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A School for Yoga Teacher’s Training | Provides Yoga Alliance accredited  Yoga Teacher Training

Nepal Yoga Home is one of the best school for Yoga Teacher’s Training in Nepal. It offers the varieties of Yoga courses for all level of people. Learning has become pleasing for the students due to the fresh and peaceful environment. ­­The greenery and purity of nature of this location encourage the learner more and more.  The healthy environment under the surveillance of experienced teacher makes the yoga learning more fruitful. The students from basic level to advance level can adjust at Nepal Yoga Home happily. It has been offering entire systems of yoga for many years.

Yoga class at Nepal Yoga Home offers the detailed knowledge of Yoga Shastra.   Learners from many countries come here to learn yoga. All the students have got maximum benefit from the Yoga Teacher’s Training at Kathmandu.  In the one month stay at Nepal Yoga Home, students do not learn only yoga but also understand the natural lifestyle. In the course of Yoga Teacher’s Training at Nepal Yoga Home, they learn the art of happy living, an art of self and personnel management as well as healthy food habit. Nepal Yoga Home creates the environment to generate healthy and disciplined living at the level of practical aspect.

The level of mind automatically transfers to positivity and reality as the result of disciplined yoga practice at Nepal Yoga Home.  The schooling system of Nepal Yoga Home is convenient for all level of people from basic to advance. The school is with a friendly environment that provides the yogic education step by step. The yoga course that is provided here gives benefit throughout the life to maintain self. Nepal Yoga Home not only gives the entire knowledge to make one-self healthy and energetic but also makes one able to be a yoga teacher and yoga instructor professionally.