Yoga Meditation Retreat in Nepal

Yoga Meditation Retreat in Nepal

Best meditation retreat in Nepal

Nepal Yoga Home is your true destination for the meditation retreat in Nepal. After years of spiritual journey in Nepal we have designed and built the comfortable center for the one looking for meditation in Nepal. Our core values are based on peace, pleasure and consciousness.

Nepal has influenced spiritual seekers for more than decades. The wealthy cultures of Buddhism and Hinduism are still the centerpiece of day to day life. In fact, it is not difficult to witness, sense and look for a living ritual of yoga in Nepal. The Kathmandu Valley is the surroundings with a wealthy spiritual inheritance. These sites are decorated with the symbol of initiation and illumination.

Why Nepal Yoga Home as meditation retreat in Nepal?

The meditation retreat is all about relaxing the body and mind with the energy of prayer and meditation there is a chance to wake up more quickly. Well, retreating in peaceful places has always been helpful to the inner investigation of the life and we will help you will everything that helps you to get benefit from meditation retreat in Nepal.

This meditation retreat will take place at our own meditation retreat in Nepal, Kathmandu. You will get the chance to practice both yoga and meditation focusing on the soul meditation. It is an ideal privilege and chance to experience such group energy.

Benefits from meditation retreat in Nepal Yoga Home

Learners from around the globe visit Nepal to discover, expand, and feel the living spirit of soul meditation. We are here to support your path. We offer one week to one-month complete package of the meditation retreat in Nepal. This retreat center in Nepal is a chance to transform your life towards the journey of meditation. In Nepal Yoga Home, you will get familiar with both yoga and meditation. Investigate viewpoint and psychology and discover different practical tools to start balance, happiness, and internal perceptive.

Take complete time to know your thoughts and the way you can influence your thinking patterns. Understand more about your body and the way movements influence your brain. Quietly deal with your mind and body to conquer your boundaries, to sense your actual nature. Experience completely your presence!!

The idea of this meditation retreat in Nepal is to move back from modern life and understand the nature of mind. Truly meditation retreat offers inner and outer room to open out. It is a chance to glance inward, and eventually rendering authenticity in its most rare shape.

What’s more from meditation retreat in Nepal?

Anything you are either a beginner or practice meditation on a regular basis, come and take pleasure in the powerful energy, calm and surroundings of this unique chance for the meditation retreat in Nepal.

Get pleasure from energizing 1-week meditation retreat classes. Refresh with a healthy lifestyle and relax into the calm surroundings.  To get more information about this meditation retreat in Kathmandu Nepal, please feel free to contact us in your desired time and book our amazing life changing meditation retreat course. We will be happy to explain you briefly about the packages and help you get the most out of it.

Meditation styles offered by Nepal Yoga Home

Kriya Yoga Meditation

Kriya Yoga Meditation an ancient meditation technique by Lahiri Mahasaya

Kriya Yoga Meditation is one of the ancient meditation technique which was revived by Mahavatar Babaji and his disciple Lahiri Mahasaya in 1861 AD. Lahiri Mahasaya flourished Kriya Yoga Meditation among the people. Among his disciples, three have great contribution in Kriya Yoga Mediation; they are Shrimat Bhupendranath, Swami Shree Yukteswar Giri, and Satyananda Giri. Shrimat Bhupendra wrote dozens of books and established many ashrams in India. Swami Shree Yukteswar Giri promoted a key Kriya Yoga Principle: where Eastern and Western philosophy and religions share necessary characteristics.  Satyananda Giri helped to promote Paramhamsa Yogananda. Paramhamsa Yogananda was a disciple of Swami Shree Yukteswar Giri. Kriya Yoga Meditation consists advanced techniques of meditation. Devoted practice proceeds to God realization and liberation from all the bondage. This meditation was known to Jesus Christ who taught it to his disciples such as St. Paul, St. John, and others. Nowadays, this meditation is missed by Christianity.   When Paramahansa Yogananda was chosen by the venerable line of gurus to bring Kriya Yoga to the west, he established Self-Realization Fellowship in 1920.  After that Kriya Yoga Meditation was taught worldwide.

Paramahansa Yogananda describes Kriya Yoga in his book “Autobiography of a Yogi”. The core technique of Kriya Yoga Meditation is provided to the students who join the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons after an elementary period of learning and practice of the three initial techniques taught by Paramhansa Yogananda. Bringing these three preparatory techniques together, a comprehensive system is formed.  These meditation techniques empower the student to instate the greatest benefits and divide goal of the ancient Kriya Yoga Meditation.

