals will learn various aspects of the principle of yoga and similar practices. It is a time to learn we, get ready to teach others as well as give the body a relaxing time and a wonderful holiday at Nepal yoga home.

What is the eligibility for advanced 500 hours YTTC in Nepal yoga home?

The most amazing thing about advanced 500 hours YTTC in Nepal is that anyone can get inside this learning course. There is no demand like one must have some prior courses like 100 hours YTTC in Nepal or 200 hours YTTC in Nepal. If one has taken such courses and is very familiar with the world of yoga, then it will be the most amazing thing. However, if this is not the case then there is no need to worry as the courses are designed with taking everything and everybody into consideration so it will not be a major deal. Anyone interested can take part here and will be helped to complete it from all sides.

The certification of Nepal Yoga Home

This is another wonderful achievement that has been achieved by Nepal yoga home and would like to share it with its students. Nepal yoga home is a registered yoga school of the yoga alliance. Many people may not know that, but the Yoga Alliance is an organization established to provide standardizing and providing authenticity to the field of yoga. When one completes their study, they can register their certificate with the yoga alliance to become a certified yoga teacher. However, this registration is voluntary.

Valuable certification is a very important factor when choosing the school of learning yoga. Skills are one thing, but certification is also an important factor as it will aid much in boosting the career.

The learning and course

Advanced 500 hours YTTC in Nepal is designed uniquely so that it will contain various elements from all sides. The course is like a balanced diet designed to elevate the health and lifestyle of individuals who take part in it. Ashtanga yoga, Kundalini yoga, Hatha yoga, and Vinyasa yoga, are some of the major styles of yoga there will be taught during these advanced 500 hours YTTC in Nepal Yoga Home.

Aside from these various postures, Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra Chanting, and other activities that will rejuvenate the entire body will be also done. Aside from this during the introductory phase, the students will also be taught about the various principles and theories of yoga which will help them to understand the procedure during the practical. Also, life as well as the achievement of various Yoga gurus in the Yoga fields will be discussed.

The teachers

Teachers are very important for efficient learning and Nepal yoga home understands its role in the learning process and also is profoundly serious about it. The teachers that will teach students at advanced 500 hours YTTC in Nepal Yoga Home are the best teachers there are. They have dedicated many years of their lives to learning and mastering the arts of yoga and yogic principles.

Also, they have gained lots of experience working at various yoga-related places. Their profound knowledge is not limited to the yoga and yogic arts but also in the field of communication with their students. With experience, they have developed the best way to communicate with the students which will close the distance between the students and the teacher and make the learning process more efficient and stronger.

Duration of the course and stay

In the name, the time is defined in the hours which is 500 but when talking about days it will be 29 days. At this time, the students will stay at the Nepal yoga home. Advanced 500 hours YTTC in Nepal yoga home is unlike anything, more than yoga learning it will teach us to integrate yoga into our very lives that is why during stay one needs to reform their habits and ways and take it to the yogic and spiritual way.

100, 200, and 500 hours certified TTC in Nepal

100, 200, and 500 hours certified TTC in Nepal

100, 200, and 500 hours certified TTC in Nepal

We know yoga is a very vast as well as an amazing field. People spend their life learning as well as mastering yoga and yogic practices. 100, 200, & 500 hours certified TTC in Nepal are common practice of joining yoga to be a register yoga teacher. There are various TTC in Nepal as well as in the world that gives detailed knowledge of yoga. The topic is vast as well as very diverse and various places provide teaching and experience about various yoga and yogic practices.

Let us look at the TTC in Nepal and the most popular TTC in the country which are 100,200 and 500.

100 hours certified TTC in Nepal

100 hours at the beginning of this course means 100 hours of the learning period. Among the 3 different time lengths certified TTC in Nepal that we are discussing now, this is the shortest in comparison to the time length.

This may be of the shortest time length but is not in any way inferior to the other courses. These courses are designed to keep various things in mind. However, as the period decreases compact will be the knowledge and activity.

Time length is one of the key factors in everything, it defines most things and in TTC in Nepal also it is a very key process.

At, the beginning of the 100 hours TTC in Nepal introduction is given about the course as well as yoga in brief. They will also be given time, in the beginning, to become familiar with various terms and techniques which will be used later in the future or elaborated in the future.

Then comes the midsection where the individuals will be taught in detail about the practice as well as the yoga techniques. This is the core process of TTC in Nepal where one is beyond the introduction and will be learning various new things. Then comes later, the ending period where the practicing of the things learned previously will be done.

200 hours certified TTC in Nepal

This is the second of the 3 TTC in Nepal that we are discussing here. The unique thing about it is that it consists of twice the time when compared to the 100-hour course. As the period will be greater the subjects that will be discussed here will also be getting broader. Also, another important thing that needs to be considered while taking 200 hours of certified TTC in Nepal is that it is going to be costlier than 100 hours as it involves more time and longer a course. The days will be almost double that of the 100 hours.

