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One Asana Hack : One asana every day can change your life

This article is focused on one asana hack in our life. One asana hack describes that doing only one asana every day can change our life. In Yoga Philosophy, Asana is the third Organ out of eight organs. It is said that there are as many asanas as the creatures of the universe. In the Universe, as per Hindu Philosophy, there are 84,00,000 creatures. But eighty-four asanas are the major. It means there are eighty-four ways to modify the body towards enlightenment through the practice of asana. According to one asana hack, it is not necessary to perform all these 84 asanas, only one asana is sufficient.

If a person practices just an asana correctly throughout the life, he achieves perfection. But a thoughtful mind wants the reason why only one asana is given importance. Sadguru says- if you just learn to sit correctly, move correctly, learn to keep the body in a right manner then you can know all the things in the universe that are needed to be known. This is the state of Asana Siddhi. Ancient yoga system states -If you can stay in any asana for 3 hours 36 minutes easily being absolutely comfortable (in a stable manner without movement), this is asana siddhi. However, Sadaguru has reduced its time limit to 2.5 hours.

If a person can achieve this accomplished stage of asana, then you can know everything within you whatever you want to know. But how this is possible! Only through sitting how one can learn everything within self which are necessary to be known! Let’s give an example of the TV set. If you fix the antenna correctly, TV discloses everything. The entire world can be known within your home via inside TV. If the antenna is not fixed correctly then TV can do nothing though it has the capacity to broadcast everything. Human beings are also like a TV set.

What a man is right now- he is so, due to experience and knowledge that he has acquired in his life. Whatever you are at present- it is the accumulation of your past experience and perception of your life. You become so as per your understanding of your life. In future as well, you will be delineated as per your realization. Whatever you know, understand and feel in your life, perception towards life; these make you what you are today. The whole system of yoga deals with promoting your perception. Yoga enhances the unlimited angle of perception towards the life.

If you stay in an asana in a right way, if your alignment is correct, and if it matches with universal geometry then you will be linked with the infinite knowledge. If a person practices these major 84 asanas; or becomes accomplished in any one asana and reaches in the rest 83 asanas then he will know everything that has happened in the creation till now because the memory of these all things is hidden within the human body.  This hidden memory and wisdom can be activated through the right alignment of yoga as asana gets contact with the universal knowledge.

Yoga asana is the powerful medium for unification. Yoga means to unite. It means plural has become a singular, or duality changed into the singularity. Basically, there are only two existences- you and rest other. You recognize other existence as that, this, they, those, these etc. You have only two dimensions of experiences. You do not know what is there up and down of this universe. You do not know what is there front and back of you.

In fact, you know nothing about it. These all things that you feel to be known are just made for our comfort. The dimensions of two experiences are inside and outside. The purpose of yoga is to connect these two- you and rest of all. When there are you and no other, then there is only you and you. This is what the Yoga is. Asana is the physical medium to reach in this supreme singular phase. It is the easiest to work with the body.

If you try to work with the mind then it will unsettle and interrupt you in various ways. It has illusionary nature. You cannot get its language easily.  You cannot know whether the mind is doing right or wrong. You can know regarding body at least it is doing right or wrong. You can identify whether it is helping or not. But if you try to engage with your mind then it will wander you in different ways. It makes you believe wrong things, and next day it deceives you. But the body does not do so.

Thus, you can believe your body. If you work on it with understanding, it definitely takes you towards supreme oneness. During the practice of yoga pose with correct alignment first, it gives you good health, happiness, bliss, and balance; then gradually it links with higher consciousness. The modern science has neglected the importance of balance. The balance is very important in both sectors spiritual and physical world. One can never be successful unless he possesses a balance.  The practice of asana is the easiest way to bring the balance.

One asana hack suggests all the people sit in the right alignment, move with right alignment, rest the body in a right alignment. Sitting on a correct posture is also a type of asana, moving the body correctly is also an asana. Thus, people should always be aware of the body, alert on the body so that body never remains in the wrong alignment. It is a great austerity for the accomplishment. As the body starts being corrected mind also keeps becoming correct.

We cannot directly work with the mind. Body posture, its movement, and breaths etc. are only the medium to reach to the mind.  To accelerate the progress on the yogic path- practice to breath consciously whenever you have time. In other words- be conscious of the incoming and outgoing breath. Accordingly observe your body frequently whether it is incorrect posture or not. Try not to change your posture during meditation at least for 2.5 hours. Keep practicing. Your each and every practice is an investment. The practice of yoga is the right use of time.