  1. Energization Exercises: It is a series of psychological exercises, which takes about 15 minutes to perform, propounded by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1916 to prepare the body for meditation. Regular practice improves physical and mental strength and promotes dynamic willpower. It promotes tranquility and relaxation. This process is also known as a recharging technique since it recharges mind, body, and spirit with universal divine power. It helps to draw copious energy consciously into the body making use of the respiration life force and concentration. It cleans and strengthens all the body parts systematically. The Energization exercises are effective means of eliminating stress and nervous tension. It has 38- 42 steps which cannot be taught in words since it is the matter of practice. Its practice before meditation helps to enter a calm and aware state.
  2. Hong-Sau Technique of Concentration: It develops an imperceptible power of concentration. This teaches to withdraw thoughts and energy from external distraction and shift the energy towards the real goal. You can learn this technique in 5 minutes.
  • Sit comfortably with straight back and neck. Concentrate at the midpoint between the eyebrows of the forehead.
  • Inhale slowly till eight counts, hold it for the same duration (means same counts) while concentrating at the center of eyebrows. Now exhale the breaths for eight counts. Repeat the process up to six times.
  • After each complete inhalation and exhalation, as the new breath comes in mentally say Hong (rhymes with song). As you exhale mentally say Sau (rhymes with song). Sau-Hong (or Hong Sau) means “I am That” i.e. “I am God”. Do not attempt to control breath forcefully, just let its flow to be natural. At the beginning feel the entrance of the nostrils feelthe “Hong Saw” sound your breaths. Be attentive and vigilant as much as possible. If you become unable to feel your breath, for a while, you can concentrate on the breathing process, feeling your chest and abdomen expanding and contracting.  Gradually your calmness increases, and try to feel the breath more and more in the nose. Don’t moss gaze fixed at the center of eyebrows through the practice. If your mind wanders, bring your consciousness to the breaths.
  1. Aum Technique of Meditation: Aum is considered to be God’s manifestation of creation through word or vibration as referred in the Bible.  According to Bible,  “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. –Johan 1:1”. It is the vibration of the entire creation and all life.  So, it can be heard from us. It is the sound of the Universe which can be heard all around us. According to Hindu Philosophy, it is the combination of threefold Gods- Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. It brings cosmic consciousness. Aum extends the awareness beyond the limitation of body and mind. One can experience the blissful realization of one’s infinite potential. For its practice- sit down in a meditation posture with closed eyes. Inhale long and exhale half of it sound “ooo…oo……” and remaining half with the sound “mm…mmm….mmm…”
  2. Kriya Yoga Technique: An advanced Raja Yoga Technique of Pranayama (life-energy control) is a Kriya which reinforces and revitalizes subtle currents of life energy (prana) in the brain and spine along with the seven chakras. The ancient hermits found that the brain and spine as the tree of life. They perceived that the subtle cerebrospinal centers (chakras) and consciousness flow the energies that vitalize all the nerves, cells, tissues, and organs of the body. Kriya Yoga Meditation makes this energy to circulate the lifestream incessantly up and down by the extraordinary. It greatly accelerates the spiritual evolution and awareness. Correct practice of Kriya Yoga normalizes entire system of the body and mind and finally helps to realize the God.

Yogi Shree Satyam has simplified the Paramahamsa Yogananda’s techniques of Kriya Yoga Meditation. He has taught 42 steps in Kriya Yoga. For the practice of Kriya Yoga, one has to learn those 42 steps with its theory. The purpose of those steps is to feel the body from head to toes more and more. Each and every activity increase the concentration head to toes and help to identify that each feeling, sensation is the manifestation of the God. For each step, one need to close the eyes focused at the center of two eyebrows and tongue rolled back. After completion of 42 steps, there are other techniques- listening divine sound within with closed ears with thumb for five minutes (or more as per the time you have). Then, the technique is observing the natural respiration (for 10 minutes, morning and evening) in a meditative posture.

Past life Regression Meditation

Past Life Regression Meditation, a Higher-Level Meditation

Past life regression meditation is a higher-level meditation which brings to your subconscious mind reveals all the realities of life. The purpose of past-life regression meditation is to take a person in a trance state. In the trance state, a person can go to many past lives. It is totally a guided meditation by a very experienced master who has a higher level of knowledge about past life and spiritual realm.

