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Best Yoga School in Kathmandu

Best Yoga School in Kathmandu

Best Yoga School in Kathmandu

Nepal Yoga Home is considered to be the best yoga school in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is a perfect yoga center for yoga teacher training, yoga retreat, and Ayurvedic courses. Many people from all over the world have got benefits of yoga here. It has a Wonderful history of the field. It is solely dedicated to spreading the holy yoga throughout the world and enhance the health situation and spiritual awakening of the people. It is the most successful and best yoga school in Kathmandu to share the yogic knowledge to the people of the world. As the school has been providing spiritual knowledge and yogic practice for a long time

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The main reasons why Nepal Yoga Home is the best yoga school in Kathmandu

  1. Nepal Yoga Home is only one “500-hour certified” yoga school in Nepal to be registered in US yoga alliance.
  2. It has an amazing team of highly experienced teachers. Each teacher is an expert in his field.
  3. Though it is in the capital city, you will find peace, greenery, and natural beauty since it is located next to the forest (Sivapuri-Nagarjuna Park), at the lap of the mountain.
  4. Since Nepal Yoga Home and International Airport both situated in Kathmandu, easy and near to reach here from the airport.
  5. This is only one school that graduates the highest number of students in Kathmandu and in Nepal. People from more than 100 countries come here to get yoga training, retreat, Ayurveda classes, etc.
  6. It follows the true principle of yoga also maintains the international standard. Many yoga schools in Nepal are good for the people at the local level, but Nepal Yoga Home offers the course for national and international students.

best yoga school in kathmandu

  1. Being far from your country, and a densely populated place, Kathmandu you will feel here warm hospitality as in family. You will get the members of this yoga school as your family members and close friends.
  2. Nepal Yoga Home has its own building. All the rooms have air-conditioning. It has a big rooftop with an amazing view of the Himalayas, Jungle, Kathmandu city, and village. It has a beautiful garden, open grassy space where you can pleasantly enjoy your free time, that is another reason why it is the best yoga school in Kathmandu.
  3. Comparing to the quality, of course, accommodation, food and hospitality, the cost is very reasonable. Maybe this is the most affordable school in Nepal along with the best possible facilities for an international student.
  4. Nepal Yoga Home runs the classes throughout the year.  Yoga teacher training course is conducted on 1stof every month.
  5. Nepal Yoga Home is the one and only one school which includes yoga in its holistic approach including yoga posture, meditation, breathing, philosophy, chanting, detox, Anatomy, and all the branches of yoga. There are different teachers to teach the varieties of yoga so it is consider as the best yoga school in kathmandu.
  6. This yoga school provides not only a specific or limited range of yoga but it has effective courses on verities sectors such as

You will get a long experienced teacher for each of the courses.

Spiritual guidelines and practices you get here will be proved to be most valuable in your life. The knowledge you learn from here guides you in every step of your life. Physical health, mental peace, and spiritual awakening are the basic aspect of the classes.  It is really a great opportunity to get such courses with learned teachers, in a naturally beautiful environment with a deeper practice to achieve the true essence of spirituality and yoga.

So, if you are searching for the best yoga school in Kathmandu, keep Nepal Yoga Home in your mind without any doubt and sign up here for YTT, retreat, and Ayurveda courses.

Why to Choose Yoga Alliance RYS ( Register Yoga School) for Yoga Coaching?

Why to Choose Yoga Alliance RYS ( Register Yoga School) for Yoga Coaching?

Why to choose Yoga Alliance RYS (Register Yoga School) for yoga coaching?

How much are you into looking for a yoga teacher training program which provides you the best coaching so that you could become a quality teacher in future? Are you searching for the best teacher training program that helps you to teach yoga all over the globe? You do not have to look further, Nepal Yoga Home, a register yoga school provides the best module for yoga coaching program. The yoga program is the best and suits you with your schedule which likewise, helps you to get the chance for education , empowerment and self-development in a similar pattern.

In addition to In-school yoga teaching training, adopting to the technology online yoga training is the core practice of the Nepal Yoga Home. The classes are easily accessible through the ZOOM at the morning as well as in the evening time. Likewise, the training provides an opportunity to meet with your favourite yoga teacher in the one to one mentoring sessions.

