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Yoga Therapy  for Tonsillitis and Adenoids

Tonsils are situated in the throat on either side of the uvula which is made of fleshy masses. The main function of tonsils is to stop bacteria and virus which tend to enter into the throat and lungs while breathing in. Especially, the immune cells of the tonsils produce the protein called antibodies which help to kill the germs.  When any inflammation and swelling occurs in the tonsils, it appears to be tonsillitis.

Tonsillitis produces dysphagia which is the signs of having difficulty whereas Adenoids blocks the nose and arises the difficulty to breathe which makes one breath through the mouth resulting mild discomfort for hearing. The tonsils become red, enlarged. The tendency of the tonsillitis is that it starts with a sudden sore throat and painful swallowing.  Adenoids, also the part of the immune system, hang from the upper part of the back of the nasal cavity.

It is not possible to see adenoids by ourselves as it is situated far back which can be seen using the light or some medical instruments. Similar to the tonsils, the adenoids, having contained the cells and antibodies of the immune system, also help to halt the entrance of germs inside the body especially from the lung infection. It also affects the sense of taste and brain function to some extent. Indeed, the effect of tonsils and adenoids is found high in the childhood.

As the age passes in most of the cases one is found not having the adenoids as they disappear. When one suffers from tonsillitis, the practice of removing these parts of the body have been much common in the West which has been reported that it doesn’t comprehensively alter the effect on the system of the body. In spite of its removal, it is said that there is no such case of losing the immunity and ability to fight against the infections.

Both tonsillitis and adenoids work as the defense mechanism for any bacteria or germ entering into the body. They try to protect the body from an entrance of any unessential bacteria which cause harm in the body, especially in the mouth, throat, and sinuses. In this way, they form the antibodies to enhance the immunity of the body.

Signs and Symptoms

  1. It creates the moderate difficulty in hearing.
  2. During sleep the snoring becomes loud.
  3. The difficulty of breathing through the nose will be difficult which makes one breath through the mouth.
  4. Tonsils get swelled and it’s painful while swallowing.
  5. The tonsils may change their natural color.
  6. Fever, headache, cough and nasal cold may be experienced.
  7. One feels tiredness and nausea.
  8. Pus also may appear as white spots on the enlarged tonsil.
  9. Scratchy-sounding voice and foul breath.
  10. Tenderness in jaw and neck, stomach pain.

Cause of Tonsillitis

It is mainly caused by a virus of the common cold, bacterial infection, the one of the major bacteria to attack in the tonsil region is strep bacteria which occurs in the throat. As one has close contact in one’s workplace and journey, one is exposed to the virus and bacteria which makes one vulnerable to the germs that cause tonsillitis. It happens when one is suffering from other physical issues such wound, fever or imbalance in the body.

Indeed, the tonsillitis is regarded as the indicator or radar of any problem which may appear on your health. It also occurs because of seasonal change. Tonsillitis occurs mostly with the children. Nevertheless, it also can be found in adult or grown-up people. The nature of tonsillitis can be recurrent to some people including the chronic type and acute to others.

Yogic Treatment and Regulations for  tonsillitis and Adenoids

Plenty of rest is needed for relieving from tonsillitis. By drinking lots of fluids and gargling with warm water several times in a day is also very good action to be applied for the better result. It is always advisable to avoid smoke in the case of tonsillitis. As it is contagious, one is recommended to stay away from the people with the active infection.

Coffee, meat, ice cream, very cold food, tobacco, and hot stuff should be eschewed. However, cow’s milk and green leafy vegetables can be taken. Furthermore, the use of turmeric powder can be the best way to heal the issue of tonsillitis. The consumption of carrot juice once in a day or twice mixing with the two spoon of honey and a spoonful of ginger also work for the tonsil relief. Also the use of cloves of garlic for gargling work for the cure of tonsillitis.










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