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10 Factors Why People Travel to Nepal for Yoga Retreat Class

Yoga is the term used for the sets of actions performed for spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing. Today yoga teachings and techniques are spread wide around the world. It is so popular and wide spread that, you can use the internet to learn hundreds if not thousands of techniques just here and now.

Yoga is the technique passed down from the ancient Hindu scriptures. It was originated in ancient India, today known as two countries India and Nepal. It is good to practice yoga anywhere in the world but Yoga in Nepal has a different charm.

10 reasons why people travel to Nepal for yoga retreat class are as follows:

1) Origin of yoga

Yoga techniques were given to us by ancient Hinduism. Here is where yoga took its first breath. The originality and the purity of the origin still remain here after all this time. So, Nepal is best for having a yoga retreat class.

2) Natural environment

Nepal is rich for its natural beauty. The country has beautiful mountains, famous Himalaya range and beautiful forests. Yoga supplies maximum benefit when practiced in calm and peaceful natural environment. So, thinking of taking yoga retreat class Nepal is for you.

3) Experienced teachers

The normal and easy yoga process do not require a teacher you can just see and do them. However, there are some advanced form of yoga that you should not attempt prior some yoga experience and a teacher. If you are willing to take yoga retreat class to Nepal you will find many experienced teachers who are qualified academically and also in the traditional approach of yoga.

4) Affordable yoga learning

Yoga learning can be costly depending on the country and heritage. However, being the origin place with such wide spread Nepal’s yoga learning technique comes under the average cost budget. Moreover, the amazing thing about that is being under average budget it provides amazing ‘A’ class service. So, Nepal’s yoga retreat class is for you if you are looking best service under a tight budget.

5)  Lovely and friendly people

If you visit Nepal for Yoga retreat class, you will find the country people are very friendly, helpful, and co-operative with you. They will make you feel very welcomed and create a home like experience. So, that you can have one of the most amazing experience in your life during your visit for yoga retreat class.

6) In Nepal You can learn different techniques of yoga

Yoga is not just 2-3 techniques and poses, it has thousands of forms, postures, techniques, and methods. Some popular widespread technique may have permeated throughout the world. But if you want more than common what is next level you should visit Nepal for yoga retreat class. Additionally, if you want to learn different types of yoga like hatha yoga, ashtanga vinyasa, raj yoga, karma yoga, Iyengar yoga, hot yoga, aerial yoga, etc you can find very expert teachers in Nepal for that.

7) Great places to visit- diverse art and culture

During the yoga retreat class visit you are not going to learn just yoga. One also wishes to have an enjoyable time on the country. If you were to visit Nepal for yoga retreat class you not only will have a great learning experience. But lots of memories of wonderful places as Nepal is rich is cultural heritage sites and natural beauty.

8) Internationally accredited School and by Nepal government

Nowdays, many people search yoga alliance certified school which provide yoga teacher training. If you go with them, they follow specific syllabus for their yoga teacher training and retreat course as well. Those certified schools never cheat with you. the certified school ensures that you have risk free and healthy learning.

Mostly, yoga retreat course is not a certified course and is just for relaxation. But if you go with such a registered school you will get better service from them.

9) Easy Visa process for Nepal

Compared to some countries the Visa approval process of Nepal is quite easy. So, you will not need months and weeks long issues with visa approval. You can just decide to have yoga Retreat class in Nepal and with some simple steps you can visit.

10) Very beneficial in different aspect for good holiday

Yoga retreat class in such an amazing place with such original techniques heals you mentally, spiritually, and physically. If you are going through some crisis, needs to find yourself, reignite passion Nepal is the location for your yoga retreat class.