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Pranic Healing: a process to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy

Our body is balanced by the energy which it has. If the energy becomes less than necessary for our body, our body starts to be sick. If we can heal by sending energy into our body, we can definitely become healthy again. This kind of healing system is called pranic healing. Prana means life force in the Sanskrit language which is the energy of our body that we cannot see but that force of life has the important role in our life. This energy vitalizes our body. Pranic healing system has been founded by the Grand Master Choa Kok Sui form the Philippines, Chinese descendant.

It is believed that our body has the power to heal every disease if it can receive the power of the divine. If some master sends the energy to our body without touching our body, our body starts to receive that and begins to work for healing. Our body has the bio-energy and that can be found all around us everywhere. This is the energy which can give us the life force to live. The life force is the force which can help us to be healthy without any side effect.

We are surrounded by the life energy. All there is energy throughout the world but we cannot receive the energy because our body is blockaded by the different things. If someone sends us the energy, we can get the energy by the person’s force or effort. Prana balances the energy of our body. It harmonizes our aura of the body by transferring the energy in our body. In most of the old tradition, there can be seen some kind of healing techniques through the energy. We all have the energy field around our body. If our energy field becomes negative, we become ill. If we can make the energy field positive, we can be healthy again. We have our energy body also with our physical body, which cannot be seen. That energy body can affect our physical body. Yoga, pranayama, and meditation can purify our energy body likewise pranic healing cleanses our negative energy from our energy body and helps us to be completely healthy naturally.

Pranic healing is the part of spiritual healing. If we go through the way of spiritual power, healing is also a part of that force. When we attain enlightenment, we can achieve many types of perfection in several fields. The perfect yogi can heal the diseases of the human body. Pranic healing is also a part of natural healing. In natural healing, we don’t use any medicine to heal diseases. Yoga therapy, mud therapy, water therapy, spiritual therapy and pranic therapy etc are included in the category of natural healing. Natural and spiritual healing was very famous in the ancient time but Grand Master Choa Kok Sui developed this newly formed special pranic healing in the modern age and he taught how to heal the human body to his disciples and this therapy begun to be spread.

In pranic healing, the healer harmonizes the energy of the sick person. He balances all the energy and aura of the sick people. We become sick by the lack of energy in our spiritual body, if we can send the energy to that gap of the energy, we can completely be healed. Science also defines that the energy cannot be created nor destroyed but it can be transferred one form to another. So, the healer should be powerful by his or her spiritual level to be a good healer.

When the bad energy becomes powerful in our spiritual body, we become seek. If we can replace that negative energy by the positive energy, our body itself heals our body. So, the healer should be more powerful to send the positive power to the sick people.

The negative energy can create mental and physical sickness in our body. Bad energy can create the problem in the relationship with our partner and friends. If we can be positive energy with us, we can be free from all kinds of problems in our life. Pranic healing is not only the healing of the sickness but it can change our lifestyle and thinking pattern. We can learn how to make our aura positive. How aura can play the role in our body to be healthy and happy.

As we all know that our body has seven chakras, the centers of the energy flow. Our chakras can take the energy both positive and negative. So, if chakras become negative, we can be ill. The illness depends upon which chakra becomes negative. If we heal by sending the healing energy to our body, our particular chakra receives that healing energy and helps to heal the disease we have.

Prana is the factor that can differentiate between living and non-living body. There is the prana in our body until it is living and the prana comes out from the body when we die. So, the energy has the great role to keep the person alive. If the prana receives the positive energy, we become so active and healthy but if the prana takes negative energy in it, our body starts to show the symptoms of the diseases.

Prana is the vital part of our body so we have to make it live and positive. Parna itself is the neutral force but if our surrounding aura is negative, the prana also becomes negative to deal with our body. So, we have to be careful to make our aura positive. If we become ill, we can be healed by the pranic healing.

There is a saying that prevention is better than cure. Now, we know the energy system of our body and we can make our aura positive by doing yoga, pranayama, and meditation. We can make our aura positive by thinking positive, being optimistic and being thankfulness to the situation of our life. We can be grateful to the people who are with us and help us to go ahead.

There are different healing therapies in the world. Among them, this pranic healing is also the part of spiritual and natural therapy. prana is the living force of our body, and without prana, our body can’t be lived. So, we have to think about the prana. We have to make our prana clean to be happy and healthy, to be free from the mental and physical diseases.

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