Our subconscious mind has the memory of many past life events and if one can reach in the trans state he or she can tell everything about the past life, in-between life and many more in the instruction of a master. Past life regression meditation is done for entering a person into past lives in past life therapy. Past life therapy is a psychological therapy which can heal many physical, mental, emotional and psychological diseases.

When all the techniques of healing for the mental break down fails, then there may be a hope of past life regression therapy. Past life regression therapy enables a person to reach to the cause of the problem and make us understand the exact cause of the problem and give us the real solution.

It will not affect what do you believe about past life for past life regression meditation. It is not the concern in past life regression meditation whether you believe about past lives or not. Past life is an unavoidable part of our life. Sometimes, the reason of our physical or mental problem lies in our past life and nothing can heal us, nothing can improve the symptoms of our problem because the reason of the problem is not in our seeing world. In that situation, past life regression meditation can be the only solution.

The real meaning of regression means to go back to the time of the past. In the past life regression meditation, the guide brings a person to the memory of your past events when you were 5 years old, 2 years old, 1 year old, into the womb of the mother, and even the past lifetime, the memory is totally forgotten by a person but in the trance state the person can tell all the details as he is in that past lifetime. the person sees every event of the past life likewise he is watching the cinema.

The reality is that our soul travels through different lifetimes and evolves in the higher level. The soul is the real being which is totally different from our body and mind. Soul remains forever in the universe. Nothing is permanent in this world but soul. Soul wants to go to a higher level and experience different lives. The soul experiences the events but doesn’t attach to the events. Our mind attaches so much that it doesn’t want to leave the body where soul lies.

Understanding is the higher level of healing. When our subconscious mind understands the reason for the problem, the problem no more exists. Past life regression meditation is the medium to make understood our subconscious mind about the reason for the problem.

Past life regression meditation is the time travel to our past lives. We can reach many years ago by the meditation. We were somewhere before we were born, and we will be somewhere after our death. It is not logical to say that we come from the unknown and we will go to the unknown. Many scientific types of research have been proved that there is the existence of the soul.

There is a book named Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss. In the book, the writer has given every detail about past life regression and past life therapy. The nutshell of the book is that how the acute mental problem of a lady which was not healed by different efforts from the medical science, healed by past life regression meditation.

The law of karma is so powerful. According to the law of karma, our past lives can affect our present life. The law of karma makes us understand the knowledge of living sincerely in this world. If we understand the fact that the karma can be paid, we become free from that karma. Past life regression meditation helps us to understand the real knowledge about the event which is the actual reason for the problem.

Past life meditation has a lot of benefits. It is also a very effective way to start our journey to spirituality because we travel to the different spiritual realm during our past life regression meditation. We can understand that there is the higher level of the realm in this universe than this earth. The benefits of past life regression therapy are as follows:

  1. It maintains our health.
  2. It improves our relationship with our friends and relatives.
  3. Past life regression meditation enables us to know the meaning and purpose of life.
  4. It can be very helpful to be rid of the stress and depression.
  5. Past life regression can eliminate all the mental discomforts and confusions about life.
  6. It can give us a new insight into our life.
  7. It brings us into deep relaxation and gives us great relief in our life.
  8. Past life regression meditation can remove all the traumas of our mind.
  9. Past life regression meditation gives us the real satisfaction.
  10. It controls our excessive emotional behavior.
  11. Past life regression meditation can heal our sub-conscious mind.
  12. It can heal the psychological problems having the root in our childhood.
  13. Past life regression meditation can heal anxiety and fear about unknown.
  14. It can heal most of the phobias.
  15. It can be the best solution for the problem of decision making.
  16. It can uplift one step ahead of our spiritual journey.
  17. It can increase the self-stem and the power of self-love.
  18. It can bring us to the way of independence and interdependence.
  19. It can give us the real pleasure in our life.
  20. It can become the powerful inspiration to quit the smoking and other addiction.
  21. It can help us to understand the concept of the soul.
  22. It can help us to understand the metaphysical world and its reality.

