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Ayurveda is an art of how we live. It is a lifestyle, truly a way of living. It explains every do’s and don’ts in our day to day life, in the form of Dinacharya, Ritucharya, Dharaniya vega, and Adharaniya vega and even more. Human beings have of the body with a machine-like pattern, where different mechanisms are being conducted every time. As a by-product of such mechanisms, various urges come to existence, which if suppressed can cause harmful effects on our body and may even lead to diseases.

Adharaniya derives from Sanskrit word ‘dharana’ which means to hold and the prefix ‘a’ means not to. ‘Vega’ translates to urges. Therefore, the urges of our body which we shan’t hold are simply known as Adharaniya vega.

13 Urges (Adharaniya Vega) Of Acharya Charaka

  • Urge for urination
  • Urge for defecation
  • Urge for seminal discharge
  • Urge for flatus
  • Urge for vomiting
  • Urge for sternutation or sneezing
  • Urge for eructation
  • Urge for pandiculation or yawning
  • Urge for hunger
  • Urge for thirst
  • Urge for lacrimation
  • Urge for sleep
  • Urge for deep breathing after exercise

Now, let us discuss the probable effect of suppression of a few urges that we often suppress as well as their management.

Types Of Adharaniya Vega And Its Management

1. Urge of Urination:

Suppression of this urge leads to pain in the pelvic region, the urethra and difficulty in urination. It might also lead to headache and pain in groins. We can manage this by oleation, massage and steaming, intake of ghee before meal and sleep and Vasti therapies.

2. Urge of Defecation:

Most of us might have this habit of suppressing our urge of defecation when we are at work or outside. If yes, we must have experienced pain in our lower abdomen, the fullness of abdomen, pain, and heaviness in upper thighs. Some might also have experienced faeces and flatus arrested inside following the suppression. To get rid of these, suppository, massage and steaming, Vata pacifying food and herbs are advised.

3. Urge For Seminal Discharge:

The reproductive juices are considered the most vital of all 7 tissues and its urge is not meant to be suppressed as per the Ayurveda classics. If suppressed, it leads to scrotal and penile pain, tiredness of body, pain in cardiac region, obstruction of urine and seminal vesical calculi. Massaging the local area, immersing the area into medicated decoction or oil, intake of alcohol, chicken meat, milk, Niruha vasti, and sexual intercourse are measures to manage the problems.

4. Urge For Flatus:

Due to hesitation or shame, people often suppress flatus, especially when in the crowd. But this can lead to obstruction of the same, urine and faeces, gaseous distension and pain in the abdomen. These problems can be managed by applying oil, steam and suppositories, Vata pacifying food, medicines, and vasti therapy.

5. Urge For Vomiting:

Controlling the vomiting urge can lead to itching in the skin, eruptions and other skin problems, loss of appetite, fever, anemia, and swelling like problems. Though each of these problems may need to be addressed separately, emesis after food intake, medicated smoke, fasting or light foods intake, bloodletting, exercise, and virechana are said to manage them in general.

6. Urge For Sleep:

Suppression of urge for sleep may lead to yawning, fatigue, body pain, headache, heaviness in eyes. These can be managed by a good oil massage to head and sleep.

7. Urge For Hunger:

Not eating when hungry can result in emaciated body, weakness, uneven skin tone, and complexion, pain in body parts, anorexia and dizziness which can be possibly managed by taking warm, light and unctuous food.