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Nepal Yoga Home: An Academy for Yoga Teacher’s Training | Yoga Academy in Nepal

Nepal Yoga Home is one of the best academics for Yoga Teacher’s Training in Nepal. It is internationally recognized and many people come here from different countries to learn yoga. The academic system of Nepal Yoga Home is in the international standard which has become comfortable for all the students throughout the world to learn yoga. Many students from various countries have been taking part in Yoga Teacher’s Training at Nepal Yoga Home. Normally 200 hours yoga teachers training and 500 hours yoga teachers training are being continued from some years.

The courses complete in 21 days and 30 days respectively. The classes run from the early morning to late evening. Lodging and food facilities are provided in the center. Nepal Yoga Home offers natural and organic food, free from harmful chemicals. It serves vegetarian and vegan food. If anyone desires non-veg food, then it tries to fulfill their demands from other sources.  Nepal Yoga Home is franchised with American Yoga Alliance. So students are internationally certified after the completion of the course. People are being benefitted in many ways form Yoga Teacher’s Training.

They learn how to keep self-healthy and alert. It has been observed that yoga learners at Nepal Yoga Home have improved themselves in their personal life as well.  Some of the students of Nepal Yoga Home make Yoga Teaching as a profession as they become expert in the course.  The Academy for yoga at Nepal Yoga Home is properly and carefully managed in the hygienic environment. The greenery of the forest has increased the beauty of this place. Thus, the mentality of the learner remains always fresh and conscious to learn in the depth. Anyone who learns at Nepal Yoga Home with faith and devotion becomes expert in yoga.