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200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Certification

If you have completed your “200 hours yoga teacher training certification”, you have many options to upgrade your yogic journey. Now a days 200 hours certified yoga teacher training is being very popular but after the completing the course people are very confused what after certified yoga teacher training course so this question inspires to write something about this topic.

Yoga has not bounded in any specific time like 200 hours certified yoga training, 300 hours certified yoga teacher training or 500 hours certified yoga teacher training but for professional life we need it.  Having said that we should be sure yoga is eternal journey it may take many life so we should not rush to achieve something.  200 hours registered yoga training can be the foundation to seek more deeper into yoga and meditation.  You may seek many different things after the certified yoga training that we are going to discuss.

Option 1) The first option is to continue “300-hour yoga teacher training” or “500-hour yoga teacher training”: This course will enhance your practice and understanding of yoga. You can go deeper into yoga and gain more benefits from yoga. All the subject matters like asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, etc. will be taught more deeply. You will be a better yoga and meditation teacher after this course.

Option 2) Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course: If you have an interest in the curative aspect of yoga, you can learn it in a therapeutic yoga teacher training which is more disease related yoga practice. In therupatic yoga it will focus the preventions and curation of disease.  It provides the concept how to deal different problem. There is a specific technique to do asana, pranayama, and meditation according to the disease. In this course, you will study the body, diseases, causes of diseases, and yogic treatment for the diseases. This will make you your own doctor and help others to heal the diseases of other people. Therapeutic yoga teacher training course is  one of the best course to heal the people by  alternative way of yoga, meditation , pranayama etc.

Option 3) Specialized course of Pranayama Teacher Training: This course is basically focused on breathing. You will study in detail the “relation of breathing and mind”, “relation of breathing and brain”, “relation of breathing and lungs”, “relation of breathing and body”, etc. along with practice. All forms of pranayama will be taught to you in great detail. Pranayama teacher training provides to pranic energy and control over the involuntary thoughts.

Option 4) Meditation Teacher Training: This course is focused only on meditation. There are many different techniques of meditation. You will study and deepen the different types of meditation so that you understand the reality of life. It’s deep practice to know the own self. Once you learn everything, you have to choose the best suitable meditation for your practice. Being a teacher, you need to teach all the techniques of meditation to your students.

Option 5) Yoga teacher training for pregnant women: Pregnant yoga is famous nowadays. You will study pregnant health, and physical practices which are good for pregnant women. You will get knowledge about how a pregnant woman can do yoga, and how she should avoid it. You will study which Yoga-asana is good for pregnant ladies and which is not good for her. Similarly, pranayama (breathing), meditation, Banda, etc. also has important roles in her practice. There are many aspects that a pregnant lady needs to observe for giving birth to a healthy child. These Pregnant yoga teacher training will be taught the life style mother and exercises that need.

Option 6) Kids yoga teacher training: Kids like to do yoga if it is in a playful manner. If you can teach yoga to children in a funny and amusing way, they will like to do it. This will give good guidance to students for their betterment. Kids yoga teacher training will help students with their normal development, health, study, concentration, etc. This will also be good for providing morals, ethics, discipline etc.

Option 7) Reiki Training Course: Reiki is an alternative and spiritual healing technique. Reiki training  course helps you to cure your own disease and other as well as without any drugs. This is a meditative method to cure diseases and gain spiritual energy. There are three levels of Reiki course: first degree, second degree, and master degree. In the first degree, you will learn contact healing, second degree- distance healing, and master’s degree- you will be prepared to initiate others in Reiki.  Reiki training will assist to connect to universal energy. Reiki training course can be good to learn in Nepal as this country is more spiritual and origin of reiki. Reiki has discovered by the buddha so, Nepal is origin of reiki. Learn reiki in this Himalayan country is to have very privilege. All you are welcome to Nepal yoga home if you want to know reiki in it’s original form.

Option 8) Singing Bowl Training course: This is a great course for your spiritual awakening and improvement in meditation. This is also practiced for healing, nourish and therapy for diseases and problem. It also has different levels of healing but you can start from the first level. Nepal Yoga Home offer the singing bowl training course for different level. As the level of course will increase the understanding of singing bowl be deeper. Singing bowl training in Nepal could be your best choice ever. Singing bowl training course is mostly based on chakra is the energy center of the body. Singing bowl training is the best way to awaken the kundalini energy.

Option 9) Ayurveda training: Yoga has a direct connection with Ayurveda. Aftert certified yoga teacher training 200 hours you can attend Ayurveda training course. Yoga and Ayurveda are complementary to each other. Observing the Ayurvedic rule is very important for a healthy and happy life. Ayurveda course in Nepal Yoga Home gives you an amazing idea about food, diet according to your dosha (property of your body), lifestyle, attitude, herbal treatment, etc. Ayurveda training course covered the therapy like massage, sirodhara, basti, steambath, nasya etc.   If you learn all these therapy you will able to open your own studio. Combination of Ayurveda and yoga provides more value of the yoga studio and school.  Nepal Yoga home if first school in Nepal which has good facility of Ayurveda training and yoga training course in Nepal.

Option 10) Astrology training: Astrology is the best way yo discover somethinng new after certified yoga teacher training course 200 hours and 500 hours and 300 hours. Many people are searching what after certified yoga training no doubt choose astrology learning in Nepal Yoga Home. the research into the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies thought to have an impact on nature and the affairs of humans. This helps you to understand your and others’ fate, destiny, daily affairs, carrier, profession, relations with family members, friends, spouses, children, etc.  Astrology training course helps you to understand overall readings of your own life and helps you to develop acceptance. Astrology training is conducting by Nepal yoga home in demand.

Option 11) Vastu Shastra training: It ancient eastern system especially followed in Nepal and India that detail the design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space organization, and spatial geometry are the foundation of this traditional Indian architectural system. After certified yoga teacher training course if you learn this skill one more important skill will be added in your life. The designs use geometric patterns (yantra), symmetry, and directional alignments to combine architecture with nature, the relative functions of different elements of the structure, and ancient beliefs. This will teach you how to make arrangement of good in a room, how to align a construction, etc.

Option 12) Naturopathy: A comprehensive approach to well-being is used in naturopathy. The practice of naturopathy encourages healthy living. It avoids drugs, so it is a drugless treatment. The cornerstones of naturopathy include the value of a balanced diet, fresh, clean water, sunlight,          exercise, and stress reduction. In order to minimize the symptoms of any sickness, promote the body’s ability to heal, and balance the body so that illness is less likely to develop in the future, naturopathy tries to educate the patient on how to take care of their own health and the health of their family. There are various types of short and long courses in Naturopathy. You can choose one of them according to your interest and the time available. Yoga and naturopathy both believe the prevention of disease. It seems very important to know the naturopathy after attending the certified yoga teacher training course.

Option 13) Chanting and music: You might have practiced Sanskrit chanting during your “200 hour teacher training course” Chanting is part of Laya Yoga. Similarly, if your nature is inclined to Bhakti Yoga i.e. yoga of devotion, learning music will help you. You can choose one of the musical instruments that you like most and start learning. For learning a musical instrument you need to find a good teacher. If you learn any musical instrument, this will improve your chanting and you will also learn how to sing hymns, spiritual and devotional songs, bhajan, etc.

These programs are accessible in Nepal. Most of the program are available in Nepal yoga home.

If you are unable to travel to Nepal or India, you can search locally.

May you have amazing life ahead!!!

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