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Magnetic therapy to heal the physical diseases and mental discomforts

Magnetic therapy is a type of alternative therapy which focuses on the magnetic field by using different size and strength of magnet to heal the physical diseases and mental discomforts. Our body is covered by the energy field which can protect us from many risks for the body. If the layer of the energy is thick, we become happy and healthy in our life. If the layer becomes thin, there remains the probability to be sick mentally and physically. The researchers have proved that the energy field of a human body becomes thin six or three months before a person becomes sick. It clarifies that the energy field is the main factor for becoming ill.

Aura is the energy field of every person. Aura covers our whole body but it cannot be seen by our open eyes. In the pictures of the Gods from ancient time, we can see the layer around the head. That is the layer of aura. The person who is spiritually high has the thicker aura than the normal persons. The aura can protect us from the diseases. In real, magnet therapy is the healing strategy by using the magnetic field. This therapy is performed by using the magnetic field of electromagnetic devices or the real magnet. The patient can use different types of pieces of jewellery on different parts of the body to heal the particular disease.

Magnetic therapy has the history of more than 2,000 years. We can find the proof of magnetism in different areas of the ancient world. Now, it becomes the worldwide alternative therapeutic method. There are many products which can be worn on our body. They can increase the blood circulation of the body part where we wear the magnetic product. People believe that the magnet can draw the disease from the body.

The fast circulation can increase the oxygen in the blood. The oxygen can heal the pain and any disease at the faster rate. When the circulation of the blood brings the extra more Oxygen in our brain we can be healed by the mental stress, anxiety, discomfort and any types of mental diseases. When the blood flows fast, the blood can open the blockages in the body. The main reason for the diseases is the blockages in our body according to the Ayurveda.

If we can be able to open the blockages of our body, we can be completely healthy in our life. Most of the alternative therapy focuses on the opening blockages which are the real foundation of the disease. We can get complete wellbeing in our life by magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy is the attraction of the healthy body and peaceful mind. Magnetic therapy is a type of therapy which can work as many alternative therapies work.

Magnetic therapy can release the natural endorphin hormone from our body which is the natural painkiller. Magnet therapy is very effective in pain to relieve our body. The endorphin hormone is the chemical of our body which is the cause of happiness and joyfulness. Happiness can heal any types of mental diseases. Magnet therapy can increase the immune system of the body which prevents us from many diseases. It is a saying among the people that prevention is better than cure.

People even claim that magnetic therapy can heal the cancer disease too. Magnetic therapy increases the immune system of our body, the antibody. The immune system gives the ability to heal the body.

The magnet which we use should be:

  1. The pole should be totally negative.
  2. The magnetic field should be larger than normal.
  3. The strength of the magnet should be greater than 25 gausses.
  4. We should use the magnet 20 hours a day and totally 3 months minimum.
  5. The smaller space between the magnet and our body would be better.
  6. If we use the multiple numbers of the magnet, that gives effect result.

Our body works as an electromagnetic system so the magnet can able to heal the diseases of our body.

Precaution of magnetic therapy

There is no need to care about the precaution when we apply the magnetic therapy in our life but we should not use this therapy to those who wear pacemaker in their heart.

Benefits of magnetic therapy

  1. It can increase the blood circulation of the body.
  2. It can open the blockages of our body which are the responsible for the diseases in our body.
  3. It helps to increase the endorphin hormone in our body which can work as a natural painkiller for the pain of our body.
  4. The endorphin hormone is the hormone which brings happiness.
  5. It can balance feelings and thoughts in our mind.
  6. It can increase the stamina of our body.
  7. It can increase the immune system of our body.
  8. It can maintain the PH scale of the blood which is the main factor to keep our body healthy.
  9. Magnetic therapy is the natural therapy which has not any negative side effects.
  10. Magnetic therapy doesn’t have any risk by applying this therapy in our body.


There is the magnetic field in this world which is called bio-magnetism. By using the power of bio-magnetism, we can heal the diseases. There is the north and South Pole of the magnet in this earth. That works as a magnet which is the symbol of harmony in the earth. We can use the bio-magnetic energy to heal diseases of our body. The energy of the earth flows every time in this world. We can utilize the energy for our health benefits. This is the therapy which doesn’t have any side effect and any other risk. It is a risk-free therapy different than the allopathic system of treatment.

The bio-magnetic therapy is nothing but it is the healing style of using the energy which is generated by the magnetic field of the earth. The energy helps to heal the body by itself. This whole world has the magnetic energy but that cannot be seen.