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15 benefits of aerobic exercise

High to low-intensity physical workout in the presence of oxygen is called aerobic exercise. Generally, people know it as cardio. You can call any workout aerobic if it uses a large portion of muscles in your body and increases the oxygen consumption as well as the heart rate. Swimming, cycling, playing football, running, walking, boxing are some of the examples of aerobic exercise. There is a vast amount of exercise that hits different muscles and have different benefits to your body. Following are the 15 benefits of Aerobic workout:

  • Healthy heart

Unhealthy cholesterol, body fat can make your heart weak, and a weak heart is the source of various problems. It is a proven fact that aerobic exercise can make your heart healthier. It enables your heart to pump the blood throughout the body more efficiently. Heart pumping Aerobic workout 30 to 40 minutes, 3-4 times a week can do wonders to your heart.

  • Reduced body fat

One of the major benefits of aerobic exercise is reduced body fat. High-intensity Aerobic workout can magically disappear your body fat. It can bring out the beautiful you surrounded by the layers and layers of those unhealthy fats. If you want to be healthy as well as good looking aerobic is your answer.

  • Aerobic exercise balanced blood pressure

It is the force exerted by the blood in the veins by the pumping action of the heart. Irregular blood pressure can be severely dangerous. It can even damage other organs of the body if unchecked and ignored. One of the major benefits of aerobic exercise is that it maintains your blood pressure. A healthy heart and balanced blood pressure isn’t Aerobic workout just wonderful.

  • Better sleep

Aerobic exercise is a raw physical movement and it uses most of the muscles in your body. When you use your body to its limits out body responds with better rest and better sleep. The workout just before sleep may hinder your sleep but before a few hours ahead of sleep can aid your sleep a lot.

  • Accessible to all

You don’t need access to a gym, your own personal trainer, or some fitness expert for doing aerobic exercise. If you are super busy or have limited space then you can perform some aerobic exercise. Just get yourself a few spaces and start pumping your heart.

  • Relieves tension and stress

Work stress, study, relation problems can store a lot of tension in your body. When you cannot take out that stress for too long it psychologically starts affecting you. A physical workout can relieve you out of that tension. By working out you channel your stress and frustration out of your body for good.

  • Healthy skin

Aerobic exercise helps to circulate blood around your body more efficiently. Firstly, the improved blood circulation circulates minerals and nutrients throughout the body which makes skin healthy. Furthermore, sweating can get rid of bacteria, dirt, and oils out of your skin. It also balances the ph. level of your skin.

  • Balances your appetite

An unhealthy lifestyle can also affect your appetite. Fat covered body and a lazy lifestyle increase your appetite for oily and unhealthy food. Aerobic exercise can control your appetite and also encourages you to look for a healthier diet.

  • Healthy brain

Several neurological studies have shown that aerobic exercises increase brain function, improves memory. A short 3-4 times a week activity can help your brain permanently. Exercise gives good night sleep and it keeps the brain healthy.

  • Improved metabolism

One of the most noticeable benefits of aerobic exercise is increased metabolism in your body. The more intense aerobic workout better the metabolism and vice-versa. Some trainers even claim that after a good exercise session, it increases the metabolism while suppressing your appetite for hours.

  • Aerobic Exercise for Healthy bones

Bones provide a rigid shape to our body and are present from our head to toe so keeping a healthy bone is a must. Aerobic workout puts a good weight and pressure on your bones while the body responds with higher bone density. This process results in the healthier and stronger bone.

  • Maintained muscle mass

Like the bones, muscles are all over our bodies. The workout puts the strain in the muscles and the body responds with increased muscle mass. This results in bigger and increased muscle density. According to the experts, we lose muscles after we start to age so keeping your muscle density higher by workout is a must.

  • Improved mood

Aerobic workout initiates a process of releasing endorphins in your body. The function of endorphin is to relieve stress, improve mood, and make you happier. So when you do aerobic exercise you will feel very good.

  • Active body

Aerobic exercise increases your mobility and makes your body active. Even in old age, the workout will keep your body well-toned and very mobile compared to the non-working out counterparts. You can also look younger than you are.

  • Long life

Everybody wants to live a long life. In my opinion, the most important reason you won’t do aerobic exercise is that you want to live a longer life. Every living organism is biologically wired to want to live a long life the Aerobic workout can grant it.

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