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What is Foot Reflexology- Curing The Diseases By Pressing Foot

Foot Reflexology is the process of pressure to specific points on the foot based on reflexology. Different parts of the foot relate to other organs and systems of the body. Pressure administered to the foot may bring calm and healing to the amount of the body that it corresponds to.

According to specific theories, these bodily components, which you may relate to particular organs and body systems, are the source of the problem. Reflexologists are those who use this approach to relieve stress.

How does Foot reflexology work?

Since ancient times, people have used foot reflexology to cure various ailments. It entails exerting pressure to multiple locations on the bottom of the foot to get the desired result. According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), different places on the body are associated with various body sections, according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). There are other advantages that they may feel they provide, including stress reduction, digestive assistance, and sleep promotion.

Benefits of foot reflexology

Foot reflexology may be beneficial in the following situations:

Stress and relaxation

Relaxation and stress control are two essential advantages linked with reflexology practice. It may accomplish by the application of pressure to specific places on foot. Martinez believes that the most significant effect is likely to be relaxation. Reflexology works by improving blood flow through the body, which helps to alleviate tension and anxiety and lower blood pressure. Feeling calm comes naturally when you are experiencing less stress and anxiety.

According to the authors of the 2015 research mentioned above, one frequent advantage of reflexology may be reducing stress and the induction of overall relaxation throughout the treatment. Additionally, according to the research findings, reflexology may be a valuable tool for breaking the cycle of recurrent lifestyle stress by assisting the body’s systems in restoring to their original condition.

Pain management

Foot reflexology may help reduce pain after surgery. According to research published in 2020, foot reflexology may significantly lessen pain following kidney transplant surgery compared to a control group.

According to 2018 research, foot reflexology may significantly lessen pain after abdominal hysterectomy surgery compared to a control group. In addition, there is evidence to support the usefulness of foot reflexology in the treatment of chronic pain conditions. In 2019 research, foot reflexology may be effective in reducing pain and anxiety in children with chronic pain.

According to findings, a 2018 survey research of military soldiers suffering from chronic pain discovered that after only one session of foot reflexology, you lowered pain levels by 43 percent in men and 41 percent in females.


Martinez points out that reflexology may be beneficial for digestion. One of the reflex points on your foot is associated with your stomach; thus, when this specific point is stimulated, it will enhance blood flow to your stomach, therefore aiding in digestion improvement.

However, according to the findings of a 2017 research on foot reflexology for children with functional constipation, reflexology had no impact on the frequency or consistency of bowel movements. Further study may need to conduct to understand any impact that foot reflexology may have on digestion.


Reflexology may assist in reversing some of the stress that we place on our eyes just by going about our everyday lives. These pressure areas aid in the relaxation of the stiff muscles that result from staring at our screens all day.

Improved sleep

Because reflexology may be effective in assisting you to relax and decrease tension, it comes as no surprise that some believe it may aid in the promotion of a more peaceful night’s sleep. Because reflexology facilitates the movement of energy and the improvement of general circulation, it is simple to fall asleep quickly after receiving treatment.

Following kidney transplantation surgery, according to the 2020 research mentioned above on foot reflexology, the group that underwent foot reflexology had considerably better sleep quality than the control group. Also, you can join the wellness retreat course for the better sleep.


It is currently uncertain if foot reflexology is suitable for people with diabetes. However, this is an area of research that is continuing. According to a 2018 research published by Trusted Source, 12-foot reflexology sessions for persons with diabetes did not influence capillary blood glucose levels, feet tissue temperature, or plantar pressure measurements.

Some improvement may show in the time spent on the ground with the feet, which may have implications for greater mobility and the prevention of foot ulcers. However, since this was a small study with limitations, You may require further research before any conclusions may draw about the effectiveness of reflexology in the treatment of diabetes.