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Join Our Accredited 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

certified or accredited 200 hours yoga teacher training is a type of training given to those individuals who wish to be teachers and like to gain knowledge of how to be a teacher in the field of yoga. Nepal Yoga Home has various programs training while some of them being teacher training and accredited 200 hours yoga teacher training is also one of them and also one of the most popular teacher training programs.

First, let us know what accredited is, the google meaning of accredited is officially recognized or authorized which makes it authorized 200 hours yoga teacher training. Authenticity is a big name in today’s world. It is a time when one can find cheap and fraudulent people everywhere and one needs to be incredibly careful and thoughtful before even buying something. There is mixture and impurity in everything, even in the foods and daily used items. Also, the yoga world is not away from fraud and deception.

Why Accredited 200 hours yoga teacher training?

Mostly the individuals that take part in accredited 200 hours teacher training are either involved in works related to yoga or planning to do so shortly. Also, in today’s world, one needs good certificates and qualifications to be at top of the business or service game they want to be part of. Good certificates will surely help to gain what one wants. Surely, certificates are not everything one’s skill are also game changers, but one also needs good certificates to prove from where they have learned.

One of the most amazing things about Nepal yoga home and its accredited 200 hours yoga teacher training is that it comes with the certificate of Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance is an organization that was created to maintain the purity of yoga so that fraud people who give haphazard knowledge of yoga could be filtered out.

Yoga home which will provide the training of accredited 200 hours yoga teacher training will also provide the registration in Yoga Alliance as well as certification of a teacher from Yoga Alliance at the end of the session which will be huge to begin yogic career as a teacher.

What is accredited 200 hours yoga teacher training?

Accredited 200 hours yoga teacher training consists of learning and practicing yogic activities, lifestyle, anatomy of yoga, Alignment and different aspect of yoga in a fun and peaceful learning environment. The first phase is the introduction where the teacher will introduce themselves to the students and with them also introduce yoga to the students. Then comes the phase where the students will be deeply immersed in the world of yoga. They will be helped by the teachers to know about the Asanas, postures, techniques, meditation, and similar other activities.

Kundalini yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga are some of the yoga forms that are practiced here. Also, these yoga in themselves are very vast and the students are taught the balanced methods and techniques that are taken from all of them so that the students will be able to grasp the essence of yoga which is inside every differentiated form, and they can understand them better.

More from this there will be Pranayama, Panchakarma, other Ayurveda activities, and so much more if the students are willing to learn Nepal Yoga Home is the powerhouse of the Yogic knowledge and resources.

Staying facility

Those individuals who are willing to go through 200 hours yoga teacher training will have to stay in Nepal Yoga home. Learning teacher training is not like going to school and returning home in the evening after some hours of learning. This is the process of continuous learning where the process of learning does not end till you finish the course.

Also, learning continuously does not mean one will spend the entire day and night before books. Learning books and scriptures will be part of learning but most of the time will be for practical learning, learning by doing, and learning by fusing knowledge with day-to-day activities. For example, during eating, they will learn how to eat balanced food which will enhance the yogic process and spirituality within them. They will see the way, learn the way, practice the way, and at last follow the way.

Moreover, the accommodation and accommodations are also very impressive, comfortable, beautiful, and amazing.

Students and teachers

Students and teachers need to have close bonding to make learning fun, involved, and a wonderful experience, and while taking accredited 200 hours yoga teacher training it will be so. The teachers of Nepal Yoga home have profound experience in the related field and know their way around students’ minds and hearts. They can make the learning process exciting and interesting. It is not amazing to learn what you want without getting bored or feeling lethargic. Also, the Nepal yoga home maintains such an amazing environment that the psychology of both students and teachers will be calm.

Moreover, the management team also works day and night to make the stay of students for 200 hours of yoga teacher training one in a lifetime experience.