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Accredited 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Accredited 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Join Our Accredited 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

certified or accredited 200 hours yoga teacher training is a type of training given to those individuals who wish to be teachers and like to gain knowledge of how to be a teacher in the field of yoga. Nepal Yoga Home has various programs training while some of them being teacher training and accredited 200 hours yoga teacher training is also one of them and also one of the most popular teacher training programs.

First, let us know what accredited is, the google meaning of accredited is officially recognized or authorized which makes it authorized 200 hours yoga teacher training. Authenticity is a big name in today’s world. It is a time when one can find cheap and fraudulent people everywhere and one needs to be incredibly careful and thoughtful before even buying something. There is mixture and impurity in everything, even in the foods and daily used items. Also, the yoga world is not away from fraud and deception.

Why Accredited 200 hours yoga teacher training?

Mostly the individuals that take part in accredited 200 hours teacher training are either involved in works related to yoga or planning to do so shortly. Also, in today’s world, one needs good certificates and qualifications to be at top of the business or service game they want to be part of. Good certificates will surely help to gain what one wants. Surely, certificates are not everything one’s skill are also game changers, but one also needs good certificates to prove from where they have learned.

One of the most amazing things about Nepal yoga home and its accredited 200 hours yoga teacher training is that it comes with the certificate of Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance is an organization that was created to maintain the purity of yoga so that fraud people who give haphazard knowledge of yoga could be filtered out.

Yoga home which will provide the training of accredited 200 hours yoga teacher training will also provide the registration in Yoga Alliance as well as certification of a teacher from Yoga Alliance at the end of the session which will be huge to begin yogic career as a teacher.

What is accredited 200 hours yoga teacher training?

Accredited 200 hours yoga teacher training consists of learning and practicing yogic activities, lifestyle, anatomy of yoga, Alignment and different aspect of yoga in a fun and peaceful learning environment. The first phase is the introduction where the teacher will introduce themselves to the students and with them also introduce yoga to the students. Then comes the phase where the students will be deeply immersed in the world of yoga. They will be helped by the teachers to know about the Asanas, postures, techniques, meditation, and similar other activities.

Kundalini yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga are some of the yoga forms that are practiced here. Also, these yoga in themselves are very vast and the students are taught the balanced methods and techniques that are taken from all of them so that the students will be able to grasp the essence of yoga which is inside every differentiated form, and they can understand them better.

More from this there will be Pranayama, Panchakarma, other Ayurveda activities, and so much more if the students are willing to learn Nepal Yoga Home is the powerhouse of the Yogic knowledge and resources.

Staying facility

Those individuals who are willing to go through 200 hours yoga teacher training will have to stay in Nepal Yoga home. Learning teacher training is not like going to school and returning home in the evening after some hours of learning. This is the process of continuous learning where the process of learning does not end till you finish the course.

Also, learning continuously does not mean one will spend the entire day and night before books. Learning books and scriptures will be part of learning but most of the time will be for practical learning, learning by doing, and learning by fusing knowledge with day-to-day activities. For example, during eating, they will learn how to eat balanced food which will enhance the yogic process and spirituality within them. They will see the way, learn the way, practice the way, and at last follow the way.

Moreover, the accommodation and accommodations are also very impressive, comfortable, beautiful, and amazing.

Students and teachers

Students and teachers need to have close bonding to make learning fun, involved, and a wonderful experience, and while taking accredited 200 hours yoga teacher training it will be so. The teachers of Nepal Yoga home have profound experience in the related field and know their way around students’ minds and hearts. They can make the learning process exciting and interesting. It is not amazing to learn what you want without getting bored or feeling lethargic. Also, the Nepal yoga home maintains such an amazing environment that the psychology of both students and teachers will be calm.

Moreover, the management team also works day and night to make the stay of students for 200 hours of yoga teacher training one in a lifetime experience.

Accredited 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Accredited 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Accredited 500 hours yoga teacher training

500 hours yoga teacher training: multi style Hatha Ashtanga Kundalini & Iyengar yoga training to integrate beginner to advanced level of yoga. This course is the perfect balance of various elements that make the teacher training much more wonderful. On average, 500 hours yoga teacher training is one of the longest courses looking at the time. This is good because yoga and yogic practices are delicate subjects that require time, patience as well as a significant amount of effort. Accredited 500 hours yoga teacher training acknowledges this and provides the required time and effort for the students to master the art of yoga.

