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10 ways of a wellness strategy 

Wellness in a general sense means the state of being in good physical health. Going deeper into its definition is just being physically fine or is it more? Yes, wellness strategy is more than just being physically fine. Physical fitness is an integral part of wellness but it is not all to it. Psychological wellbeing, social wellbeing are also the key components of a well status of a human being.

It is common knowledge, various ingredients are needed to make a healthy and tasty meal. Similarly, various components and strategies are required for a well-strategized life.

Following are the 10 Ways of a wellness strategy

Yoga and meditations- worlds most popular wellness strategy

Yoga is a set of various positions and postures performed on the daily basis for the physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. It is one of the most common and well-known wellbeing strategies one can adopt. Originally belonging to ancient Hindu civilization centuries ago, the practice of yoga and meditation has come a long way and now is spread worldwide like some sort of health trend. The lotus pose, downward-facing dog pose, the cobra pose, the crane pose are one of the most popular yoga poses.

Healthy food

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need”-Ayurvedic proverb. Food is our energy source the energy to walk, work, exercise everything comes from food. So we can conclude that we are almost what we eat. Eating healthy with balanced exercise are the primary elements of the wellness strategy. Balanced weight, better mood, and improved memory, strong bones, and muscles, healthy offspring are some of the benefits of a healthy diet.

Read wellness newspaper and newsletter

Knowledge and information are the two key components for every action and in every step. The wellness newspaper and newsletter provide information about various healthy habits, food benefits, yoga, and meditations. There are hundreds of yoga poses and exercises, Thousands and thousands of foods you cannot try them all you need guidance to find the appropriate one for your goals. Firstly wellness newspaper and newsletter provide you the guidance to your health goals and back that guidance and advice through research-based evidence.

Physical exercise

The unused machine becomes the victim of rusts and damages itself, likewise, a human body is also a complex biological machine. If not used to its capacity the body becomes a victim of diseases and other physical imbalances. In the past when technology was not so advanced and people’s daily activities were hard labor in fields, they didn’t need exercise as their daily work and activities used the body to its optimum potential.

However, today’s situation is not like that people are becoming overweight and lacking physical exercise as most of the works hardly needs any physical labor. So we need to take time to exercise apart of our work to keep the body healthy. Running. Skipping, pushup, swimming, sit-up are some of the healthy exercises you can perform to keep your body healthy and energetic.

Participating in outdoor sport the healthiest wellness strategy

Outdoor sports are the healthiest form of activities one can adopt as a wellness strategy. These types of activities use most of the muscles in the body resulting in a good physique. We can see the bodies of professional athletes and football players. They are well ripped and very energetic. Sports not only make you physically healthy but also make you mentally strong. Better sleep, Healthy heart, improved lung function, increased confidence, friendship are some of the advantages of sports.

Walk before bed

Lately, people used to believe that walk before sleep prevents sleep but the national sleep foundation in 2013 found that exercising whenever you can even at night helps you sleep better. Some research even suggests that it reduces anxiety and stress. Now, looking it at by a psychological perspective during a walk before bed you can reflect all the good things that happened during the day, furthermore, you can also make a strong mindset for tomorrow’s activities and success.

 Morning walk-Most people adopt this wellness strategy

morning walk-a wellness strategy
Morning times had been told as the best time of the day for the exercise and have the most impact on the body. Our body uses most of our energy during the sleep so during the morning walks the body is forced to the stored up carbohydrates thus acting a good weight balancing technique and an awesome wellness strategy. Reduced fatigue, better mood, reduced anxiety are some of the well-known benefits of morning walk.

Charity work

“Charity brings life to those who are spiritually dead” Thomas Aquinas. Almost every people at one point in life may have given something to the needy even knowing they couldn’t afford to return the favor. People who often involve themselves in charity had said it brings more meaning to the life. People doing charity are more generous and they inspire their children to be more generous and giving. A charity may not help physical wellbeing but do wonders in social as well as psychological wellbeing and is the best spiritual & wellness strategy.

People to people Communication

In this age of technology, people are ignoring the people around them and getting involved in the virtual world instead of reality. This is causing various mental illnesses, depression, and anxiety in individuals. This can be reduced by the communication between the peoples. When people share problems, spend time with each other’s, present in the real world instead of the virtual world. This will heal people’s mental wounds. Communicating will tighten the old bonds, make new friends, and reduce stress, increases problem-solving capacity.


Traveling is a basic function performed by living beings. Everybody travels some for work, some for food, and some for passion. But every once in awhile people should take a break from their current life and take a vacation to a new untraveled place. This will fill you with new energy, new experiences, new peoples, and new goals. Traveling is the next good wellness strategy as it improves physical, social as well as mental wellbeing. Traveling and talking to nature once in a while helps a lot.