Dynamic Meditation

Dynamic Meditation | Five Step Meditation with physical action & mental awareness

Dynamic Meditation is a method of meditation wherein physical action and mental awareness are combined. This form of meditation was observed during the early 1970s in Osho’s descriptions. This is active meditation which tries to eradicate psychological catharsis and purify the mind. Dynamic Meditation includes movements like ‘Sama’ and Hadra among the Sufi mystics which are also understood as Gurdjieff movements. The founder of Sama is credited to a Sufi master Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, the originator of Mevlevi Order.  Dynamic Body Awareness, a part of Dynamic Meditation, was evolved in France by an artist and anthropologist Martino Nicoletti and other holy dances. Qigong and the many exercises raised in Taoism, Buddhism, the Latihan Subud, Tantra, and Yoga have played a vital role in the development of Dynamic Body Awareness.

Dynamic meditation is the most active methods of meditation to get into awareness state, alone connected to everything around you. It takes an hour to perform the five stages. Each stage is noticed by music. Eyes should be closed throughout the meditation. Dynamic meditation can be done alone or in the group. Practicing meditation early in the morning and with an empty stomach is the best. It is better to wear loose and comfortable clothes during meditation. The first stage activates your divine energy through intense breathing which purifies from catharsis to make like an empty vessel and take to deep mind heart which makes capable reverberate the mantra ‘Hoo’ inside very sharply that your Kundalini energy (the divine sleeping energy) awakens and rises to supreme neutral centers. This brings the tranquility of mind, silence, bliss and makes you feel connected everywhere. It develops alertness and consciousness.

In the history, there was some meditation technique similar to Dynamic Meditation technique in different parts of the world. Haruchika Noguchi from Japan developed “Katsugen undo (regenerating movement exercise)”, a Seitai exercise wherein one lets go of conscious control of the body and allows to restore and heal itself. There was a similar technique in China called Zifagong, Re-do and Zi Ran Qigong.  There was a spontaneous and impromptu practice called “Mevlevi Dervish” or “Sufi whirling” in Iran and Turkey. There is an adage behind this impromptu practice- Rumi was walking through the mart. He heard a rhythmic hammering of the goldbeaters. It is said that Rumi heard dhikr, “la ilaha ilallah” which means “no God but Allah” in the beating of the gold. This happened to stretch out his both of his arms and spun in a circle. The practice of Sama and the dervishes of the Mevlevi order were born with the spinning of Rumi. These things are said to be the base of Dynamic Meditation.

It is difficult for many modern people just to sit and enter in meditation due to catharsis. So, first thing is to be free from the catharsis. Osho says, “I never tell people to begin with just sitting. The insane and random dance leads to be aware of a silent point within you. But silent sitting makes you aware of madness.” He used “dialectical” methods alternate activity and passivity, accommodating shaking of the body, dances, mantra and pranayamalatihankirtan and psychotherapeutic catharsis. Dynamic Meditation is done in five stages: – 1) intense breathing, 2) catharsis, 3) mantra chanting, 4) silence and 5) celebrating.

First Stage (10 minutes- intense breathing)

The key o Dynamic meditation is irregular and intense breathing. Chaotic and intense breathing through the nose without any rhythm and pattern; and constant concentration on the exhalation helps to develop awareness if every activity is done consciously. No need to take care of inhalation, body itself does it. Breathe from the belly i.e. breathing should be abdominal.    The breath should flow deeply into the lungs as fast and as hard as possible. Continue it with a high speed until you precisely become the respiration. Natural body movements help to build up the strength for wanton and speedy breath. You can move or shake your limbs and body to accelerate the level of irregular breaths.

Second Stage (10 minutes- conscious madness during expression)

Fulminate…. explode….throw everything out which are not necessary for the body. Let your body free, give it contrariness to express whatever is there and follow your body.  Bellow… trumpet… shout… jump… leap… cavort… shake… throw yourself around… lie down and roll your body… kick… sing… dance… laugh… do everything freely. Hold nothing back; feel no block. Shout from the belly and express the feelings of anger, hatred, craving, attachment, jealousy, grief etc. Express all the repressed emotion with full power. Keep moving your entire body. Do not let your mind to interfere what is being happened. Just be mad consciously and totally. Be full and complete.

Third Stage (10 minutes- giving all you have)

It is for hammering the first chakra. Jump up and down pronouncing the mantra, “Hoo!, Hoo! Hoo!” as deeply as possible with raised arms above the head. You can bounce if you feel more comfortable than in a jump. Let the mantra shingle or beat deep into the sex center, each time you land on the flat of the feet. Pass out all you have. Round out yourself totally.

Silent version: If there is any problem to make a noise, the third stage can be done silently as well. It means the mantra ‘Hoo’ can be hammered silently inside.

