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 14-obstacles of yoga

Yoga is a wonderful activity that aids you in recognizing your true potential. However, the road to spirituality is easier said than done. In this blog, we shall take a look at the obstacles of yoga that arise while practicing yoga. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

1. Vyadhi

The first and foremost obstacle that we encounter while practicing yoga is ‘vyadhi’. It refers to the various illness and diseases that stop us from performing yoga. It is not possible to practice yoga if one suffers from any sort of physical/mental ailments. Thus, it is of paramount importance that you maintain a healthy lifestyle if you want to develop yourself in yoga.

2. Styana 

Another obstacles of yoga are styana. When we procrastinate, we are running away from our duties and obligation. Only when we perform our duties timely, we can achieve the desired result. Heeding away from one’s duty/kartavya, is an obstacle that we must conquer to embrace yoga’s secrets. Furthermore, you must develop a habit of ignoring excuses.

3. Sanshaya

It is important to believe in oneself and the path that we are walking. If we start to doubt ourselves, then we can never achieve the set target. If we cultivate faith in ourselves, then only can we perform better in yoga and life. Self-doubt is not only an obstacle in yoga but in life too. So, you must get used to the idea of believing in yourself a bit more.

4. Pramada

When we get used to things, we tend to get careless. It is one of the great obstacles of yoga. The illusion of knowledge is dangerous than no knowledge. You must treat this subject with great respect and care if you want to understand its principles. Only through proper devotion and practice, you can comprehend its benefits.

5. Alasya

Who doesn’t feel lazy from time to time? However, you must not feel lazy while practicing yoga. Yoga mandates enthusiasm, discipline, and willpower. All these elements are crucial if you want to truly embrace the divine art, i.e. yoga. Laziness will be your biggest obstacle if you let it run amok. As a result, we advise you to practice yoga in a fresh state of mind.

6. Avirati

Avirati refers to the principle in which the human mind is overly attached to materialistic things. It is another obstacles of yoga that needs your attention. Once you give in to materialistic pleasure, you won’t be able to comprehend the teachings of yoga. You must learn to let go of the attachments that constrain you. Letting go of these shackles can be a bit difficult but after proper practice, you can do it.

7. Anawasthitatwa

Like any program, there are various phases in yoga too. You must start from the bottom and slowly, make your way to the top. Going through these phases need proper practice and time. Getting stuck in a phase can be a bit of a downer. It results from improper practice and attention. If one gets stuck in a phase for long, then it can lead to you dropping yoga. So, practice yoga with your full devotion.

8. Bhrantidarshan

Whenever we indulge in something, we tend to create an image of that in our minds. At times, it matches our expectations whereas most of the time it does not. One of the major obstacles in yoga stems from the fact that people have false expectations from yoga. When it does no match their expectation, people get disappointed and leave yoga. So, before you practice yoga, make sure that you clear yourself from any false ideas.

9. Alabdha-bhumikatva

Similar to Anawasthitatwa, Alabdha-bhumikatva refers to an obstacle in yoga in which the person fails to achieve the next stage. The major reason for this is the faulty practice and incompetence of the yoga practitioner. To prevent this problem from happening, make sure that you practice yoga with full concentration and devotion.

10. Shvâsa-prashvâsa

In yoga, you must learn to breathe systematically. However, if you suffer from breathing problems then it can be a huge problem. Breathing ailments refrain you from having proper command over your breath and makes the yoga process painful. It an obstacles in yoga that demands proper attention. If you want to control this problem at bay, then do visit a doctor.

11. Dukha

In life, there are happiness and sorrow. They are like two parts of the coin and we need to deal with both of them. There are times when sadness tends to overpower us. During that stage, if we practice yoga, then we won’t be able to reap benefits. Thus, we need to control our emotions and even during sadness, control our emotions, and carry on with our work.

12. Daurmanasya is another obstacle of yoga 

When the Dukha stage continues for a prolonged period, it manifests into Daurmanasya. It refers to serious mental ailments like depression. When depression is left untreated, it not only hampers your yoga but affects your daily life. If you feel that you have this problem then don’t be afraid to seek professional help. These obstacles in yoga can greatly harm your personal life too.

13. Angamejayatwa

In yoga, one must go through a variety of poses. These poses are crucial and are greatly linked to yoga. While doing it. some people might experience stiff body parts or even shivering. It results in yoga becoming ineffective. Also, the person won’t be able to achieve the objective that he has decided.

14. Rest

You must understand the difference between rest and quit. Taking a break for a few days does not mean that you’ll affect your yoga schedule. On the contrary, it will strengthen your mind and body and lead to better performance. Many people tend to overindulge in yoga and at times it causes more harm than good. Learn to overcome these obstacles in yoga and live a healthy life.

These are the obstacles in yoga that arise while practicing yoga so be on the lookout.