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Different Reiki Channel To Receive Universal Energy

Reiki is a Japanese technique where the trained experts heal with the natural energy flowing from their palms to the other person. In simple terms reiki can be called as energy healing.

Reiki has various stages as well as various channels.

The channels of reiki are as follows

1) Usui reiki

Usui reiki is also called as western reiki. It is the most popular reiki channel, in fact 90% of the people who practice reiki are usui reiki practitioner. It is the original reiki channel invented by Japanese Mikao usui more than 100 years ago.

Usui reiki consist of four aspects and nine elements.

The four aspects are:
-Healing practice
-Personal Development
-Spiritual Discipline
-Mystic order

Oral tradition, Spiritual lineage, History, Initiation, Symbols, Treatment, Form of teaching, Monetary exchange, precepts are the nine elements of usui reiki.

Wide acceptability, originality is some of the advantages of usui reiki over other reiki channels.

2) Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden reiki is also called as easter reiki. Jikiden reiki is remarkably like usui reiki even almost identical. Jikiden reiki came into existence by the effort of the peoples, Chiyoko yamaguchi and her son Tadao yamaguchi. Tadao yamaguchi saw some flaws in original reiki and tried to correct, hence Jikiden reiki was born.
Jikiden reiki is very efficient and has the unbroken connection with the original reiki.
Accelerated healing, increased efficiency are some of the advantages of jikiden reiki over other reiki channels.

3) Karuna Reiki

Karuna translates to mercy and is a Sanskrit word. While other reiki focus on own body karuna reiki not only is to have compassion and love for own body but for others as well. Reiki experts and experts say that the healing power of karuna reiki is even greater than usui reiki.

Master William lee rand invented karuna reiki in 1995 with his students. Increased regeneration, improved communication is some of the advantages of karuna reiki over other reiki channels.

4) Lightarian Reiki

Lightarian reiki was inspired by lord Buddha. It is not an original reiki channel but a combination of karuna and usui reiki. When reiki masters mastered reiki and wanted to go beyond usui and karuna reiki, they combined them and formed Lightarian reiki.
Vibrational bands are used in lightarian reiki to establish powerful connection with life force and nature. There are eight vibrational bands in Lightarian reiki.

Enhanced self-awareness, increased connection with nature with vibration bands are some of the advantages of Lightarian reiki over other reiki channels.

5) Sekehem Reiki

Sekehem reiki was inspired by Sekhmet, an Egyptian goddess. Sekehem reiki was invented in Egypt. Goddess Sekhmet is feminine goddess and the goddess of healing. One peculiar thing about goddess sekehem is that she destroys anything that does not serve the light. Likewise, sekehem reiki also destroys the negative thoughts, feelings, and negative energy.

Sekehem reiki works with the help of four elements, air, water, earth, and fire. Combined with the power of four elements, sekehem reiki balances your spirituality and opens your chakra.

Emotional healing, increased life energy, balanced spirituality is some of the advantages of Sekehem reiki over other reiki channels.

6) Rainbow Reiki

Walter rubek is the inventor of Rainbow reiki. Walter reiki invented rainbow reiki based on the original usui reiki. Rainbow reiki involves in depth study of heritage of mikao usui, reiki symbols and mantras, meditation, spiritual psychology and most importantly the origin and roots of reiki.
Astral travelling, karma clearing, and crystal healing are some of the unique technique of the rainbow reiki. It is unique also in a matter that it develops relation with deities that helps to deepen the connection with the life energy. Rainbow reiki also holds some powerful symbols and mantras among other reiki channel.

7) Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini reiki was developed by a danish master named Ole gabrielsen. Kundalini reiki focuses on the knots and blocks on the body and focuses on removing or clearing them. It lacks the traditional symbolism unlike the other older reikies.

The masters says that the kundalini energy resides within us from the time we form inside mother’s womb. However, with time it gets disturbed and unbalanced. The goal with Kundalini Reiki is to balance the kundalini energy within.

Sexual issues, disturbed emotion, unhappiness management are some of the advantages of kundalini reiki over other reiki channels.

Different Reiki Levels

  1. Reiki First Degree
  2. Reiki Second Degree
  3. Reiki Third Degree