Fourth Stage (15 minutes- Self-observation)

Stop!  Steadily fix your body unmoved whatever you are, in the position where you can find yourself. Don’t arrange your body rather stop it without any arrangement in any way. A movement, sneeze, anything, will waste the energy flow, so the struggle will have vanished. Be an observer, a witness to everything that is being happened to you. Judge nothing, just perceive and feel objectively.

Fifth Stage (15 minutes- celebration)

Solemnize! Express yourself with music, dance whatsoever is available there Try to hold your aliveness throughout the day. Carry your blissfulness whole day and flourish the wave of happiness everywhere you go.  Try to remain happy and healthy.

Meditation In Nepal

Meditation In Nepal

Meditation in Nepal gives you the chance to experience a very different aspect of life. The experience is very amazing and wonderful that you have never experienced in your life. You may feel uncontrolled in your life but don’t lose your hope because there is a way. Mediation is the beautiful way of life, which gives you the unlimited happiness in your life. Meditation in Nepal can be the real opportunity to finish the mental struggle of your life. Isn’t it wonderful if you know that you yourself can change the way of thinking by the practice of meditation?

Are you confused in your life? Don’t worry you can be able to be free from sorrows, anxiety, fear, hatred after taking the course of meditation in Nepal. In the class, you are encouraged to be positive. You can develop your concentration power and be clear in your life. You will be emotionally perfect. Meditation is the medium for eliminating the mental stress. It gives the real satisfaction in your life. The course, meditation in Nepal can change our negative habits into positive. Daily meditation can be the part of living easily and patiently. You can get the beauty of living and beauty of being a human. Peace of mind is the ultimate goal of every one of the world but they never find the peace they want. Only yoga, pranayama and meditation are the solution to change our hectic life into pleasure. Nothing can change our condition perfectly than yoga, pranayama, and meditation.

Experience Positive Impact of Meditation In Nepal

Meditation can open our mind to the happiness and joy to live a perfect life. When you understand the new way of life, then you don’t remain the same. Your meditation teacher inspires you to apply meditation in your life. Really, meditation is a very simple process more than you imagine. You will learn how to live in the present and how to be in the state of mindfulness. You can learn how to watch every thought of your mind and how to control excessive thoughts of the mind. You will know how to replace the positive thoughts in the mind. Meditation in Nepal will be the best chance of your life to change the lifestyle from the hectic to heavenly.

Meditation brings balance in your life between your body and mind. Every one of the worlds seeks the satisfaction in their life, but that satisfaction cannot be found in the materialistic ground. The real satisfaction is in the beauty of meditation. Meditation is not ritualistic practice, but it has the scientific background. Scientists have proved meditation is the medium which can remove mental and physical diseases. Can it be the question that way to learn meditation in Nepal? Nepal is the birthplace of yoga, pranayama, and meditation. The beautiful environment favors the meditation. Most of the culture of Nepal is related to the yogic practice.

Meditation in Nepal

Yoga and Meditation in Nepal is Transformative Journey

You can experience the real pleasure in the class of meditation in Nepal. You can be able to see your inside after the meditation in Nepal. You can learn to go inside, to enjoy inside with yourself. Our daily lifestyle is very busy, and that kind of life is not the source of happiness. But, when we practice meditation every day in our life, we can be happy as our life is. Inner beauty never feds up, never ends and never decreases. If we find the inner beauty of meditation, our life will change as we like to live. Meditation in Nepal provides you with the chance to understand your nature. Your real nature opens the door of happiness.

Meditation in Nepal is the package of meditation to those who are new and also who have already practiced meditation. There will be the session of basic to advanced, so every level of the student can join in the class of meditation in Nepal. The class takes place in the beautiful surrounding of Nepal yoga home from where you can see the beautiful hills, mountains, and jungles. This place is surrounded by the jungle of Shivapuri Nagarjuna national park. This place itself is the sacred place for the spiritual activities. You can learn with highly experienced and academically qualified teachers. One can join one week, two weeks to one-month yoga meditation retreat.

Fifteen minutes everyday meditation

Fifteen minutes everyday meditation

Fifteen minutes everyday meditation can change your life and moves you towards the divine power

Everyday Meditation is the practice of being aware of the present moment. There is no past and future during meditation. The past and the future both will disappear in meditation. It is the practice of being conscious of the present reality. For this mindfulness is a necessary moment to moment. To reach this stage, concentration plays a vital role. Concentration means a focus of mind in a particular object, thought or activity. Everyday meditation helps meditator to achieve mentally clear and emotionally tranquil stage.  In the past, Demigods, Demons, Sage and normal people etc used to practice everyday meditation for years to achieve power, siddhi or perfection. Nowadays, in this scientific age, there have been done different research on Meditation. Different secrets on meditation, including health benefit and emotional and mental well-being etc, have been revealed.