The meaning of accredited is authorized or recognized. One who goes to teacher training wishes their certification to be of value and get valued by a reputed organization. Not just in the yoga sector and not only in Nepal. Any type of knowledge, information, skills, or training any individual acquires they want it to be special and they want it to be recognized all over the world.

This is the very reason why people strive extremely hard to get into universities like Oxford, Harvard, and so on. Time and time again they have proved with their product how great of the teaching place they are. Now, we are at a point where the certification of these universities is sold like a highly priced treasure and that is the value of accreditation.

Teachers for accredited 500 hours yoga teacher training

For such an amazing course there is a need for amazing teachers, and it is the first thing we noticed about the program. Teachers are said to be the light that takes the students from darkness to enlightenment. A teacher who has complete knowledge of the subject matter is the one who is most suited to teach the students.

The teachers here are the most qualified people in the field of yoga. Till today they have amassed years of experience and gained a vast amount of knowledge through research and study. They are so focused on the field of yoga that they still after so many years are researching to make their knowledge more efficient and techniques purer and more precise.

There is another thing that is as required as knowledge to the teacher while teaching which is the ability to form a bond, and connections with students and understand them. A teacher with a vast amount of knowledge who cannot connect with his student is also not considered a good enough teacher. A teacher who has the right knowledge and can communicate with students to disperse the knowledge that he has amassed is an excellent teacher. We have the best teacher who has lots of experience in the field of yoga and the best in their jobs.

What will happen in accredited 500 hours yoga teacher training?

One word would not explain what is going to happen in 500 hours yoga teacher training. Our 500 hours yoga teacher training is a blend of various yoga of different tastes and when combined will give the perfect dish of yoga who will go through this training course.

Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and Iyengar yoga are some of the yoga techniques that are going to be taught here. Some of these yoga forms and their principles are so vast in an amount that 500 hours given to a single method of yoga would not be enough to master it. That is why the 500 hours yoga teacher training will contain the essence of all of this yoga and make something entirely new and equally amazing.

Practicing various postures, learning to do meditation, and various techniques to detox the body and mind will also be taught and practiced for 500 hours yoga teacher training. At first basic techniques and methods will be taught and as the time of 500 hours of yoga teacher training passes more advanced and difficult techniques and methods will be taught.

The benefit of Accredited 500 hours yoga teacher training

Lower quality and mixture in quality products can be found everywhere in the world. Even the food we eat, the juices we drink we drink are filled with the mixture and for-profit people do so. Moreover, the field of services like that of yoga and similar industries is also filled with the same type of impurities and frauds. Various organizations have been formed and they came forward to provide standardization so that frauds and people who are teaching wrong procedures of the yogic practices and be detected and punished.

If one organization provides accredited 500 hours yoga teacher training, then that means that they are registered to an organization that provides standardization. Which will make sure that the service they are going to provide is good and the teachings they will be teaching will be authentic.

This authentic certificate will also help the future teachers who will be attending 500 hours yoga teacher training. Without being registered as a yoga teacher in a yoga alliance one cannot teach in registered yoga training centers and teacher trainings. Getting accredited 500 hours of teacher training will surely help to boost their career as wonderful yoga teachers.

Important Of Drishti In Yoga- 9 Different Types Of Drishti In yoga | The Eye Play In Yoga

Important Of Drishti In Yoga- 9 Different Types Of Drishti In yoga | The Eye Play In Yoga

9 Different Types Of Drishti In yoga | The Eye Play In Yoga

Drishti, or focused sight, is a way of creating full intention. It refers to the fifth limb of yoga, pratyahara, involving sensory withdrawal, and the sixth limb, Dharana, dealing with focusing. Drishti in yoga is the “focused gaze.” It is a technique used to improve focus in our practice. Similar to our Ujjayi breath, practicing Drishti helps you restore control of the distracted mind via sight.

Important of Drishti in yoga

In every asana, the required Drishti increases focus, supports movement and helps orient the pranic (energetic) body. The full significance of Drishti isn’t confined to its usefulness in asana. In Sanskrit, Drishti may also signify a vision, a point of view, or knowledge and insight.

