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How To Calm Your Mind By Practicing Yoga

Spiritual practices evoke a sense of well-being and help you understand your inner self. One such practice, i.e., Yoga, is quite popular worldwide due to its calming effects. It is the best way to get rid of the fluctuations of the mind and walk towards your true nature. Also, long-term yoga practice encourages your mind to stay still and at peace even during tough times. You can enhance your yoga practice and rejuvenate the mind with some effective techniques. Not only will it improve your concentration levels, but it also allows you to perform yoga asanas properly. This article deals with 5 different ideas on how to calm your mind by practicing the yogic method.

1.  Observe Your Breath

how to calm your mind by practicing yoga


Do you find it challenging to keep your mind off the usual issues related to work and life in general? Yoga practice is effective only when you can focus on the inner self rather than the daily issues in life. You can keep the unnecessary thoughts and reactions at bay with breath awareness techniques. Also, it helps in increasing blood circulation and eases anxiety.

Try the alternate nostril breathing either before or during your yoga practice for maximum rejuvenation. Start by covering your right nostril and breathing in through the left one. Further, hold in the breath and then breathe out through the right nostril. This can prove to be one of the most effective techniques of how to calm your mind.

Repeat the step for at least 15 minutes to experience calming effects. It boosts your ability to concentrate on yoga and limits external distraction. Not to forget, breathwork is always beneficial to calm down a racing heart. You may couple up the yoga practice with some CBD and you can just search a weed store near me if you are looking for some high-quality products.

2.  how to calm your mind by Meditation?

If you are thinking about how to calm your mind, spiritual techniques take you closer to the stillness and calming nature of your true self. Apart from yoga, you can couple up the practice with a few minutes of meditation as well. While doing the breathwork, try to stay mindful of each inhaled or exhaled breath.

Also, you need to focus on the slight pause between every cycle of breathing. Such meditative techniques are likely to transform your mind and cease the array of emotions. Yoga-assisted meditation is reliable, provides faster results, and enhances your lifestyle.

Meditation allows you to remain in the present moment and act as a mere observer. That way, you are less likely to experience negative emotions or identify with your bodily identity. Such realizations help bring about mental clarity and silence your mind.

3.  Chant Some Mantras



While talking about how to calm your mind, Mantras is the next answer. If obsessive thinking and external distractions hinder your yoga practice, you can try the mantra chanting technique. Try to get a mantra with positive energy and chant it during the yoga sessions.

Also, you can repeat the mantra while doing some house chores or relaxing on your couch. It induces a sense of accomplishment, eliminates unnecessary thoughts, and keeps your mind calm. The best way to do mantra chanting is in the meditation pose with some chanting beads. That way, you can keep a count of the number of repetitions and stay involved in the process.

It is an excellent technique for beginner yogis to focus, reflect, and observe the surroundings. You can get the mantra through a spiritual master or yoga professional. Make sure to start your day with some chanting and practice yoga to clear off your mind.

4.  Stay Mindful With Laya Yoga

Another technique to control your mind and observe the surroundings without reacting is laya yoga. Laya means the act of absorption and involves a ringing sound that reaches your ears. Also, you need to observe the sound and relate it to the divine energy of the universe. Allow yourself to connect to the subtle sound and merge with the universal energy through it.

A few minutes of laya yoga can alleviate stress, boost your metabolism, and lead to a still mind. It enables you to merge with the divine energy and realize the illusory nature of the world. All these effects are likely to awaken you and keep you away from distractions.

With laya yoga, you can reduce the signs of stress and anxiety. Before starting the asanas, you can devote a few minutes to this form of yoga for the utmost calmness.

5.  Practice Yoga Nidra

Are you aware of the yoga Nidra that awakens your body and allows you to become aware of your inner self? As a yoga practitioner, you can enhance your practice through yoga Nidra. It involves a state between wakefulness and sleep that can take you through the astral dimensions. Also, yoga is likely to increase your spiritual powers and reduce anxious thoughts.

It improves your sleep cycle, detaches you from unnecessary thoughts, and eliminates stress. Try practicing the yoga Nidra before your yoga session or sleep for maximum benefits. As your mind silences, you are likely to achieve a calm and quiet mind.

The Bottom Line

Yoga and meditation are age-old practices to silence a racing heart and an overwhelmed mind. If you’re a beginner in yoga, you must incorporate your yoga practice with other spiritual techniques. Try to include breathwork either at the beginning or during your yoga practice. This is because it increases self-awareness and keeps the external distractions in control.

Other than this, you can try the mantra chanting techniques to distract your mind from the usual troubles. A few minutes of yoga Nidra can eliminate stress and make you stay in the present moment. All these spiritual techniques can enhance your yoga practice and make you aware of your inner self.