The time duration for meditation is normally one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. However, due to busy life people cannot spare long time duration for the everyday meditation. In such case, people can do everyday meditation for fifteen minutes. Anyone can spare fifteen minutes in 24 hours. Practice meditation for fifteen minutes which can be helpful to experience the inner change. It gives you awesome feelings. Whatever exercise you practice like running, playing, gym, martial arts, or yoga etc., keep its continuity. But a suggestion is – practice meditation at least 15 minutes a day. The regularity of everyday meditation bestows a great change bringing health, peace, harmony etc. in life.

People are suffering from different problems. Some of them mislead their path due to stress and sufferings. They try to run away from the problems, so, sometimes take drugs. Some of them have been searching the positive path to get rid of the problems. They have been trying different methods to find peace and tackle the daily problems.  They try to cultivate good habits, morality in their life. This is good but not enough. Without internal change, the external change is difficult. For the internal change, meditation is the powerful technique.  Just a regular practice meditation for 15 minutes can give miraculous benefits. It brings inner change, makes the mind positive and helps in spiritual development as well.

The study has found following benefits by the everyday meditation of 15 minutes:

Pain Relief

Meditation is the best painkiller which also develops pain tolerance and decreases anxiety level. It can also be said as divine painkiller which eliminates both physical and mental pain.

Better Sleep

Due to lack of sound sleep, people suffer from different other problems. Some even take sleeping pills to sleep. For the meditator, no medicine is required. Meditator achieves sound sleep. Sometimes it may happen that meditator also gets the problem in sleep. But the meditator perceives it as an opportunity to practice meditation for a long duration. In such case, meditation can be practiced in lying posture as well. And meditation can be continued until you fall asleep. The next day, the same freshness that could be achieved from a sound sleep, can be felt. If a person has a habit of sleeping 8 hours a day; and if he starts practice meditation, then he can get full relaxation with the sleep of 7 hours. This is because meditation also reduces tiredness and it is a medium to make the meditator fresh.

Active in Work

Tiredness, exhaustion, laziness etc. decrease if someone practice meditation regularly in a daily basis. Everyday meditation for 15 minutes increase alertness and awareness of daily work. Thus work performance at home, office, business outdoor etc will enhance. The work can be performed in better and more effective way.

Healthy Heart

The Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield found that risk of sudden death, heart attack, heart-related problems, stroke etc have been decreasing after the practice of meditation. Such risk was cut off near to 50 percent.

Better Psychology

Meditation makes the mind positive. It decreases negative thoughts. People, who practice meditation, are seen to be more calm, peace and happier. Research has found that regular meditation reduces Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) like cramping and diarrhea etc. Meditation also diminishes anxiety and stress. It provides inner calm. The production of stress hormones minimize. Hormones that provide happiness and peace like serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine etc secrete in abundant quantity.

Controls Additions

Due to wrong company and friend circle, stress etc. people may get addicted. To reduce stress people often triggers addiction to any substance like cigarettes, alcohol, food, drugs etc. As meditation soothes in a natural manner, one need not have to take refuge of addiction.

Improves Memory and concentration

As the mind becomes healthy and peace, concentration power also increases. For the students, meditation is found to be highly effective as it improves their study and learning capacity. It widens the understanding.

Better Creativity

The hidden creativity is explored with the help of meditation. The meditator will have the ability to perform the task and solve the different problems in a creative way. The creativity also helps them in learning as well.

Better Health

It is found that more than 90% of the diseases are psychosomatic. When the mentality is negative immune power decreases. So, diseases attack easily. But the meditation clears negativity and enhances immunity power. Thus, it helps to lead a healthier life.

As you eat regularly, as you brush your teeth daily so the meditation should be. It should be implemented as a daily routine. Eating one day is not enough for every day. One should take food each day in order to maintain the life. So, fifteen minutes meditation should also be practiced regularly to attain the better and happier life. At the beginning phase, you may feel lazy to practice meditation. If you could get victory over laziness and unwillingness at the beginning phase; you gradually start experiencing.

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