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11 fear management strategy

If you are feeling intense fear then you might feel that the cycle of fearful thoughts will never stop. There are many psychological study happened in the past and still novel methods are being developed and still psychology researchers are trying to study fear and anxiety in depth. One of the prominent psychology researchers has come up with the findings that fear peak at 120 seconds on average. After feeling of the intense fear for 120 seconds, the feeling starts to subdue. here we dive on different fear management techniques.

There are many theories of behind fear. Many says that feeling fear is bad to health; however, at sometimes it is important to face the tough and arduous situations. The most important aspect is to think of fear management instead of thinking about the fear constantly. Other aspects include thinking that fear is normal and accepting as a part of our life. Instead of pushing the fear away, we should embrace and come out as a dauntless by overcoming them strategically. In this article we will delve into 11 fear management strategies.

1. Why are you thinking such, ask yourself?

Many times, negative thoughts are sporadic and not premeditated. The stimulus might evoke the negativity, which is deep rooted in their mind, which can also distort your comfortableness. There are different ways to cope up with such circumstances. One of them is to ask yourself: Does these thoughts benefit you? Another way to challenge such thoughts. Using such techniques can be a powerful fear management strategy.

 2. Mindful breathing techniques

Another way of fear management is practicing mindful breathing techniques. There are different types of yoga that concentrates on following breathe. Practicing mindful breathing techniques like counting the number of breathe can be handy for fear management.  Furthermore, affirming some powerful thoughts like, I am a fearless being, can help relieve fear.

3. Smelling aromatic stuffs

Many consider using aroma of flowers, sandal woods, chamomile, candle, sweets can not only be peaceful but also a good way for fear management. Moreover, scientifically, aromatherapy help to activate receptors of brain that helps to relieve anxiety.

4. Doing workouts

Doing workouts can be useful in many instances, similarly, in case of fear management also it is very handy. While doing workout you become body conscious which will take your focus away from mind and subdue anxiety.

5. Walk for few minutes, if you can run

Jogging, walking and running helps you to drain out the sweat from body. Secondly, along with sweats, some of the toxic substances are also purged out. Moreover, these releasing of sweats and toxic elements from body release happiness hormones.

 6. Jot down what is coming into your mind

Jotting down what is constantly evolving in your mind helps you to declutter the thoughts that has been hampering you since long.

7. Recognize the grudges and other causation is a very good way for fear management

There are many instances when we do not know how to do fear management. However, there are many ways to identify such causation. For that, you need to go inward, which ultimately helps for fear management. The root canaling is the prerequisite to deal with such situation.

8. Identify the external factors that trigger the cause

Many factors triggers the grudges, these are called stimulus. These stimulus needs to be managed properly. Some triggers are drinks such as caffeine, alcohol, and smoking. These stimuli must be identified and dealt for fear management.

9. Meditation

Practicing meditation can be useful in many instances. Initially, it might be anything but easy to practice; however, practicing for longer period will ultimately keep your fear and anxiety at bay.

10. Eat healthy diets

Eating healthy diets can be useful for stress management, fear and anxiety. Likewise, incorporating some of the supplements diet can also be useful. The supplementary diet includes kiwi, hot lemon, green tea, dark chocolate, avocado, vitamin B12, ashwagandha etc.

11. Living Spartan life

Sometimes financial trouble can also be one of the reasons to trigger fear in human beings. Those fears can be subdued by doing hard work or starting to live a Spartan life. Thus fear management is achieved.