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Benefits of 500 hours of yoga teacher training

You have heard this phrase many times that practice makes a man perfect. When you spend 200-hour for yoga teacher training, so you have sufficient time to learn the basics. But to learn profound aspects of yoga, you need to dive 500 hours of yoga teacher training rather than 200 hours of yoga training.

To get a deep acknowledge, it’s your duty to understand philosophy, chakras, and anatomy, 500 hours YTT are getting popular day by day.

Benefits of 500 Hours’ Yoga Teacher

There are many benefits of 500 hours YTT, which are listed below:

1. Break Down of Asana

Asana is the general position of sitting in a comfort zone. Meanwhile, Asana plays a vital role in yoga learning. To deeply learn, it is a recommendation to spend 500 hours of yoga teacher training. Asana needs greater understanding as it is related to postures and positions of the body.

Yoga is generally maintained in postures nicely, so, to become a yoga expert, increase your practice time, and indirectly, 500 hours of yoga teacher training becomes necessary. Asana includes poses related to meditation, relaxation, and culture.

2. Understanding of Anatomy

Yoga plays a significant role in understanding human anatomy. When you are going to learn yoga, you will learn human anatomy. It is an excellent necessity for yoga teachers to take details about anatomy. In less yoga teacher time, they can only understand some terms of anatomy.

As anatomy is about human postures, if these postures are not perceived intensely, they may cause damage to the human body. So, 500 hours YTT plays a healthy role in the great grasping of anatomy.

3. Chakra Scrutiny

The power centers of the body are called chakra. It relates to a roller coaster of energy rotating in your bony structure. When you, body center blocks do no work. To rotate that roller coaster of energy properly in the body, you have to go through a lot of work done. 500 hours of yoga teacher training time guarantees heavy work done and plays an immense role in opening chakras. It also gives you colossal strength.

4. Soul Connections

If you want to make a good connection with your soul, then go for yoga because yoga is significantly related to soul connection. Psychology highly advises on taking a daily dose of meditation as it makes a great bond of the body with a soul. Due to this, you can overcome stress conditions and maintain mood swings.

Hence, in 500 hours of yoga teacher training time, you can get a wealthy time of making a strong bond of the body with the soul. These time hours give you efficiency in learning, and after that, teaching meditation profoundly will increase your grasp of yoga in yourself. Now, after 500 hours of YTT of practice, you are cool enough to quench the burning flame.

5. Health security

Yoga assures a healthy life. A 500 hours YTT guarantee not only good physical health but also wealthy spiritual health. When you increase yoga hours to become an expert in yoga teacher training, you are indirectly maintaining your blood pressure, weight, and mental health.

Many postures in yoga play an essential role in strengthening your digesting center’s muscle core, i.e., stomach. After 500 hours of yoga teacher training, you will become expert.

6. Become a Yoga Expert

Do you want yourself to be called the best yogi, don’t you? So, get enrolled yourself in Yoga training center and practice for 500 hours YTT instead of 200 YTT or 300 YTT. Try to get a massive grasp of this aspect to become an expert in this field. With 500 hours of yoga teacher training time, you can not only maintain your health, but you can also give yourself an attractive personality.


You will always need tremendous workout in every field and a wealthy practice called an expert. So, 500 hours YTT is necessary to make you an expert and also a calm down personality. When you do a lot of practice in yoga, so it makes you dive into the perception of ancient words.


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