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With the thriving expansion and popularity of Yoga in recent years than anytime else in the history of Yoga, it has been the talk of town and matter of research and interest not only to the people of yogic quest but also to the people who are hectic and indulged in their day to day life activities for progress, success and achievement in their career and betterment in life-style.

Ranging from general practitioners who have little knowledge to an enthusiast who has deep sense of feeling to continue yoga career as a teacher, 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course can be boon and turning point of life. All we need is the passion and enthusiasm to indulge into this blissful world of yoga.  Having stated that, 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training is one of the most attained courses in Nepal Yoga Home.

Since Nepal Yoga Home backs the long and pioneering history in the field of international Yoga teacher training in Nepal, 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course can be one of the best choices for your inner engineering and enhancement combining the yoga endeavor in your life. The reasons which may allures and entice to join the 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training at Nepal Yoga Home may be various as it has innumerable qualities and attributes to offer and share to the yoga fraternity.

Naturally Blessed

When the issue comes about the yoga and spirituality, we would definitely long for the natural place where we can enjoy the beauty of nature along with the thrilling and life-changing practice and learning on yoga. During your stay at Nepal Yoga Home for 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course, you would feel the close connection with your inner self by the continuous sadhana on the one hand.

On the other the proximity of the greenery jungle, hills and amazing landscape around would enthrall you. Because of its blessing of the nature, the ambitious and strenuous path of yoga can be more interesting and exciting while you would participate in 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course at Nepal Yoga Home.

Authentic and In-depth Understanding of Yoga

Participating in a 200 Hours Teacher Training Course can be a matter of access to anyone who can pay certain amount of money with his/her interest in yoga. However, taking the journey of yoga means you would expect authentic and profound understanding and education of yoga in the form of attainment of knowledge as the return of money you invest.

Definitely, you would get such authentic schools anywhere. What we mean to say is that Nepal Yoga Home has been offering the teaching of yoga with life-changing and soul-inspiring manner. The founder himself being the experienced and highly intellectual yogi and a teacher, the information and ideas you would receive at Nepal Yoga Home would strengthen your yogic path making internally persevered and dedicated.

Moreover, it would not be exaggerated if we mention that Nepal Yoga Home has root connection with the yoga and spirituality as these are the product of Veda, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata and many more which are the Holy Scriptures connected with the country, religion, and family the founder himself belongs.

Different Yoga Style

As far as yoga asana is concerned, Nepal Yoga Home offers multiple options and styles of yoga for 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course. Even though you would want to expect and long for single style of yoga, 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course has been made generous to include different style of yoga such as research base Hatha yoga, Sivanada Yoga, and traditional  Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar yoga, Restorative yoga.

Following the most popular version of yoga tradition and its practice, Nepal Yoga Home has been always open and sincere to grant the best output to the yoga enthusiasts and trainees. Moreover, 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course includes yoga detox, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama, Meditation, Mudra, Bandhas and Mantra Chanting which makes the course more inclusive and expansive. In addition to aforementioned subjects of study, 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course also avails the basic study of Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga anatomy.

Yogic Environment

If you are wondering how the yogic environment would be, you may once visit with the determination and planning to join in 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course with the best hope and enthusiasm not only grasp the certificate but also have unforgettable and blissful environment of yogic life-style. The simplicity of the people you meet at Nepal Yoga Home whether they would be teachers or any staffs or family members of the Nepal Yoga Home, you would find them cool and cordial towards you.

The bustling and hustling atmosphere would be away from your arena that you would rarely get disturbed by the crowd and chaotic metropolitan environment. You would rather feel and experience the serene and tranquil atmosphere which would be the time to travel into your inner-self and make the journey vigorous and vital into your own internal world.

As we’ve already being overindulged and overwhelmed by the external affairs in our life, family and society, perhaps your few weeks of time as 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course would not only harness the promising chapter of your life but also offer you the environment to make it worthy of living and experiencing.

Practical Teaching Environment

Yoga is one of the most inherent and inter-linked aspect to human life. Being such extremely close subject matter, it’s always important to follow the practical teaching and learning. Basically, yoga deals with our life. Considering the significance of yoga, Nepal Yoga Home offers practical and realistic learning to the participant of 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course. Furthermore, yoga is not the thing that we are just supposed to know on theory.

As a matter of fact, it has concerned to the real-world and hands-on aspect of our life that we have to deal with as a human being. That’s why, the teaching should be practical to gain and grasp the thing you want experience as a yogi. As a 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Trainee you will experience the practical teaching environment at Nepal Yoga Home.

To be a qualified Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher

Since Nepal Yoga Home has certified with the Yoga Alliance of India and USA, 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course will be international yoga alliance certified and will be of worldwide recognition. More than remembering and rotting the sutras and theories, you will be taught postural alignment, benefits of asanas and its contra-indication which matters in daily life.

The 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course at Nepal Yoga Home make you qualified teacher. Your career as a yoga teacher starts from the 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course you would take at Nepal Yoga Home. 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course opens the door to the promising prospect to be a world-class yoga teacher.

Find Yourself

200 Hours  Yoga Teacher Training Course at Nepal Yoga Home would allow you to search your own style of yoga by accumulating the skills and ideas you learn as 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course trainee. Finding the creative style and way of teaching is what Nepal Yoga Home always promotes and inspires to the trainees. Learning different style and technique on yoga you would pop up with your own style of series combining the different asanas.

Indeed, yoga has no hard and fast series to go through unless and until you don’t derail from the certain procedure of warm up, standing, seated, finishing and counter-balance postures except few popular and systematized version of yoga style have their own certain sequences. Therefore, it may be your grand opportunity to grasp the education of yoga and come out with innovative combination not forgetting the basics and counter balances of the yoga postures when the subject comes to yoga asanas.

Worldwide Recognition

One of the most intriguing reasons behind your choice to attain 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course at Nepal Yoga Home can be its worldwide recognition. In addition to its global appreciation it has situated on the Himalayan country Nepal which is also the abode of Lord Shiv, the progenitor of Yoga. The holy and hallowed scenario of Himalayas and natural prosperity Nepal Yoga Home owns the heart of thousands of students all around the world. 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course has international recognition to complement the spell-binding beauty of nature Nepal Yoga Home has been surrounded with.

Divine Land

Nepal is the land of enlightened beings such as Lord Buddhas. It’s the place which always provides sacred feeling of spirituality and inner contentment. Nepal Yoga Home has been blessed with such richness of the spiritual property and statures. The holy land Nepal is sanctified with the Holy Temples, Stupas, Monasteries, and Churches, Mosques as well as affluent culture and tradition.

The lifestyle of the people still has inclined to the divine and supreme power in spite of being affected by the so called modern and sophisticated life-style. Despite of such extravagant cultural influence, Nepal still has preserved the divine state of its precious plateau of yoga and spirituality. In this sacred setting of Nepal Yoga Home yogis have been initiated with different courses and classes.  In this manner, we certainly emphasize that 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course at Nepal Yoga Home can be of immense value and influence in your life.