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How To Do The Crown Chakra Meditation- Purifying the Sahasrara chakra

How To Do The Crown Chakra Meditation- Purifying the Sahasrara chakra? It is the way to connect with the cosmic energy, the supreme power. This is the path to connect with your original source. If you’re interested in unlocking the mysteries of the crown chakra meditation, aren’t you? Divine energy will flow from your Ajna chakra to your crown chakra if you’ve worked through all blocks or imbalances in your root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, and third eye chakras.

For your crown chakra meditation to be enlightened with divine light, your idea and Pingala conduits of divine energy must be balanced with the free flow of kundalini energy travelling up and down the centre column of the spine.

To begin with, what is the function of the Crown Chakra?

Sahasrara, the Sanskrit name for the crown chakra meditation, refers to the lotus flower with its thousand white petals. Sahasrara links us to the spiritual energy of enlightenment, much as the root chakra, crown chakra meditation, ties us to our foundation and Mother Earth. Awakening to a higher power and realizing that we are expressions of universal awareness is facilitated by this energy point.

To attain enlightenment, it is necessary to recognize that you are nothing but pure awareness. If you’re willing and ready to open your body, heart, and mind to the Divine, the seventh chakra has something in store for you.

In these higher states of awareness, cynicism, negativity, or self-doubt have no place. That, as well as your ego and the idea that your spiritual path is just for you, is left behind. In the future, you won’t have to say, Excuse me, please don’t touch my yoga mat. In addition, I apologize for not being able to assist anyone in need right now, as I am en route to my meditation session.

crown chakra meditation with Different Techniques

The process of opening the crown chakra meditation differs from that of other energy centres in that You may accomplish it in a much shorter amount of time. To open the remaining major chakras, yoga poses, healing gemstones and crystals, chanting, and meditation are used.

Following your chakra and spiritual awakening, it is time to return to the foundations of your spiritual healing practice. You may awaken your crown chakra using meditation, resignation, and stillness.


You should have a concept of how chakra meditation will feel for each of your primary chakras. All that is needed to practice Sahasrara chakra meditation is sincerity and dedication. Every day, take a few minutes to sit in silence and concentrate your attention inside. Having a profound spiritual experience with each meditation is not necessary. Allow yourself to exist.

Remember that you can’t go to a higher state of awareness by scratching and clawing. But! If you’re on and are drawn to crystals and gemstones, you may want to try chakra meditation with amethyst, clear quartz, selenite, or moonstone.


An open crown chakra requires commitment or a willingness to let go to make room for the unknown. To understand the crown chakra meaning, you must be open to the thought that there may be things that you do not know or have not experienced.Be open to the possibility of miracles. Permit yourself to love without conditions. Relinquish your fear. These activities are essential to your spiritual path toward opening your head chakra.


The third and last part of the trifecta for balancing the crown chakra is the element that is inherent in all things. To experience spiritual awakening, make it a point to sit in solitude for at least a few minutes each day. You can’t use your phone, you can’t go through your to-do list in your head, and you can’t let yourself get distracted. Silence can heal you if you allow yourself to feel it.

Incorporate these tools and practices into your daily routine to cultivate little moments of spiritual happiness. You’re left with nothing but pure, unadulterated awareness when you put all of these petals together.

Stabilize the head chakra with a series of yoga poses.

Postures, or asanas, in yoga, assist in uniting the physical and spiritual aspects. Holding asanas while focusing on your breath will help you relax and open the head chakra.

Take a Breath of Fresh Air

As you inhale and exhale, keep your attention on your breath. Observe and let go of ideas as they occur. As we develop a relationship with our divine selves, we begin to feel a feeling of spirituality.

Using a Crown Chakra Meditation Method

Take a seat where you won’t be bothered and where you’ll have peace. Begin by closing your eyes and focusing only on your breathing. Start focusing on the top and back of your head while your breathing slows and becomes rhythmic. Visualize a violet beam of light coming into your body and exhaling AH from the top of your head.

Every atom of your body is energized as you inhale the violet light and exhale the tension, and your body gets lighter and lighter as you exhale and say, “AHH.” When you take a deep breath in and then exhale while chanting AH, the violet light from the cosmos enters your body and begins to heal every part of it.