Perquisites of choosing Yoga Alliance RYS for yoga coaching

  • You will be a qualified coach to run classes all over the world.
  • Certificates are provided as perquisite of learning yoga.
  • You will be part of the bigger alliance by enrolling to the Yoga Alliance RYS ( Register Yoga School) for yoga coaching.
  • You will be healthy and hearty by joining the yoga class.
  • You will be able to deepen the asana and meditation poses.
  • You will be able to cleanse your chakras and levitate to the higher energy state.
  • You will be the part of the bigger group that means you will have larger family members.
  • You will be able to synchronize your energy to the positive direction and lead a blissful life ahead.
  • RYS is a global standard yoga teaching course which allows you to be the world-wide standard yoga teacher to teach the course.
  • The credentialed and trust of your teaching increases as the course is globally recognized (all over the world).
  • The person coming out of the register yoga school ( RYS) course are more experts, furthermore, they are part of globally certified alliance.
  • Likewise, you are able to join the universal teacher community by making your profile stronger.
  • You will be able to share the art of living with others.
  • Though you will learn in a group, nevertheless, you will have a chance to learn at your own pace without competing with any person.

Nepal Yoga Home a sweet abode for Yoga Alliance Register Training (RYT) course

The yoga coaching program offered by the Nepal Yoga Home allows you to engage with various individuals in a comprehensive way. The modules are adoptive and are highly flexible to commit to your training pathway, which ultimately fits with your needs. The combination of the online class with the one to one mentor session provides a unique opportunity to help to grow at your own pace and achieve your dreams.

Nepal Yoga Home (Register Yoga School) provides 3 types of classes which is registered with yoga alliance. Nepal yoga home is registered yoga school (RYS). The Yoga school provides ranges of courses including:

The Yoga coaching are a chance to participate in an extensive arrangement of restorative yoga intended to illuminate, prepare and rouse our understudies while offering a groundbreaking encounter which surpasses the business standard and least necessities set by Yoga Alliance. The program features the proof based examination supporting Yoga and explains the significant job this incredible treatment plays in living admirably, medical services today and the continuum of care (CAM).

The yoga treatment segments of this preparation depend on our forte preparing in the helpful use of yoga, the utilization of yoga as a complimentary medication, contextual investigation assistance, and patient consideration isn’t gotten from our status as a RYS with Yoga Alliance Registry. To ask about the virtual module preparing program design, contact underneath.

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Nepal Yoga Home: An Academy for Yoga Teacher’s Training

Nepal Yoga Home: An Academy for Yoga Teacher’s Training

Nepal Yoga Home: An Academy for Yoga Teacher’s Training | Yoga Academy in Nepal

Nepal Yoga Home is one of the best academics for Yoga Teacher’s Training in Nepal. It is internationally recognized and many people come here from different countries to learn yoga. The academic system of Nepal Yoga Home is in the international standard which has become comfortable for all the students throughout the world to learn yoga. Many students from various countries have been taking part in Yoga Teacher’s Training at Nepal Yoga Home. Normally 200 hours yoga teachers training and 500 hours yoga teachers training are being continued from some years.

The courses complete in 21 days and 30 days respectively. The classes run from the early morning to late evening. Lodging and food facilities are provided in the center. Nepal Yoga Home offers natural and organic food, free from harmful chemicals. It serves vegetarian and vegan food. If anyone desires non-veg food, then it tries to fulfill their demands from other sources.  Nepal Yoga Home is franchised with American Yoga Alliance. So students are internationally certified after the completion of the course. People are being benefitted in many ways form Yoga Teacher’s Training.

They learn how to keep self-healthy and alert. It has been observed that yoga learners at Nepal Yoga Home have improved themselves in their personal life as well.  Some of the students of Nepal Yoga Home make Yoga Teaching as a profession as they become expert in the course.  The Academy for yoga at Nepal Yoga Home is properly and carefully managed in the hygienic environment. The greenery of the forest has increased the beauty of this place. Thus, the mentality of the learner remains always fresh and conscious to learn in the depth. Anyone who learns at Nepal Yoga Home with faith and devotion becomes expert in yoga.

Nepal Yoga Home: A Studio for Yoga Teacher’s Training

Nepal Yoga Home: A Studio for Yoga Teacher’s Training

Nepal Yoga Home: A Studio for Yoga Teacher’s Training | Yoga Studio in Nepal

Nepal Yoga Home is the best studio for Yoga Teacher’s Training in Nepal. It has been conducting Yoga Teacher’s Training at Kathmandu. Nepal Yoga Home is like a family home and most favorite place to do Yoga Teacher’s Training in Nepal. It is a comfortable place to do yoga course for people all over the world. Students can find a friendly and harmonious environment to learn Yoga at Nepal Yoga Home. The studio provides the adaptable course for the basic level, intermediate level, and advanced level.

