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Yoga Teaching Practice in Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)

How much do you enamor yoga? Are you interested to be a certified yoga teacher? If you are looking for such then this article is for you. In this article, we explore the yoga teaching practice in Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), which includes the cognizance on basic posture, breathing practices, meditation practice, and the advanced postures to achieve the yogic level. Different relaxation techniques help to ace in the field of yoga.


How to teach basic posture?

It is not a cup of tea to do the yoga teaching practice for beginners about the postures of yoga. It is the basics of Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), yet not a cup of cake.

It is necessary to keep the ques simple:

The ques should be much simpler to keep up the yoga enthusiasm in the track. Throwing about the tough position will keep away the yoga enthusiasts from pursuing yoga in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to teach them the basics first, before teaching them the tougher position and allure them to pursue more.

1. Set up the pose

Slowly, the poses taught should be upgraded. During the yoga teaching practice, It should be made steadily so that the yoga practitioners do not feel bogged down by the heavy poses.

2. Remind students to breathe at the regular interval

Inhalation and exhalation will help to keep focus and have the presence of mind. Thus you will be able to enjoy the bliss of nature.


How to teach breathing exercises?

Teaching breathing exercises and helping yogis to be in the present state of mind is yet another milestone in the Yoga Teacher Training (YTT).

We practice breathing perfunctorily. We breathe umpteen of times, yet we do not know the correct way to breathe that causes various problems like stress, anxiety, and other disorders. There are certain steps you need to follow to make your breathing easy. Some steps worth mentioning while yoga teaching practice are:

  1. Sit comfortably. Be calm and focused by focusing on your breathing.
  2. Inhale peace and exhale peace through your nose.
  3. Go inward, feel the air flowing from the nose to the lungs.
  4. To be in the present moment count the number of times you breathe
  5. Carry on the practice until you feel peaceful.


How to teach meditation?

Yoga is incomplete without meditation. There are many meditation practices in Yoga Teacher Training programs. Below are the ways to teach the meditation techniques in the Yoga Teacher Training (YTT).

  • Teach the practitioners to focus on their breathing. Teach them to practice mindful breathing techniques.
  • Be mindful of what is popping up in your head.
  • Practice imagining good thoughts on your mind. As I am a peaceful being, I am not the mind nor the body, etc.
  • Be close to nature be meandering in nature for at least half an hour in the daytime.
  • Practice regularly and teach others.


How to teach advanced postures during yoga teaching practice?

It is not easy to be seasoned practitioners in the Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program. It requires years of practice to be practice advanced yoga postures. Only seasoned practitioners become eligible to perform advanced postures. Advanced postures consist of new variations and some daunting postures. You need to practice them at a regular interval to be perfect in the advanced postures. The most important thing is to have the patience to practice and be perfect in the advanced postures.


General pointers on teaching the class

Some of the general pointers in the yoga teaching practice are:

It is necessary to understand the general pointers to make effective teaching and learning in the class. Some of the prerequisites are:

Know about the yoga positions you are going to teach in detail

Encourage your students to learn and participate in the discussions.

Make the student and teacher relationship congenial.

Establish a positive attitude even if bad things happen.

Learning will not come that easy.



Relaxation is what most people want in their life. In a bid to purge if not manage the stress that plagues many people life need to be addressed, and that is possible through practicing relaxation techniques. Some of the techniques that you need during yoga teaching practice like practicing visualization techniques, meditation, and deep breathing will help you to reach a relaxed state of mind, body, and soul. Some basic techniques of relaxations are:

  1. Deep breathing
  2. Visualization meditation
  3. Self-massage
  4. Self-realization
  5. Practicing self-denial
  6. Mindful meditation.
  7. Dancing, climbing, running, etc.


How to do corrections at yoga teaching practice?

Nobody is perfect in practicing anything. We are prone to errors and those errors could be addressed by practicing the same thing umpteen of times until we become perfect on that.

In the second half of the training course students will teach each other, in this way they will not only learn but also become an instructor of each other and help to increase the cognizance of each other.