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Ear Reflexology

You may use this kind of ear Reflexology, also known as auriculotherapy, to alleviate tension by stimulating specific pressure points in the ear. You may help an array of physiological symptoms, illnesses, and pathological conditions in the chest and abdomen and the lower back and feet by ear Reflexology.

Moreover, you may find Pressure points surrounding the ear activated by this form of Reflexology, which helps alleviate stress in other parts of the body. This traditional Chinese medicine-inspired Reflexology treatment method may use for decades.

The benefits of ear Reflexology for stress

To alleviate tension and anxiety using this technique, known as Auriculotherapy or Ear Reflexology, ear Reflexology stimulates the following ear pressure points:

  • Feelings that radiate throughout the body’s nervous system
  • Positive endorphins may bring about a sense of well-being.
  • Engaging the senses improves the body’s ability to fight infection
  • Stimulated skin results in better skin quality.
  • Reflexology therapy produces calming effects.
  • It boosts the body’s ability to rid itself of toxins by increasing blood flow.
  • Ear Reflexology may help alleviate symptoms of depression and high blood pressure.
  • Asthma and allergic reactions are no match for the human body.
  • It also aids in the de-addiction process.
  • You may administer when reflexology treatment correctly. It reduces discomfort almost immediately.
  • Indirectly, you may manage your body weight by suppressing excessive appetite.
  • Discrimination, perception, and short-term memory may boost by supplementation.
  • It improves academic abilities such as mental arithmetic, attention, focus, and listening comprehension for students and learners.
  • Breathing and energy levels, public speaking, and other auxiliary abilities increase.

How to do ear Reflexology

Ear Reflexology, in addition to symptom-related reflexology, may positively affect the body and psyche.

Rubbing the outer edge of the ear

Holding the top of the ear with your fingers and thumb, Reflexology the ear lobes vigorously as you work your way down. A few repetitions should be enough. It has the immediate effect of increasing blood flow to the brain and alertness.

Ear Stroking:

Gently Reflexology the ear’s inner and outer cartilage. It is essential to also ear Reflexology the area behind the ear. Overall, it is a soothing experience. You may stimulate the nerve endings in certain places of the body by using softer Reflexology techniques. With your fingers, trace the shape of your ear, as well as trace the inside curves of your ear’s cartilage, to see what works best for you. You may also gently touch the area behind your ear that connects your ear to your skull from the top-down.

Hand yoga or ears:

You may cup your hands around both ears. To get the best results, press in a little and spin a few times clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Endorphins may release during an essential ear Reflexology. The whole body is soothed and at ease. It immediately relieves physical and mental tension.

Ear Meditation:

To produce heat, firmly press the palms of your hands together. For around 30 seconds, place your warm hands on your ears and keep them there. A few repetitions should be enough.

Pomodoro of ear lobe:

Using your thumb and fingers, grasp the lobe between them. As you exhale, slowly lower it back to its original position. Repeat it a few times before releasing it. You may revitalize the head is clear and the body.

Ear lobe Reflexology:

The upper body strain is relieved. Overthinking may lessen because of this technique. There are three different methods to do this. Assist the ear lobe with the fingers and the thumb. Several little circular and counterclockwise circles with the forefinger while keeping the thumb stationery is all it takes. Once you have done that, use your thumb to ear Reflexology your forefinger.

You may use your fingers and thumb to grasp the lobe. Pull it out from the bottom. You may pinch and release the earlobe numerous times with your fingertip and thumb.

Folding and curling:

With mild pressure, place your hand on the ear. Rolling down the top ear is as simple as pulling down your hand. Keep your hand there for a few seconds to feel the effects. Raise your hand. Repeat a few more times. You May enhance the ability to concentrate and pay attention.

The spot behind the ear

Because it is more challenging to get to and hence less commonly touched, this portion of the ear has an elevated level of sensitivity. Because the ear Reflexology protects this region, the skin behind the ear is more delicate than the rest of the body. A similar analogy is a skin between one’s fingers, which is softer and more sensitive than the rest of the body since it is not usually touched.

To see for yourself, give it a go right now by stroking in between your fingers. You may Reflexology the area behind the ear, push, tug, and squeeze in the same way as other parts of the body.