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What is Cyclic Meditation?

The nature of mind seems to be always wandering. We can see our mind is never satisfied. As a result we are always chasing happiness in something. It is like a maze. We reach nowhere. Yoga is to stop chasing. The real success of life is self-realization. For this first we need to learn the nature of our mind. The more desire we have more our mind becomes distracted. We should learn to keep our desire less. In this way we can remain productive as well as maintain peacefulness in life. Yoga helps to make our life becomes more meaningful and joyful.

Cyclic meditation is the practice of awareness and mindfulness. The principle of Cyclic Meditation is based on the Karika of Mandukya Upanishad. It is one of the oldest ancient texts. The practice combines different postures in standing and sitting practised with awareness and 3D consciousness. The Asana posture helps to stretch and improve blood circulation in our body. The combined practice of mantra chanting and relaxation in Cyclic Meditation further helps to resonating our body and mind.

Stress Management

There are two types of stress – good and bad. Sometime stress is needed to cope with the situation. Due to ignorance and illusion we start to take unnecessary stress in our life. It makes our life misery. The process of yoga is to tune you with your true nature which is state of calm and peacefulness. Cyclic meditation is a very systematic technique designed for stress management and better quality of life. It promotes relaxation and rejuvenation to our life. In this technique there are certain steps where we practice different postures including relaxation, mantra chanting and breathing with mindfulness. The practice helps to slow down our thought process and relax and revitalize our body and mind.

In busy life style we may not have that long time to dedicate our life to yoga and meditation. Cyclic Meditation is the combination of stimulation and relaxation helping you to get the benefit of postures and meditation at the same time. It does not need much time. Just a half an hour of this practice can give you the equal benefit of as of deep sleep at night.

Benefit of Cyclic Meditation

According to research based on S-VYASA University, the half and hour of practice of Cyclic Meditation can give you the same benefit as of 8 hours of sound sleep. Thus, this meditation improves your sleep quality also. It brings deep relaxation to the body. It helps to improve the concentration level. It is beneficial for elder people also as it improves brain function and enhances the alertness.

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Improves oxygen consumption

  • Rejuvenate the energy system

  • Improves alertness and awareness in day to day life

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Decreases the stress level, thus good to cope with stress and anxiety

  • Improves ability of concentration and focus

Procedure of Cyclic Meditation

Cyclic Meditation is not just meditation technique but a complete practice which combines all the relaxation technique, mantra chanting and a whole process of mindfulness. The practice helps to stimulate and relax keeping your mind all the time alert and focussed.

Instant Relaxation Technique

This is one of the stimulating and relaxing techniques which can be done lying down on Shavasana. We create the tension in our whole body from toes to head and then relax our whole body. It just takes about a minute. It helps to relax our body and release the tension. Those who have weak heart and are suffering from hypertension can avoid this practice.

Linear Awareness

Relaxing in a linear position helps to relax our body.

3D Awareness

We stand in Tadasana. We observe the vibration of the sound throughout the body with the chanting mantra and meditate on it. It has a relaxing and calming effect in our body and mind.

Centring the Body

Centring of the body develops the sense of balancing. In Tadasana we observe the pointed awareness, surface awareness and linear awareness in our body.

Standing Pose

In Standing Pose we practise Tadasana and Tiryaka Tadasana. The posture helps to improve our balance and stretch our side muscles. It also creates the linear awareness.

Quick Relaxation Technique

In quick relaxation technique we observe the diaphragmatic breathing. In first step we just observe the natural breathing. After that we try to synchronize the breathing with the movement of abdomen. In third stage we try to engage the mind with the breathing. This practice helps to rejuvenate our body and mind.

Sitting Posture

In sitting posture we practice Vajrasana, Shasankasana and Ushtrasana. These practises have very restorative effect in our body.

Deep Relaxation Technique

Deep Relaxation Technique is the technique through which we are able to relax our whole body. It also helps to calm down our mind. In this practice we do the observation, mental suggestion, resolution and visualization. It is a great practice to relax and get rejuvenated.

Mantra Chanting –

The practice of mantra chanting in cyclic meditation aims to tune our mind with the body through the resonation created by the sound vibration. The A-kara, U-kara, M-kara and Aum-Kara chanting helps to develop our awareness and get relaxed more efficiently.

Limitation –

Cyclic meditation is suitable for all people. Those who find difficulty in standing they can also do it with the support of the chair.

The Key points –

During the whole practice we keep our eyes closed. We practice each and every movement in slow pace so that we are fully aware about the state of mind, and the sensation happening in our body. This allows keeping our mind concentrated during the whole practice. The relaxation done in between the practice helps to deepen the state of relaxation and meditation. The practice takes like 20 to 30 minutes duration.

In nutshell –

Cyclic meditation is a systematic and scientific technique that combines the practice of yogic postures, with proper breathing and awareness, the relaxing techniques, with mantra chanting, visualization and resolution. The practice can help not just to relax but promote overall physical, mental and spiritual health. As the technique takes very less time and can be practised in any proper place and interval it can be very compatible in today’s busy and fast world. We see lot of stress and anxiety related problem in today’s world. The practice can be a boon for better life, better health and overall spiritual development.

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