An unhealthy person can also take good benefit from Nepal Yoga Home by learning Therapeutic Yoga, Pranayama, Mudras, and meditation. Study of brief Ayurveda and diseases in course help the person to keep healthy for the self and other without a doctor and medical help. Students become aware of their body system through the study of anatomy and physiology in Yoga Teacher’s Training course. It helps them to understand the relation of yoga with each body organ.  Stepwise instructions are given for each and every posture.  Learning yoga in Nepal becomes fruitful due to effective teaching method. Nepal Yoga Home provides the best facility for practicing yoga.

The surrounding in this location is naturally clean. Mountainous forest i.e. Sivapuri-Nagarjuna national park is situated to the southern part. Nepal Yoga Home lies at a height from where students can enjoy the view of Kathmandu Valley.  As the studio is nearby forest, apart from the crowd, the air is always clean. One can enjoy real peace of nature in the environment of the studio.  The environment for Yoga Teacher’s Training in Nepal is fittest for all. The nature around this area is designed in such a way that everyone can easily enter in the field of yoga and spirituality.

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Nepal Yoga Home: A spiritual Ashram for yogic knowledge

Nepal Yoga Home: A spiritual Ashram for yogic knowledge

A spiritual Ashram for yogic knowledge | Authentic Yoga Ashram In Nepal: Nepal Yoga Home

Nepal Yoga Home is a heavenly Authentic Spiritual Ashram for Yogic knowledge with the yogic environment. The Ashram recalls the ancient yoga knowledge in this modern period. The secrets of old and Vedic scriptures have been again bewrayed. All the hidden knowledge of yoga is provided here theoretically and practically. The entire system of yoga is taught thoroughly over here. In fact, students are provided the key of yoga in the ashram through which they can discover many things in yoga with their own effort. The classes run from morning to late evening. Students are made practiced to live 24 hours being connected with yoga in Yoga Teacher’s Training in the ashram. In Nepal Yoga Home, the ancient tradition of austerity can be undergone in the beauty of nature. The cool and fresh environment of this location seems pleasing.  Both the surrounding and learning system is encouraging for the learners. The person who wants to enjoy yoga and meditation and get tranquility within the self, then Nepal Yoga Home can be the best place. The joyous practice of spiritual penance makes the practitioner feel blissful. Nepal Yoga Home is felicitous for the spiritual growth of the learners. Both the practical and theoretical approach of Yoga in the beautiful environment gives accelerated progress.  The Ashram offers the depth of knowledge on yoga through which people from many countries have been benefitted. The yoga philosophy can be practically experienced at Nepal Yoga Home. The group of expert teachers of Nepal Yoga Home gives a great guideline for the perfect practice of Yoga. Each student is personally guided for his/ her perfection. Nepal Yoga Home provides a great opportunity to be excellent in Yoga. As the Ashram is situated at the base of the mountainous forest, it can be the best opportunity to get the peaceful environment. one can enjoy authentic and traditional yoga retreat and Yoga Alliance accredited yoga training course in the ashram in his/her convenient time.

Nepal Yoga Home: A School for Yoga Teacher’s Training

Nepal Yoga Home: A School for Yoga Teacher’s Training

A School for Yoga Teacher’s Training | Provides Yoga Alliance accredited  Yoga Teacher Training

Nepal Yoga Home is one of the best school for Yoga Teacher’s Training in Nepal. It offers the varieties of Yoga courses for all level of people. Learning has become pleasing for the students due to the fresh and peaceful environment. ­­The greenery and purity of nature of this location encourage the learner more and more.  The healthy environment under the surveillance of experienced teacher makes the yoga learning more fruitful. The students from basic level to advance level can adjust at Nepal Yoga Home happily. It has been offering entire systems of yoga for many years.

Yoga class at Nepal Yoga Home offers the detailed knowledge of Yoga Shastra.   Learners from many countries come here to learn yoga. All the students have got maximum benefit from the Yoga Teacher’s Training at Kathmandu.  In the one month stay at Nepal Yoga Home, students do not learn only yoga but also understand the natural lifestyle. In the course of Yoga Teacher’s Training at Nepal Yoga Home, they learn the art of happy living, an art of self and personnel management as well as healthy food habit. Nepal Yoga Home creates the environment to generate healthy and disciplined living at the level of practical aspect.

The level of mind automatically transfers to positivity and reality as the result of disciplined yoga practice at Nepal Yoga Home.  The schooling system of Nepal Yoga Home is convenient for all level of people from basic to advance. The school is with a friendly environment that provides the yogic education step by step. The yoga course that is provided here gives benefit throughout the life to maintain self. Nepal Yoga Home not only gives the entire knowledge to make one-self healthy and energetic but also makes one able to be a yoga teacher and yoga instructor professionally.