9 Different forms of Drishti in yoga

In Dharana, we deal with establishing a single focus of concentration in preparation for meditation. After all, where your look travels, your attention and life force energies follow. Whether we are utilizing our Drishti to transfer attention inside or as a physical point of concentration, it is a directed gaze that is soft and gentle rather than an intense stare.

Drishti in yoga is divided into nine parts. In this article, you will discuss asanas with which they are most usually practiced. Your yoga and meditation practice will benefit significantly if you are familiar with the different Drishti. You may experiment with each of these in your next yoga class to see if they help you establish a better sense of balance and relax more deeply throughout your session.

1. Angusthamadhyam Drishti

One may find Angusthamadhyam in between the thumb’s nail and the first joint. Practices like Utkatasan, Urdhva Hastama, and Virabhadra A have included this Drishti into their poses.

2. Nasagra Drishti

Nasagra Drishti in yoga is focusing on the tip of the nose, the viagra Drishti sits. In the poses of chaturanga dandasana and urdhva mukha svanasana, it is most commonly used. Inversions, as well as sitting meditation postures such as padmasana, all make use of viagra.

3. Hastagram Drishti

As the name suggests, hastagram Drishti is a subtle hand or finger imprinting. Utthita trikonasana and utthita parshvakonasana are good examples of this.

4. Parsva Drishti, Left and Right Side

We may glance at two possible directions in Parva Drishti: to the left or the right. This gaze has two distinct Drishti, depending on which side we’re gazing at. In a spinal twist, it usually moves in lockstep with the head. Both utthita par Vanita and Ardha matsyendrasana, for example, require you to rotate your head to the left or right depending on the direction you are twisting in. This two drishti may be seen as an extension of your spinal twist, with your gaze extending beyond the top of your head.

5. Urdhva Drishti in yoga

As with virabhadrasana B’s urdhva Drishti, this Drishti focuses upward or outward, creating a sensation of infinite expanse. An all-encompassing stare that is bold and empathetic when necessary like a real warrior

6. Nabhi Chakra Drishti

In  Nabhi chakra Drishti in yoga, the sight is drawn to the navel. Our eyes are always drawn to the navel as we enter adho mukha svanasana. The Manipura chakra is located in this location and is a powerful energy source. It is also known as “the magic circle” in Sanskrit when referring to the Nabhi chakra.

7. Padayoragram Drishti

This dish is used in janusirsasana, and most forward bends as we direct our eyes to our feet. In this manner, the spine can stretch and reminds us to keep our backs straight rather than curving them at the lower level.

8. Bhrumadhya Drishti

At the center of the brow, this drishti in yoga is located. Most often, while we are meditating, we employ bhrumadhya. Whether the eyes are open or closed, the device may be utilized. This look is meant to draw our attention inside to increase our consciousness and activate the kundalini. The ocular nerves are stimulated, concentration is sharpened, and the mind is calmed. Matsyendrasana is another place where it is utilized. Yoga asana and meditation practice with Drishti discipline our attention, allowing us better access to our higher states of awareness and consciousness.

The practice of Drishti is used to regulate the mind, attain bodily equilibrium, and deepen one’s spiritual connection to the Divine. As drishti is the last yogic practice before obtaining samadhi, or enlightenment, you can understand why it is crucial to have it in your yoga toolbox as well.

Your Doshas May Become Out of Harmony During These Tense and Uncertain Times. Instead of obsessing over every question, respond honestly with your gut. Ultimately, you know yourself better than anybody else does.

9. Ajna Chakra Drishti In Yoga

It is a closed-eye internal gaze known as Antara Drishti. The Ajna chakra, or third eye center, is a place of divine knowledge and intuition. With your eyes closed, gaze up and inside. According to master yogis of the Iyengar tradition, the practice of yoga may help develop and improve one’s inner vision and knowledge.