This course also begins with an introduction. However, in a short time, only the core information will be given while here detailed information about the subject matter can be given efficiently.

The most amazing thing about this is that one can enjoy the subject matter even more. Also, TTC in Nepal is taken by those who are thinking about beginning their career. In a profession, more information about the subject matter better will be the situation and 200 hours will provide that information with a better experience. Also, in the end the individuals will have more time to practice their learning and gain more experience.

500 hours of certified TTC in Nepal

This is the last of the 3 TTC in Nepal that we are discussing here. It consists of more than twice the period even than the 200 hours of certified TTC in Nepal. The course will be more than a month and can be very long. As more the time the cost of this class will be the highest of the 3 courses of TTC in Nepal.

As the name itself suggests, this will be a long class and the individuals that are coming here also will want to learn yoga in great detail and this course will not disappoint on that. 500 hours of certified TTC in Nepal will provide very detailed knowledge in yoga with great and adequate practical training that will boost learning and understanding.

In the beginning, is the introductory phase which will last for days. In this time various theories about Yoga will be discussed and at one point some of the greatest yogis that have ever set foot in this world will also be discussed along with their contribution, relevance to the topic, and their life. Then comes the mid part where the practical learning will be applied. The teacher will teach and also let the individuals practice what they have just learned. Since this is a long course and goes on for more than a month there will be certain rejuvenating activities in between which will also belong to the yogic world.

Then comes the last stage of the ending period. This section will also have lots of amazing programs but in this phase instead of learning new, they will reflect on what they have learned and focus more on the experience side. Then this long 500 hours of certified TTC in Nepal will end.

Benefit of Joining Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Benefit of Joining Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Benefit of Joining Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

There are several benefits of Joining the Online Yoga Teacher Training course. Yoga is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Everyone is aware of the many health advantages of practicing yoga.

Among several advantages to doing online yoga teacher training courses less time and cost investment by sitting at home is the most preferable by everyone. Since the coronavirus epidemic broke out, more and more individuals have begun to conduct their daily activities from the comfort of their own homes.

Yoga may also be practiced and learned from the comfort of your own home. Because of modern technologies

If you are a novice or an aspiring yoga instructor, you can study from the comfort of your home. And if you’d rather, you may take yoga classes online. You may also learn that Online yoga Teacher Training courses provide several advantages.

For many students, online instruction is preferable to face-to-face instruction. You may complete yoga teacher training courses online, and the following are some of the advantages of doing so.

Having the ability to change your schedule

You may begin your training at any moment during a yoga class. As a result, you may go about your daily tasks while still participating in yoga instruction. You would often have to set out a certain time each day for your yoga practice in offline mode. On the other hand, the offline version allows anybody to study yoga whenever they have time.


Offline courses for yoga teacher training are more costly. This is partly because online classes do not include any additional fees. Offline methods include additional costs such as textbooks, membership dues, etc.

Online courses are more effective in teaching.

Yoga has several advantages to Online yoga Teacher Training courses, but improved learning is one of the most important. Most of the lessons in a yoga course will be available to you through recorded video. Rewinding the challenging positions will allow you to understand them better.

You’ll have access to study resources on the yoga institution’s website for your theoretical yoga exams. It’s also possible to participate in a live Online yoga Teacher Training course using Zoom or other platforms. Clearing up students’ misunderstandings, conversing with them, and learning about their issues are all goals of these courses. In these gatherings, you may clear up any lingering questions.

Exams for yoga online

You and your mentors will take an online test that will include both practical and theoretical questions. In addition to the practical test, you will be required to take an online written exam. You’ll need to demonstrate the yoga poses to your mentor to pass the practical test.

Become a certified yoga teacher from home

You may obtain certification in yoga by completing the yoga teacher training course. The Yoga Alliance will provide you with this certificate of completion. This credential is highly regarded and accepted across the globe. To start a yoga school or studio anywhere globally, one must be certified by Yoga Alliance.

Learn from the best yoga teachers

Learning yoga from well-known yoga teachers is a huge advantage of doing it online. In traditional yoga courses, these kinds of possibilities aren’t usually available. It’s possible to accomplish your ambition of studying yoga from the instructor you most like via online yoga classes.

Everything in your online course is safe and secure.

There are several advantages to taking an Online Yoga Teacher Training course, and this is one of them. Many study resources are provided for the theoretical test during offline yoga training classes. The same information will be provided to you in the online course as a pdf file that you may download and save on your computer.

Many yoga schools enable their ex-students to access and update their study material. As a result, you’ll be able to stay up to date on the newest developments in yoga.

Easy access to online study materials

Using a smartphone or laptop, you’ll have quick and easy access to the online study resources. You can get to them whenever you want. You have easy access to them even if you are not at home.

