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The word “yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj means “union”. Yoga is a union of mind, body and soul. It is the peaceful and calmness situation of one’s state mental and physical state. Yogi is a male who practices yoga while a female is yogini. Today yoga is a form of physical postures that purifies the body and provides physical strength and stamina. These physical strength and stamina is required so that yo can engage in meditations for long period of time. You should practice under a yogi. Nepal Yoga Home, a pioneer yoga retreat in Kathmandu, offers best yoga class in Kathmandu. Read on to find out the benefits of yoga as well as why we have the best yoga class in Kathmandu.

Due to outstanding performance and spiritual life-changing environment to offer, Nepal Yoga Home has the best yoga class in Kathmandu. Yoga aspirants from all around the world flock to yoga class in Kathmandu. It offers various courses ranging from beginners level yoga class to the advanced level yoga class. This yoga studio in Nepal is run by the yogis. The yogis of Nepal yoga home are dedicated to spread the benefits of yoga all round the world. We will teach you what is the main consideration for a human being. It is necessary to have a harmonious life. It provides the proper art of living methods and techniques. In this yoga class in Kathmandu, you can rejuvenate your physical body as well as calm your mental states. The best part is that this yoga class in Kathmandu is just five kilometers from the main city center.

yoga class in kathmandu

 4 Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Yoga practice benefits the body

Through best yoga class in Kathmandu, you can make your body stronger, increase flexibility, perfect your posture and protect your spine. The practice of yoga increases your blood flow, ups your heart rate, drops your blood pressure and rejuvenates your body, mind and soul.

Yoga practice brings balance

Yoga brings balance in your body through thoughts, words and actions. It cultivates a deep experience of outer and inner balance so that the rhythm of your body matches and you feel peaceful. There is constant conflict between our inner soul and outer body. The yoga class in Kathmandu exactly fulfills this void and you will be able to lead your life peacefully.

Yoga practice invites mindfulness

In the yoga class in Kathmandu, we will teach you in a way that you will be able to know your self. Yoga is an important tool to know your-self. It teaches you to stay in the present moment. Yoga class in Kathmandu teaches you to accept yourself in the way you are. In addition to that, it helps you to focus and be mindful of the situation around you. Yoga relaxes your system and maintains your nervous system.

Yoga practice is freedom

First of all, you need to know that, Yoga is the way to to find freedom. You need to find that freedom from within. Yoga class in Kathmandu helps you to be brave so that you will be able to look within. It can help you change your life. In yoga, what you do to yourself matters, after a trial at yoga class in Kathmandu you will start feeling better. Also your self esteem is rejuvenated and you will experience your life in a whole new level.

yoga class in kathmandu

Experience Yoga at Best Yoga Class in Kathmandu

Nepal Yoga Home has been offering yoga class in Kathmandu since very long period of time. Apart from yoga training, Nepal Yoga Home also provides yoga teacher training from beginner level to advanced level. Other facilities for yoga and meditation in Nepal are also available in Nepal Yoga Home. In this article we will explore the three main reasons why yoga class in Kathmandu is best at Nepal Yoga Home.

Perfect Location and Yogic Food

Nepal Yoga home is situated in the enclosure of the Nagarjuna jungle. The Nagarjuna jungle is itself named after the enlightened monk. The closeness to the nature at yoga class in Kathmandu will hypnotize you to remain cool, calm and balanced. The local and organic foods is served during your stay. Nepal yoga home grows some of the vegetables themselves beside the hall. At yoga class in Kathmandu, you can experience the vegetarian and sattvic meal during your stay. Furthermore, the food is in highly sanitized condition and delicious to eat.

Affordable and Economic Fee with Welcoming Hospitality

Nepal Yoga Home is on a mission. The mission is to spread the benefits of yoga to all the people of the world. For this reason, the fee of yoga class in Kathmandu is affordable and economical. The course of yoga class in Kathmandu is not only low cost but also you can get well managed rooms. We have managed everything for you so that you can have a yogic lifestyle. Furthermore, the hospitality of the Nepali people is unquestionable. As a visitor and learner in yoga class in Kathmandu, you will get total respect. You can ask any sort of help that you require. The local language is Nepali but also English is widely spoken. You can ask for directions easily and people will always smile. Don’t forget to say, “Namaste”

Experienced and Professional Yogi as Teacher

Yoga class in Kathmandu has the experienced and affectionate teacher. They will also do their best to share idea and skill. The teaching style of yogis is also inspirational. In addition to that, you can get some really helpful insights so that your learning is useful. The manner of teaching is also eastern style at Nepal Yoga Home. In yoga class in Kathmandu, you can have the different flavors of learning experience. Each yogi will have a different style and you will get to learn from all of these.