Advanced YTTC- Best Yoga Teacher Training Course in Nepal

Advanced YTTC- Best Yoga Teacher Training Course in Nepal

Advanced YTTC- Teacher Training Course

There are various courses of yoga given at various institutes, and retreat centers around the world. Among the various yogic courses, there is an advanced yoga teacher training course which focus on advanced practice of yoga asana, meditation, breathing and all dimension of yoga. Advanced YTTC we provide in Nepal Yoga Home is authentic, traditional, multi style and true yoga which practices by our saints. Before going further let’s first know what advanced yoga is and what advanced yoga teacher training course is.

What is Advanced yoga?

Advanced YTTC is a type of yoga that is classified as difficult to perform and may take some time and dedication to master. Generally, it consists of difficult poses and postures which untrained bodied people may find extremely difficult to perform. Some are difficult for the physical body while some are difficult for the spiritual as well as the mental body.

What is an Advanced yoga teacher training course?

Advanced YTTC is a subject of study for those who are willing to be the teacher of advanced yoga. They are in the process of mastering Advanced yoga so that in the future they can be teachers in this advanced course. Here they will go deeper into the subject matter of yoga which is going to be its very core and essence.

Why take advanced yoga?

Taking advanced YTTC later may come forward as one of the best decisions taken by the individuals who decide to take part in it. There are various reasons why I should take advanced yoga teacher training and let us discuss them,

The benefit to your own body

This may have the name of a teacher training course, but it does not mean that it is not going to be beneficial to the body of the individual who is going to practice it. One will practice yoga and healing techniques for the entire course which will take out the toxins from the body and mind which is going to make them healthier.

Advanced knowledge

Ast the name itself suggests this is the advanced form of yoga with higher knowledge in both theories as well as the practical form. People who strive for a great form of yogic knowledge, principles, and yoga forms should join this course as advanced YTTC consists of a lot of them.

Amazing experience

Learning yoga at this amazing place itself is a wonderful experience. One can take a break from their hectic schedule and once in a while, it not only feels good but also is the need of the body, mind, and soul. Day-to-day schedule and always running can sometimes hamper both physical and mental health.

Why Nepal is best for advanced YTTC?

Nepal is best for advanced yoga learning and advanced yoga teacher training because this is the origin of this spiritual practice. The authenticity of the yogic practices that are found here is hard to find in other parts of the world. One can investigate and research even the process and knowledge that is yet to be rediscovered and lost to the time.

Is it necessary to do advanced posture?

Yoga comes in all shapes, sizes, and postures. There are easy postures and poses which can be done even by someone who has done yoga for the first time in their lives. However, there are such which need constant focus for even years to do so. However, the question is it necessary to do advanced posture?

Yes, every type of yoga has its benefits and effects on the body. The first reason is the benefit that is given by one posture and exercise is hard to precisely get by another technique so, to reap all the benefits one must even learn the advanced posture.

Another important thing is that we are learning to be a teacher of yoga and to be a teacher and give knowledge one must be able to master the topic so that they can have a better understanding of the subject and give the complete knowledge to their students. The name of the course is advanced YTTC, and one needs to master advanced poses to teach others.

Why are only a few people interested in advanced yoga?

The times are changing. In this informative world, people are more interested in a healthy and active lifestyle. Hence, more and more people are practicing yoga and arriving in the amazing world of yoga. However, most people only get stuck at the beginner’s level and do not go beyond that and there is a big reason behind that.

Mainly people practice yoga so that they can be healthy, it is not to gain advanced knowledge or to be spiritual but to have a healthy body. Basic yoga steps and basic yoga knowledge also can grant amazing health benefits and other advantages and most people are satisfied with what they are getting and do not strive to get to the advanced level it is the biggest reason why most people are not interested in advanced YTTC.

There are some people who despite having a great interest in advanced yoga and superior yogic knowledge are not able to get it and for them, the biggest obstacle is their time. To master yoga in the advanced form and gain superior yogic knowledge one needs a considerate amount of time, dedication, and practice. Even to go to advanced YTTC one needs time. People even having interests there are not able to give them time because they have their profession, study, and other work to do to run their lives. Even with great interest and enthusiasm people are not able to perform advanced yoga.

