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Program of Art of living in Nepal | The Way of Art of Right living


The art of living in the global name in the field of yoga and meditation. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar founded the organization in early 1981 A.D with the effort to uplift humanity and help people in the educational and humanitarian sectors. The organization is involved in the stress-management that is plaguing people for ages and various other service-oriented initiatives. The organization has successfully taken its wings to more than 156 countries and have helped more than 370 million peoples worldwide. The art of living has its centers in Nepal too. In the name of Art of Living Nepal, the NGO is offering various humanitarian services.

Programs offered by the Art of Living Nepal

The art of living in Nepal runs with moral support from the Sri Sri Ravishankar. His philosophies guide all the centers located in the nooks and corners of Nepal through the various programs offered by the Art of Living Nepal. It includes stress-management programs through self-realization and practicing breathing techniques like Swadarsan Kriya, other forms of yoga, and meditation. The stress-management program has offered assistance to hundred-thousands of people in Nepal to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and other various forms of mental illness.

The Art of Living Nepal is successfully running various movements to spread peace to Nepalese communities through numerous plans and projects like conflict resolution, disaster relief, women empowerment, rehabilitation of the prisoners, education for all campaign, and sustainable environment campaigns.


Art of Living Nepal and the Art of Living India are the members of some of the top-notch organization including CONGO(Conference of NGOs in Consultative Status with ECOSOC of the United Nations), Geneva and New York

    International Alliance against Hunger

    UN Mental Health Committee and UN Committee on Aging, New York

    International Union for Health Promotion and Education, Paris

    NGO Forum for Health, Geneva

Art of Living Nepal helps you to get out of the misery

Practicing the art of living yoga helps you to get off the miseries that plague you inside out. The core cause of being unhappy or being restless is the lack of a positive attitude in your life. The art of living helps you to cultivate a positive attitude and upspring the happiness from inside which gets reflected in your life. The stress that plagues you, the anxiety that bogs you down starts to deplete by practicing the Art of Living Yoga. Equanimity springs up in your life after you practice this course of right living.

Art of Living Nepal helps you to cultivate new skills 

Yoga helps to cultivate skills that someone does not possess. Sanskrit skill is called Yogyata. By practicing Yoga, Yogyata increases. The more you practice yoga the life becomes easier and you feel less misery therefore you can divert your spare time to learning new skills and practice them to hone your skills.

Art of living yoga takes you towards perfection

The yoga that the art of living offers takes you towards perfection. The nature of a human being is to march towards perfection. The aim of moving higher comes into reality when we move towards the positive paths. The less the wavering the mind becomes the more we march towards the positive paths that bring peace, joy, and happiness, and most importantly the perfection in life.

Nepal yoga home—a suitable place to learn Art of Living in Nepal

Many Nepali gurus help you to learn the art of right living in Nepal. The teachings offered by them help you to learn different meditation techniques, yoga asana that can mold your life in a positive direction. Nepal Yoga home is the perfect yoga home to learn the art of living in Nepal. Nepali authentic gurus help you to learn the art of right living in the easiest way possible. Through their teaching, you could enjoy the bliss of nature, fill your life with peace, love, and happiness, and cultivate new skills.