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10 Reasons Why Yoga Teacher Training In Nepal

Nepal being home for yoga offers best among the best studios for beginner and advanced yoga teacher training. Yoga teachers’ training in Nepal is a wonderful opportunity to swim deeply into a mixture of ancient and modern art of yoga. Nepal provides scrupulously garnered courses for enthusiastic yoga learners or teachers who carry a soul purpose of enlightenment through yoga.

Those who want to light up their crown chakra with the help of yoga are always invited to Nepal. Nepal is not only an amazing place for yoga but the picturesque place in the lap of Himalayas always attracts people. Yoga studios in Nepal try their level best to provide the finest yoga teacher training. Yoga and meditation is the best way to heal your mind and body will be better than the best if you learn it in Nepal.

1. Many options to choose

There are so many yoga studios in Nepal providing yoga teacher training course. Nepal Yoga Home is one of them. This yoga school in Nepal is providing different yoga courses for a long time. Nepal yoga home is a renowned yoga studio, which offers the best service with the most qualified masters, the guru is, and the whole team. Nepal yoga home is the choice of so many people.

It is the only place where the graduation rate is very high. Yoga students all over the world visit Nepal to be a part of this studio and learn yoga from here. Each place has its uniqueness, which allures the world. Same as that Nepal yoga home has been an exclusive place for many exceptional reasons.

2. A safe environment is a next point for why yoga teacher training in Nepal

Nepal yoga home offers a safe family environment for all learners. Learning and practicing yoga in a peaceful environment surrounded by greeneries and nature will be the biggest and point for yoga learners. Nepal Yoga Home provides a clean and peaceful environment. We have plenty of free space for the practice of yoga.

So you can also engage yourself in self-practice. We do care about your health issues, your problems, and even tiny things related to our students. We try to comfort them, attain them personally if they need help, and help them in every aspect of their traveling after arrival from the airport.

3. Homely environment

We believe in teamwork and every member of our team will make sure to comfort our learners. Being the best place in Nepal for yoga teacher training, Nepal yoga home teaches multiple styles of yoga and meditation. All the expert team of yoga will not only teach you meditation and yoga but will also share their experiences as a yoga teacher.

4. Internationally accredited

Nepal yoga home is among those few studios, which have been registered from all the yoga alliances: yoga alliance the US, yoga alliance Australia, yoga alliance India, international yoga alliance, world yoga alliance, and yoga alliance Italy. Therefore, its certificate is valid all over the world. Apart from this, Nepal yoga home is the first registered yoga school in Nepal certified by international yoga alliance. We are also the first yoga center to offer Astanga vinyasa yoga in Nepal.

5. Serene milieu

This is an ideal place for deep introspection, self-relaxation, and yoga. The majestic opportunity of being an irreplaceable part of Nepal yoga home should not be missed. We come with the perfect program in every sense making you explore all the necessary yoga and meditation styles.

We always try to embark on a unique expedition of yoga and spirituality. We offer a holistic approach of training including all dimensions of yoga. Our course includes yoga poses, meditation, breathing, philosophy, chanting, relaxation, detox, lifestyle, anatomy mudra, etc. This can be very helpful in the yoga teacher-training program. If you want to be a yoga teacher then these things will help their best in your future.

6. The scientific way of learning

Nepal yoga home is a true yoga and meditation-learning center based on both classical and scientific research. We focus on authentic teaching and learning based on both ancient and scientific way. We are the pioneer yoga school in Nepal with outstanding yoga classes and a life-changing environment to offer all the yoga lovers.

7. Affordable

We provide Yoga teacher training in a reasonable and affordable price. Normally, it costs you 5 to 10 times more in the western world even you get a better traditional and authentic class in ours.

8. Learning by doing

We focus on both teaching the classes and giving assignments, practical demonstrations among other students. It increases students’ confidence and they learn the classes by doing.

9. One to one teaching

In case of confusion to students, we also provide one to one teaching. But normally, we teach in a group. One, who didn’t understand get the private time with our expert instructor.

10. Benefit guaranteed

Last but not least, the reason why yoga teacher training in Nepal is you will be definitely be benefited after the course. We have proof of 1000+ students have changed their life completely. 100+ studios are opened by our students after graduated from here. It definitely helps you even if you are going to be a teacher or just want to heal your and family’s health condition.