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Past Life Regression Meditation, a Higher-Level Meditation

Past life regression meditation is a higher-level meditation which brings to your subconscious mind reveals all the realities of life. The purpose of past-life regression meditation is to take a person in a trance state. In the trance state, a person can go to many past lives. It is totally a guided meditation by a very experienced master who has a higher level of knowledge about past life and spiritual realm.

Our subconscious mind has the memory of many past life events and if one can reach in the trans state he or she can tell everything about the past life, in-between life and many more in the instruction of a master. Past life regression meditation is done for entering a person into past lives in past life therapy. Past life therapy is a psychological therapy which can heal many physical, mental, emotional and psychological diseases.

When all the techniques of healing for the mental break down fails, then there may be a hope of past life regression therapy. Past life regression therapy enables a person to reach to the cause of the problem and make us understand the exact cause of the problem and give us the real solution.

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It will not affect what do you believe about past life for past life regression meditation. It is not the concern in past life regression meditation whether you believe about past lives or not. Past life is an unavoidable part of our life. Sometimes, the reason of our physical or mental problem lies in our past life and nothing can heal us, nothing can improve the symptoms of our problem because the reason of the problem is not in our seeing world. In that situation, past life regression meditation can be the only solution.

Real meaning of regression means to go back to the time of the past. In the past life regression meditation, the guide brings a person to the memory of your past events when you were 5 years old, 2 years old, 1 year old, into the womb of the mother, and even the past lifetime, the memory is totally forgotten by a person but in the trance state the person can tell all the details as he is in that past lifetime. the person sees every event of the past life likewise he is watching the cinema.

Reality is that our soul travels through different lifetimes and evolves in the higher level. The soul is the real being which is totally different from our body and mind. Soul remains forever in the universe. Nothing is permanent in this world but soul. Soul wants to go to a higher level and experience different lives. The soul experiences the events but doesn’t attach to the events. Our mind attaches so much that it doesn’t want to leave the body where soul lies.

Travel to our past

Understanding is the higher level of healing. When our subconscious mind understands the reason for the problem, the problem no more exists. The Process of Past life regression meditation is the medium to make understood our subconscious mind about the reason for the problem.

Past life regression meditation is the time travel to our past lives. We can reach many years ago by the meditation. We were somewhere before we were born, and we will be somewhere after our death. It is not logical to say that we come from the unknown and we will go to the unknown. Many scientific types of research have been proved that there is the existence of the soul.

There is a book named Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss. In the book, the writer has given every detail about past life regression and past life therapy. The nutshell of the book is that how the acute mental problem of a lady which was not healed by different efforts from the medical science, healed by past life regression meditation.

Law of Karma

Law of karma is so powerful. According to the law of karma, our past lives can affect our present life. The law of karma makes us understand the knowledge of living sincerely in this world. If we understand the fact that the karma can be paid, we become free from that karma. Past life regression meditation helps us to understand the real knowledge about the event which is the actual reason for the problem.

Benefits of Past life regression

Past life meditation has a lot of benefits. It is also a very effective way to start our journey to spirituality because we travel to the different spiritual realm during our past life regression meditation. We can understand that there is the higher level of the realm in this universe than this earth. The benefits of past life regression therapy are as follows:

  1. It maintains our health.
  2. It improves our relationship with our friends and relatives.
  3. Past life regression meditation enables us to know the meaning and purpose of life.
  4. It can be very helpful to be rid of the stress and depression.
  5. Past life regression can eliminate all the mental discomforts and confusions about life.
  6. It can give us a new insight into our life.
  7. It brings us into deep relaxation and gives us great relief in our life.
  8. Past life regression meditation can remove all the traumas of our mind.
  9. Past life regression meditation gives us the real satisfaction.
  10. It controls our excessive emotional behavior.
  11. Past life regression meditation can heal our sub-conscious mind.
  12. It can heal the psychological problems having the root in our childhood.
  13. Past life regression meditation can heal anxiety and fear about unknown.
  14. Heal most of the phobias.
  15. Can be best solution for the problem of decision making.
  16. Can Uplift one step ahead of our spiritual journey.
  17. Increase the self-stem and the power of self-love.
  18. Bring us to the way of independence and interdependence.
  19. Give us the real pleasure in our life.
  20. It can become the powerful inspiration to quit the smoking and other addiction.
  21. Help us to understand the concept of the soul.
  22. It can help us to understand the metaphysical world and its reality.