Learn to run a Yoga teaching business

There are a lot of yoga teacher training programs out there that don’t only teach you how to do yoga poses. But you’ll also learn how to operate your yoga studio. They show you how to get your name out there. This aids your preparation in every way.

Briefly put

You may enroll in an Online Yoga Teacher Training course with several advantages to becoming a yoga instructor. Your desire to learn more about yoga and share that knowledge with others might make you an excellent yoga instructor. As a qualified yoga instructor, you may have a rewarding profession.

Share a Theme that Connects with Yogic Wisdom

For example, you may tie a yoga message to the class’s prevalent movement, postures, and even mudras and the season, hot topics on the news, Online yoga Teacher Training course, and other things that may be on everyone’s mind at the time. You may also read Patanjali, Rumi, and other swamis’ short poems or passages. You may use yoga books containing sections like these to construct your yoga library.

500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training/ YTT in Nepal At Nepal Yoga Home

500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training/ YTT in Nepal At Nepal Yoga Home

500 hours YTT in Nepal at Nepal Yoga Home

Yoga is becoming vast day by day as people are approaching a healthier and satisfying way of life. Various places in various countries provide yoga training, yoga teacher training, certification, and many more. However, a country that has been able to make its name in the world of yoga in Nepal. There are various yoga centers and retreat centers where yoga is taught as well as yoga teacher training is given. Yoga teacher training/ YTT in Nepal is given in various places and among them Nepal Yoga Home provide the TTC classes. Among the various courses of YTT in Nepal, one of the best is 500 hours of yoga teacher training that is provided by Nepal yoga home.

Nepal Yoga Home- Brief Introduction

Nepal yoga home is one of the best places in Nepal to learn yoga. The place is renowned for the service it provides, and the satisfaction people get from their service. It has various programs where one can just have yoga retreat or have yoga teacher training which will help you to start your career in yoga if you are willing to do so. Nepal yoga home is the best among the other yoga teaching schools because it was the first yoga school to be registered in the yoga alliance for 500 hours of YTT in Nepal.

Time interval of 500 hours yoga teacher training in Nepal

The time interval of 500 hours of YTT in Nepal is of 29 days. This program starts on the 1st of the month and ends at 29 days completing the 500 hours of yoga teacher training.

500 hours ytt in nepal

The environment of YTT at Nepal yoga home

Yoga was designed to give the best efficiency when performed in a serene and natural environment. Nepal yoga home recognizes it and when taking YTT in Nepal, Nepal yoga home arranges a serene environment that will boost the learning process as well as enhance the efficiency of yoga.

Teachers of the training at Nepal yoga home

Teachers are one of the most important parts of learning. Students’ dedication is indeed the most important factor in the process of learning. However, various elements affect the learning process like environment, teaching course, and many more. There is one important element aside from the student that has much impact on the learning process and that is a teacher.

The role of a teacher is unparallel not just in yoga teacher training but in every type of learning process.

Nepal yoga home recognizes the importance of good teachers for yoga teacher training/ YTT in Nepal and only has the best in the team. There are various masters that have mastered the various forms of yoga. They have years of experience under their belt in the field of yoga. The master also has a Ph.D. in the field of yoga. Aside from the learning and certificates one important character that needs to be present in the teacher is the ability to communicate with their students. The masters with their experience also have mastered the art of communication with their students.

Accommodation and food

The people who are going to take yoga teacher training at Nepal yoga home will be staying there for the entire time of teacher training. In this period, they will be given the best accommodation and other living facilities.

One of the many benefits of yoga teacher training/ YTT in Nepal at Nepal Yoga Home is the food that will be provided there. Yoga and Ayurveda itself say that food is the medicine that can be used as healing medicine. Also, there is a saying that we are what we eat. So, in Nepal Yoga Home the yoga teacher trainee will be only given healthy food which the Ayurveda allows and is considered best for the learning process of yoga. The trainee will be prohibited from eating any kind of meat products and meat. Also, only Satwik food will be allowed, tamasic and rajasic will also not be allowed here.

Various programs of Yoga teacher training course

Yoga is a very vast field; some sages and masters have dedicated their lives to finding out the secrets of yoga and still are not able to completely unwind the secrets. That vast is yoga with its many styles, forms, and techniques. Nepal yoga home in this 500 hour finds the right balance of various forms and techniques and teaches to the trainee.

Generally, people who come to take 500 hours of yoga teacher training/ YTT in Nepal have the basic knowledge of yoga, some may even have years of knowledge. It will be easy for them to be at the pace with the teaching and knowledge of the teachers. However, there is also no problem if they do not have prior knowledge and the masters will take them to the track in no time.

The teacher will teach the trainee multi-style yoga techniques which that have studied in their long yoga career. Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Kundalini yoga are some of the forms the trainee will learn in this 500-hour yoga teacher training.