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The reasons can be numerous when the visit to Nepal comes in mind. More than ever in the history of human civilization has yoga been as fascinating and curious subject of study and learning as it has been in the recent years. With such highly growing field of study and learning, even the holidays have been prepared to learn and get idea on yoga. In such perspectives of Yoga and its’ booming scenario, Yoga Holiday has been the search of many travelers.

Along with their other interested list of planning, Yoga also has been included too much extent. Seeing such situation of yoga, it has been the part of holiday. Nepal being the very origin of Yoga can be the most amazing and unbelievable experience and visit as Yoga Holiday.

Yoga is inherited in Nepal

On the blessed berth of Himalayas and wonderful lands of natural lakes, flora and fauna would enthrall you during your yoga holiday in Nepal. A person with yogic aspiration wondering to find the best place for the yoga holiday should not miss an opportunity to visit Nepal, the piece of heaven in the earth. Yoga awakens and enlarges our inner core and inner self leading us to introspect our own reality.

Having said that, the environment also would inspire us to take on the journey of self-inquiry, Nepal can be one of the best choices to heal your heart and head with harmonious atmosphere. Even if one doesn’t want to engage and work pedagogical part of yoga, the visit and arrival into this part of the world would enthuse and embrace one to move further in the yogic path of life.

The eight highest mountains out of top ten are endowed to Nepal by the grace of nature. The view of glittering snow-capped mountains would engross one completely. Along with the yoga experience in the precinct of authentic teachers, one can feel the magnitude and aura of this divine made auspicious by many yogis and yogins. Nepal indeed is the place for penance for many yoga practitioners. The vibration of those yogis works in favour of our path to realize our own self.

Real Experience of Yogic World

For deeper understanding and experience of what yoga means, Yoga Holiday in Nepal would be the cent percent justifiable choice. The arrival into this holy land, one would feel oneself very close to the self. The smile of the people welcome you everywhere you go. Even though they have traits like general human beings, they would always try to smile when they see you. The smile you receive has no any selfish motif hidden.

It’s just flawless and innocent expression of their big heart for the guest and people who visit this sacred country. To receive the greeting of Namaste, you would not go to any specific organization of hospitality rather the pedestrians would greet you Namaste with ease and joy. Indeed, Nepal has carried and cultivated the manner of hospitality and generosity as a culture. There is no training and taming for many illiterate people in the remote region of the country.

However, the respect and honor they offer you would be experienced by paying the cash in the luxurious star hotels. If the interest to know the genuine generosity and humbleness of the people comes under your list of search and exploration, then Nepal would definitely come among top. Directly or indirectly, Nepali culture has ingrained and inherited by the schooling of ancient tradition of yoga. The understanding of yoga as an asana which is done on the mat can be highly refined and evaluated in Yoga Holiday in Nepal.

From Amateur to Professional Path for Yoga

At this point of time, your interest on yoga may only be as an amateur or a very popular phrase which says the voice of many people i.e. ‘on and off’. It’s the word people mostly use when the matter of yoga asana practice comes. Yoga Holiday in Nepal can be the way to harness and nourish your yoga path in long-lasting manner. The raw state of concept on yoga would get ripe coming here in this yogic world where your aspiration to be a passionate yogi come true. Your planning to be a yogi with heart would get better height during your precious time on Yoga Holiday in Nepal.

Even though the expectation and goal of participating on Yoga Holiday differ. Some would prefer to loss the weight, few other would love to have deeper understanding through learning. The preference of some people mainly focuses on meditation and quietness rather than dynamic and physical kinds of movement especially done during physical asanas.

Natural prosperity soothes you

Half your stress and anxiety would be relieved once you land at the airport to see the glorious views of the hills surrounded around the valley. The nature lover without any doubt enjoy the prosperity and panoramic unfoldment of the nature in front of them while visiting any natural site of Nepal. Once you exits the metropolitan bustling and hustling crow of the city, you come very close to the freshening and enlivening atmosphere of the nature.

Greenery jungles and hills can be enjoyed with hiking. The irritating horns of the vehicles in the city would lead you to the swashbuckling site very close the capital city Kathmandu. Your Yoga Holiday would be memorable with the exploration and observations of such natural splendors of the valley. Yoga Holiday would become more fruitful and wonderful than you would ever imagine. The climate of this valley called Kathmandu would allure you more than anything else in the city if you are searching for the place with moderate climate.

Also the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu serve you the best climate with sunny, moderate cold, little rains etc. Definitely, there are many places having very cold temperature in the country with snow-fallings and chill weather as well as the scorching hot and humid lands at the lowland Terai region. Nevertheless, the choice to experience different geographical structures in a small area inside the territory of a single country would be addressed once one comes to visit this amazing country.

Yoga Holiday in Nepal would harness one keeping one very close to one’s heart. The realization of the self and introspect of the self, time for observing oneself would increase with the proximity of the nature. Indeed, Yoga Holiday offers you a lot of time to inspect and evaluate oneself away from the daily works and duties. One get free time to relax and recharge oneself with the idea and insights of different culture and conditions.

