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How To Do The Third Eye Chakra Meditation- Purifying the Ajna Chakra

How To Do The Third Eye Chakra Meditation– Purifying the Ajna Chakra? The pineal gland resides in the middle of the forehead, where the third eye, also known as the inner eye, is believed to be placed. People say it has the power to see and feel things and energy when it is engaged. Activating the Third eye chakra meditation (Ajna chakra), or energy point, by the practice of reflection on the third eye, known as trataka, is one of the most effective methods to expand your capacity for emotion and understanding.

Pick a place to stay

You’ll want to choose an area where you won’t be interrupted or distracted. Having a regular place to meditate helps your body and mind grow acclimated to the location and posture, making opening up your third eye easier.

Be deliberate in the time you allocate to each task.

As with choosing a certain location, many people find that meditating at the same time each day helps their practice progress.  Don’t do it just before or after a meal, either. While many individuals like to meditate in the morning, it is possible to contemplate at any time of day as long as you are persistent.

Make sure to warm up first

You’ll be able to meditate more comfortably if you first work on loosening up your body. Doing this each time you sit down to meditate will help you get into the right state of mind. You should try each of them for approximately 30 seconds before moving on.

  • The act of stopping and attempting to reach your toes
  • Extending your arms in front of you
  • With your legs at a ninety-degree angle to the rest of your body, lay on your back with your feet elevated.
  • Stance your hips wide in the figure-four or pigeon pose before sitting in the full lotus position for meditation.


Allow yourself some time to relax. Inhale and exhale. Be aware of your physical state and how it affects you. Work on relieving any aches and pains in your body before you begin. Sit comfortably and pay attention to the various parts of your body. Begin shifting your attention away from your anxieties and toward the here and now. Breathe in and out slowly and deliberately.


Breathing is the foundation of all meditation. Breathe in and out with awareness.  Do this three times, and then continue.

Take a deep breath in your head

It would be best to begin to concentrate on your third eye, which is located in the middle of your forehead. You may access the Third eye chakra meditation by moving your eyeballs under your eyelids. Throughout the meditation, keep your attention there. Get into the habit of starting at 100 and counting backwards. Don’t panic if you can’t come in contact with the Third eye chakra meditation right away. It might take some time to become habituated to meditation and much longer activate the third eye.

Take a look at things from a new perspective.

You should be able to access the Third eye chakra meditation by the time you’ve counted backwards from one hundred. Everything is black except for the Third eye chakra meditation when focused. Third eye chakra meditation activation will allow your brain to rest while operating at a new level. You’ll be able to feel the energy surrounding you since your brain is working in tandem on both sides.

You’ve reached the third eye when you sense a new level of energy flowing through and around your body. Also, if you can concentrate intently on one thing or picture and your mind is entirely occupied by that object or image, you have activated your third eye.

You may experience the third eye

Third-eye activation elicits a wide range of emotions in individuals. Images of nature, people, trains, and other sights that you may have seen flash through the head of some individuals. As if your thoughts were on a chalkboard, some people describe it as being able to see them in real-time.

Spend 10 to 15 minutes on your third eye

In the beginning, you may have a headache while trying to open your third eye. Don’t worry; the headaches will go gone as you keep practising. If you want to improve your understanding of the third eye, consider concentrating on a single picture. Try to focus on whatever image you’ve selected, whether it’s a number or an item.

Slowly get out of the trance you’ve been in

Remove your focus from the area around your third eye. Remain calm, but pay attention to your breathing. Be aware of how your breath comes and departs. When you’re coming out of meditation, counting your breaths might help you concentrate more on it. Open your eyes gradually.

Take up Hatha Yoga as an alternative

The practice of Hatha Yoga, which includes meditation and energy work, includes reflection on the Third eye chakra meditation as part of the greater practice. There are seven chakras or energy centres in the body; the Third eye chakra meditation, or Ajna chakra, is located at the top of the body. Activating the others would need a physical practice, not merely a kind of meditation.