Do Your First Yoga Experience In Nepal, The Authentic Place For Yoga

Do Your First Yoga Experience In Nepal, The Authentic Place For Yoga

Do Your First Yoga Experience In Nepal, The Authentic Place For Yoga

This article will show you my first yoga experience in Nepal. I had wanted to take yoga courses for a long time, but I was apprehensive about getting started. I used to worry that I would seem out of place amongst the limber individuals doing incredible yoga positions. However, I was completely incorrect! I have come to understand that yoga training has been beneficial in helping me reduce stress and become more conscious of the importance of living in the moment. Isn’t it incredible?

Why is Nepal Best for Yoga Experience?

This location is one-of-a-kind. I could not have asked for a more pleasing environment to complete a yoga teacher-training program. From the depths of yoga’s origins to the simplest pleasures of laughter and smiles, it teaches you the importance of maintaining a healthy balance in your life. Every one of the professors has their unique thoughts and points of view, and it is this diversity helps to make the lessons so comprehensive. As soon as you walk through the door, the atmosphere and the Prakash family will make you feel at ease. I first learned the truth about what yoga is about, particularly in the philosophy sessions, where lectures are delivered with great passion and commitment to the practice.

first yoga experience in nepal

The set consists of a warm and welcoming ambiance in which you will be welcomed and cared for by a selfless and caring family of practitioners. You cannot place a monetary value on the invaluable insights you will get from all of the professors here, who are unquestionably the finest at what they do and who use innovative teaching approaches.

The classroom is energized by a varied collection of non-judgmental, helpful, compassionate, and, most importantly, treat each other as if they were members of their own family. I like the dynamic of knowledge sharing among the folks with whom I spend a lot of time. The most significant thing is that you may also have your own time and space to devote to your demands and requirements.

I am looking forward to my first visit to a yoga retreat right now.

It is something you should expect on your first day as well. Here are something that I face during my first yoga experience.

I was dripping wet with sweat!

First thing in my first Yoga Experience. Make sure you are prepared, you people! Yoga is a full-body workout in and of itself. After a full 15-minute yoga practice, I never anticipated being completely drenched in sweat. The majority of people believe that yoga consists of favorable positions. Although it is true, even a moderate yoga flow may cause you to sweat, just like any other fitness plan.

Poses that seem to be simple are often back-breaking!

The second thing in my first Yoga Experience. Just because the trainer seems to be doing it easy does not imply it! Yoga positions need a great deal of concentration and perfect breathing. It may seem that maintaining a job is simple to you, but your body will have to work harder to keep it. In the beginning, you may not strike the same position as everyone else! However, do not worry, everything will be OK. It will not affect your enthusiasm for yoga. I could not reproduce identical postures on the first day, but the setting was pleasant, and I did not feel intruding.

yoga experience in nepal

I could not even pronounce the majority of the asanas

Three things in my first Yoga Experience. Your yoga instructor may use Sanskrit terms that you are unfamiliar with and find difficult to understand. Although most professors use English names, you will soon begin to know some of them after some time.

Impressive Begging

Impressive begging is another significant part of my first Yoga Experience. However, it is an excellent trap! Yoga begins with the singing of the word ‘om.’ You sit there making sounds while doing absolutely nothing! Chanting the word “Om” signals the start and end of a yoga session, which is used at both times. As repeated, the expression produces a vibration with the same frequency as found in all things in nature.

Depending on the situation, you may also hear your instructor utter ‘Namaste’ at the beginning or conclusion of the lesson. In India, the greeting ‘Namaste’ means ‘I bow to you,’ which is used to express respect. It is used to express gratitude to those who are close to you.

There is a physical exchange of contact.

Another aspect of my first yoga experience. Essentially, your yoga trainer will modify you to ensure that you are in the proper poses. These changes will surely help you correct your posture and stances, even though they may seem scary at first.

Savasana is, without a doubt, a calming position!

Savasana is a yoga term that means’ corpse position.’ It is a resting position frequently practiced at the end of a yoga lesson. It entails lying down on the floor, pleasantly and silently, with no thoughts running through your head. It is similar to sleeping but without sleep! It is all about having fun! Savasana induces complete relaxation, allowing you to rest until the end of the lesson.

If you are in Savasana, it may not recommend that you stand up and leave the class. Even though it only lasts two to five minutes, it is an essential aspect of a yoga practice. Your instructor may explain the significance of this stance, which includes letting the body absorb up the practice’s energy and benefits. After a challenging yoga class, it is a beautiful method to relax both your body and mind.