Yoga Holiday takes you into the new land where you experience new learning. You would not carry any burden and responsibility of the career with you during the period of Yoga Holiday. You would rather vacant your mind so that you could fill the innovative and novel thoughts and experience in the mind.

Yoga Holiday and Culture

Yoga Holiday in Nepal, on the one hand, helps to open your yogic path in greater height, on the other hand, you would be amazed to experience the cultural prosperity of this country. Almost every day there is one festival going on in the valley. It is even said that there more festivals than the actual days of a year.

It means to say that the cultural stamina and prosperity is incomparable to any place in the world in its own unique manner. In this small nation you find more than one hundred castes and mother tongues. Cultural diversity of the country is incredible and bountiful that one would not be able to grasp the whole tradition of such prodigal and extravagant culture even though it offers a lot of harmony and coherence among the people.

Yoga Holiday in Nepal would offer you a time to observe and dig in the cultural tenets and templates of the country as well as its fathomless relation with the Yoga. The understanding of yoga as a practice which is done on the mat gest questions and puzzle to follow the broader area and aspect of the ocean called Yoga while one indulges oneself into the study of yoga through its root connection and cultural implication of yoga philosophy.

Conducive Environment for the Yoga Practice

Yoga Holiday in Nepal would be fruitful in the sense that the environment of this country is very conducive to the practice of yoga and spirituality. The freshening and remote places of the country would not make you feel remote when you experience the exotic environment of its unique atmosphere. Yoga Holiday generally gives one an impression of being in very serene, relax and calm state without any burden and tension of external affairs.

The idea of yoga holiday is to release the anxiety, stress and having rest from workaholic schedule to recharge and energize the mind. For such a serious purpose of a person, Yoga holiday with lovely environment where one can breathe in the fresh air and make the mind tranquil. The natural lakes, lands, hills, Himalayans and prosperous property of Nepal captivates one in a way that one enjoys such favorable environment with excitement and enthusiasm which also can be plus point for yoga practice during yoga holiday.

The place of Enlightened Soul Buddha

One of the most significant reasons to make Yoga Holiday in Nepal would be its recognition as the birth place of Lord Buddha, the enlightened soul. Indeed, he was also a yogi who realized the state of nirvana. For yoga enthusiast, it would be absolutely an inspiration and life-changing experience to get the view and visit of such Mukta purush’s (Enlightened Master) land. The vibration and waves of the spirituality has been alive still to this date.

The affectionate environment and energetic atmosphere by the penance and positive waves of great yogis, Nepal, without any doubt, can be the best choice for Yoga Holiday. The visit to Nepal in Yoga Holiday would offer you an opportunity to understand yogic culture and customs of this divine land. The deep connection of spirituality can be observed among the people even though there are many people except the followers of Buddhism.

Above all, the aura of this land has been purified and cleansed by the birth of enlightened master like Buddha. Therefore, Yoga Holiday in Nepal would not only be the matter of learning physical posture on the mat but to widen and expand the horizon of understandings in the subject of Yoga.

Abode of Yoga’s Progenitor God Shiv

When you come to know that the progenitor of the yoga called God Shiva whose abode lies at Himalayas which by the grace of the almighty is located in Nepal. In this very reason would be the one striking point for the Yoga Holiday in Nepal. If you are searching for the originality of the Yin and Yang philosophy you would prefer to go to China. If you are wondering for the place where Christ was born, you would want to visit Jerusalem.

As far as Yoga is concerned, it always and ever has been highly connected to the pristine and precious land called Nepal. In the high Himalayas of Nepal the God Shiv abides according to Yoga Philosophy. Considering all these things, it would not be exaggeration if it is said that yoga was initially commenced from Nepal. A place which has been in hindsight in the talk of yoga indeed is the original and ancient place of Yoga.

Yoga Holiday in this forgotten land has many more to do with a yogi with enthusiastic and curious mind. Even though the root of the yoga may be nothing to do with the journey of an individual who has wholeheartedly lived one’s life with the hope to unite with the Supreme Self, the understanding and visiting of such vibrational place would inspires many yoga enthusiast in greater amount. Let’s make the Yoga Holiday in Nepal.

The bundle of breath-taking memory

As a Yoga Holiday undertaker, you would not only confined to the idea of learning the things on mats and try to enjoy on the process, you also are offered with different exhilarating experiences. You would go to visit for rafting in some natural rivers of Nepal. You would also be able to enjoy the swashbuckling experience of bunjee jumping. Your interest to dive and dwell in the sky would be completed taking on paragliding.

Jungle safari, boating on the natural lakes, sight-seeing of mesmerizing views of snow-capped mountains and picturesque valleys and lowlands, cable car tour etc would be on the list of a person who would want to come to Nepal. The subject of hiking and trekking are the most famous events done by tourists. Your journey to yoga holiday would be heightened by innumerable experiences. Yoga Holiday in Nepal would be the most fascinating experience ever in your life once you land in such an incredible piece in the earth.