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100, 200, and 500 hours certified TTC in Nepal

We know yoga is a very vast as well as an amazing field. People spend their life learning as well as mastering yoga and yogic practices. 100, 200, & 500 hours certified TTC in Nepal are common practice of joining yoga to be a register yoga teacher. There are various TTC in Nepal as well as in the world that gives detailed knowledge of yoga. The topic is vast as well as very diverse and various places provide teaching and experience about various yoga and yogic practices.

Let us look at the TTC in Nepal and the most popular TTC in the country which are 100,200 and 500.

100 hours certified TTC in Nepal

100 hours at the beginning of this course means 100 hours of the learning period. Among the 3 different time lengths certified TTC in Nepal that we are discussing now, this is the shortest in comparison to the time length.

This may be of the shortest time length but is not in any way inferior to the other courses. These courses are designed to keep various things in mind. However, as the period decreases compact will be the knowledge and activity.

Time length is one of the key factors in everything, it defines most things and in TTC in Nepal also it is a very key process.

At, the beginning of the 100 hours TTC in Nepal introduction is given about the course as well as yoga in brief. They will also be given time, in the beginning, to become familiar with various terms and techniques which will be used later in the future or elaborated in the future.

Then comes the midsection where the individuals will be taught in detail about the practice as well as the yoga techniques. This is the core process of TTC in Nepal where one is beyond the introduction and will be learning various new things. Then comes later, the ending period where the practicing of the things learned previously will be done.

200 hours certified TTC in Nepal

This is the second of the 3 TTC in Nepal that we are discussing here. The unique thing about it is that it consists of twice the time when compared to the 100-hour course. As the period will be greater the subjects that will be discussed here will also be getting broader. Also, another important thing that needs to be considered while taking 200 hours of certified TTC in Nepal is that it is going to be costlier than 100 hours as it involves more time and longer a course. The days will be almost double that of the 100 hours.

This course also begins with an introduction. However, in a short time, only the core information will be given while here detailed information about the subject matter can be given efficiently.

The most amazing thing about this is that one can enjoy the subject matter even more. Also, TTC in Nepal is taken by those who are thinking about beginning their career. In a profession, more information about the subject matter better will be the situation and 200 hours will provide that information with a better experience. Also, in the end the individuals will have more time to practice their learning and gain more experience.

500 hours of certified TTC in Nepal

This is the last of the 3 TTC in Nepal that we are discussing here. It consists of more than twice the period even than the 200 hours of certified TTC in Nepal. The course will be more than a month and can be very long. As more the time the cost of this class will be the highest of the 3 courses of TTC in Nepal.

As the name itself suggests, this will be a long class and the individuals that are coming here also will want to learn yoga in great detail and this course will not disappoint on that. 500 hours of certified TTC in Nepal will provide very detailed knowledge in yoga with great and adequate practical training that will boost learning and understanding.

In the beginning, is the introductory phase which will last for days. In this time various theories about Yoga will be discussed and at one point some of the greatest yogis that have ever set foot in this world will also be discussed along with their contribution, relevance to the topic, and their life. Then comes the mid part where the practical learning will be applied. The teacher will teach and also let the individuals practice what they have just learned. Since this is a long course and goes on for more than a month there will be certain rejuvenating activities in between which will also belong to the yogic world.

Then comes the last stage of the ending period. This section will also have lots of amazing programs but in this phase instead of learning new, they will reflect on what they have learned and focus more on the experience side. Then this long 500 hours of certified TTC in Nepal will end.