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Main Principles of Reflexology and Techniques

Using Principles of the Reflexology is a gentle approach, a fascinating ancient scientific method that has been around for a long time. Reflexology is a highly effective sort of foot massage. A combination of science and art is involved. Science and art are intertwined in this field since they are based on empirical evidence from human biology and neurology studies.

A minor component of the body, they are. A single reflex represents every body part, organ, and gland. As a whole, the body’s anatomical design is highly similar to how it functions. It has to do with the way the feet move.

Main Principles of Reflexology

The reflex zones are stimulated using special thumb and finger pressure techniques. As we apply our healing powers, physiological changes occur in our bodies. The Principles of Reflexology claims that when an organ or body part is under stress or weak, the area that corresponds to that organ or body part will be more sensitive.

The ancient Chinese Meridians

About 3,000 years ago, the Chinese discovered the meridian system, and since then, it has grown from obscurity to become a well-known and extensively investigated field of study.

They resemble but are not the same as the reflexology zones. Every human being has twelve primary meridians, all of which go from one side of the body to the other, and each meridian has its mirror image.

Quantum physics of the human body

For a long time, people thought of the human body as a machine composed of mechanical pieces. According to Sir Isaac Newton, the more one studies nature, the more mechanical or predictable things should be and how they behave.

The quantum physics theory explains how several energy forces interact to form a whole. Energy and movement make up people, and health is a state of equilibrium between this energy and the organism’s internal and external settings.

12 Principles of Reflexology and Techniques

Foot massages can be done on yourself or someone else, and there are 12 Principles of reflexology and Technique to do it.

1. Warm-up twists

There are many ways to start a foot massage, but warm-up twists are one way to do it. To use this principles of reflexology:

  • The foot should be held in the palms of both hands.
  • Push the left foot back while extending the right foot forward.
  • When you make your left foot back, pull your right foot forward.
  • Keep twisting your body, moving your hands from your ankle to your toes.

2. Arch Rubs

It is possible to use this technique to massage the bottom of the foot. To use Arch rubs method:

  • You should hold the top of your foot.

3. The toe bends

It may help the feet be more flexible. To use toe bends foot massage technique:

  • With one hand, hold the heel

4. Foot spread

There is a chance that spreading food may help the foot grow naturally. To use Foot spread principles of Reflexology:

Foot massages method:

  • Hold each side of your foot.
  • Push each side of your foot outward

5. Heel Squeeze Technique

To relieve stress at the back of the foot, you may want to squeeze the heel. It may help. To use this method:

  • Keep holding the top of your foot.
  • On the other hand, hold the back of the heel

6. Knuckle or first work

Fist work or Knuckle is a way to get the bottom of your foot massage with your hands. To use this principles of Reflexology:

  • With one hand, hold your back of the foot.
  • On the other hand, have a knuckle or full fist against the bottom of the foot.
  • Use your Knuckle or fist for kneading the bottom of your foot with moderate pressure until it is smooth.

7. Top and side circles

Top and side circling is a simple way to massage your feet. To use:

  • With both hands, hold your foot from below.
  • Make a circle with your fingers all the way around your ankles, one on each side of your torso.
  • Keep circling the fingers, all the way to the toes
  • Pay attention to how far apart each tendon is from the next.

8. Thumb work

Thumb work is another way to get a foot massage. You can do it on the bottom of your foot. To use this method:

  • One hand on the side of both feet
  • To do this, place your finger on top of your foot.
  • On the toe pads, Thumbs under each foot,
  • Use your thumbs to move down each toe, with a bit of pressure.

9. Pressure points

Another way to get a good foot massage is to press points on the instep. To use this method:

  • On the other hand, the thumb press and let go of the top of the instep.

10. Achilles massage

A massage of the Achilles tendon may help to relieve stress on it. To use Achilles massage method:

  • Hold on to the Achilles tendon with the other hand between your thumb and index finger.

11. Toe massage

Toe massage is very helpful and may relieve tension, and it could also help you sleep better at night. To use Toe massage method:

  • Hold the bottom of your foot with one hand.
  • With the fingers of the other hand, gently tug, twist, and pull each toe with your other hand.
  • Move from the outside toes to the inside toes

12. Finishing strokes

At the end of foot massage finishing strokes, people can use finishing strokes to ensure the message is done well enough. To use this method:

  • The foot should be held in the palms of both hands.
  • Gently press the left side of the foot back while pulling the bottom half of the foot forward.
  • When you do this, make the left side of your foot back while you make the right side forward.