At first yoga experience, I planned to attend yoga classes twice a week, but I am finding that I am becoming hooked to the practice. Now that I am doing yoga five days a week, I have improved my flexibility, strength, stress reduction, and good sleep.

I highly recommend Nepal yoga Home for your first yoga Experience.


Yoga Graduate from Nepal Yoga Home

Yoga Training Class in Nepal | Yoga Teacher Training Classes in Kathmandu, Nepal

Yoga Training Class in Nepal | Yoga Teacher Training Classes in Kathmandu, Nepal

Yoga Training Class in Nepal, Why To Participate YTT in Nepal

Nepal is known for its yoga practices and yoga training classes. Many places provide yoga teacher training. Among many, there is a yoga home for yoga teacher training and yoga training classes that stands out due to its closeness to the original methods and knowledge as well as natural techniques.

Yoga training class provides an amazing opportunity for individuals that are willing to take part in amazing yogic activities. But, saying this much is not enough for the people who are investing their time and resources, one needs an answer to why Yoga home and why yoga training class there.

The answer does not consist of one word or even one point. There are many reasons and points to the answer why Nepal Yoga home for yoga training class. Let us look at each of those points in detail:

An amazing experience

The first and the most wonderful thing about Yoga training class in Nepal Yoga Home is that it is going to be an amazing experience. It is like a journey to an amazing destination, but the journey will be more beautiful than the journey itself. Every element will combine to give the participating individual an amazing journey from the very beginning to the very end.

Valuable certificate

People get yoga training classes to begin their careers in yoga and related fields. If that is the case, then for then Yoga home for yoga training class is the best place for them. The certificates that are provided by Yoga home for yoga training class are valuable and using this one can begin a career in yoga and similar fields.

Amazing teachers

Teachers are the key to learning. Yes, a great deal about learning depends mostly on students and their dedication to their studies. However, the ability, knowledge, and experience of the teacher also come into play during the study process. Only a knowledgeable teacher is also not enough. They should be able to communicate with their students and make an environment for learning. Yoga home in this matter has the most amazing teachers with years of experience and knowledge in this field. The teachers will amazingly through this process.

Learning environment

Yogic practices and yoga are designed to be practiced in places that connect with nature. That is the very reason why sages who practice yoga and meditation love to live in places that are closer to nature than civilization and cities. Also, the learning centers of yoga and similar places are built on the edges of society which can connect both nature and society. If one arrives at Nepal yoga home for a yoga training class, they will also have the chance to connect with nature and be a step ahead in their yogic practices.

Aside from this the environment that exists between the students and students, students and teachers, and students and management also matter in the learning procedure. Yoga home acknowledges this and maintains a balanced and healthy environment among them so that a good and amazing atmosphere can be created.

Yoga teacher training courses

This must be the greatest reason to come into Yoga home for yoga training class. Yoga home provides many wonderful courses related to yoga teacher training. There are 100 hours of yoga teacher training courses, 200 hours of yoga teacher training courses and 500 hours of yoga teacher training courses, and other various similar courses. These periods are designed to have the perfect balance between the courses of study and the amount of time. One can see the study materials and decide for themselves what they want. If they want a detailed course and have been in this field recently and want to spend more time learning, then longer hours teaching courses is for you.

However, if the individual has been on this path for some time and can easily understand the topics of the related field then they can take the courses for a shorter period. But all of the courses that are provided are very amazing and wonderfully designed to benefit the students.

Amazing management and the entire team

Yoga home is an organization that has dedicated its service to the world of yoga, yogic practices, and the well-being of the individuals that arrive here in search of a healthier lifestyle. Generally, people who arrive here for yoga training classes interact with teachers and some other members who work in the field of yoga and other similar activities. However, there is an entire management team behind the amazing work of Yoga house.

Some people do not come forward in the light but are working hard behind the curtains to keep the performance of this amazing organization at its peak. The amazing service of yoga house for yoga teacher training that people see is the effort of all of the individuals, the teachers, the staff, and the entire management team who work very hard to give the thrilling, amazing and authentic experience of yoga teacher training.