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Hand Reflexology- The Way To Cure Diseases By Pressing On Hand

In hand reflexology, pressure may apply to various reflex points on the hands and forearms to stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms. According to popular belief, these points correspond to different body parts, and massaging these points can help relieve symptoms in other parts of the body and the one where the massage may perform.

A small amount of research may support the benefits of hand reflexology, but the findings are promising. Many of the studies you may conduct to investigate its effects have been small and inconsistent in their results.

However, these studies discovered no evidence of any risks or adverse health effects associated with the practice of hand reflexology (although pregnant women should avoid it, as explained below). Individuals who have tried it and experienced relief have provided much anecdotal evidence to support this claim. Before to dive into the hand reflexology, you can see what is reflexology and come back to this article which make you easy to understand this article.

What is the purpose of hand reflexology?

You may find more information on the science behind hand reflexology in the following sections and some common pressure points that you can try out for yourself.

For anxiety

According to 2017 research, hand reflexology may assist those about to undergo coronary angiography to feel more peaceful and at ease before the operation (a minimally invasive procedure that helps diagnose heart conditions). It may find that those who received hand reflexology or a simple hand massage before going through with the system experienced less stress during the procedure.

Reduce anxiety symptoms by applying pressure to the Heart 7 (HT7) point on the body. On the outside of your hand, right below the crease of your wrist, you will find this structure. In this location, you should feel a minor dent or ding. Massage this area for one minute with both hands on each side of the body.

For constipation

Constipation may cause by a variety of factors, both physical and emotional. Reflexology can help with both of these issues. According to the research of a small study done in 2010, 94 percent of participants reported experiencing more minor constipation symptoms following six weeks of hand reflexology.

According to the research, several of them also reported reduced emotions of anxiety and despair, suggesting that hand reflexology may be especially effective for stress-related constipation. However, since there were only 19 participants, more large-scale studies may need to confirm the findings.

Beginning with your Large Intestine 4 (LI4) pressure point, locate the pressure point on your stomach. It is located on your right hand, between your thumb and index finger, between your thumb and index finger. Utilize your fingers to push on this fleshy webbing on your right hand for one minute to deliver sustained pressure to it.

With your left hand, repeat the procedure as before. Many patients believe that this pressure point is an excellent focus for pain treatment and overall pain relief.

For headaches

Hand Reflexology may effectively treat headaches, especially if the headaches are brought on by stress or concern. According to a study released in 2015, Hand reflexology may effectively treat headaches. After six months of therapy, more than half of the participants reported decreasing their symptoms, indicating effective treatment.

About a tenth was able to eliminate their headaches, and nearly a quarter could completely discontinue taking headache medication altogether. Attempt to use the same LI4 pressure point that you may mention previously. The fleshy region may massage and squeeze, particularly to any sore or uncomfortable spots.

If the Pericardium 6 (P6) site does not work for you, you may want to try another one. This tendon may be located a few inches below the wrist crease, between the other two tendons, and is the longest of the three. One minute at a time, gently massage this place with both hands. Repeat as necessary.

Final Thought

According to some experts, hand reflexology may be a helpful way of reducing sensations of discomfort and tension in the hands. However, remember that most of the benefits of hand reflexology may not back up by scientific research. You may do massage with your own hands. However, it will be relaxing.

According to some research, stress reduction and keeping a calm state of mind may aid in the performance of your immune system. Moreover, you will almost certainly feel better because of it. If your symptoms seem to worsen, adhere to any ongoing treatment plans given by your doctor and abstain from putting pressure on the affected area.